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  1. Well I've had a similar problem and it was due to me getting wounded right before the unit I was flying with was rotated out of the front. So if 439th IAP was rotated out of the front and you did not have a chance to continue your career for whatever reason the career was ended. I think you can recover it by checking out a different topic about "How to save a broken career" and following the instructions.
  2. Thank you @Talon_ - with your help I managed to fix an other probable career ending bug. I was wounded right before my unit (6th GIAP) was rotated out of the Kuban front (rotated in July 1943, and I was wounded on 31th May 1943), so that I could not transfer out of the unit and the game told me that Battle of Kuban was ended for me right there with no chance to transfer. Then I read your post and managed to fix my wounded status to 0 and my career status to "in progress", which in turn let me to transfer out of the 6th GIAP to another unit and continue fighting. This seems to be a bug, but I am not sure, as I do not know if you can get wounds that do not heal in 4 months that were remaining in the Battle of Kuban at that time. Could someone confirm that if this is a bug or not?
  3. Part 3 here: After going through some 40-50 sorties on the 6th GIAP flying with Yak1b and Yak7 I was met with misfortune; when going greedily against some German bombers my engine was hit with a piece of a wing, destroying the rotor in the process. Luckily I was flying around the altitude 800 meters and with enough speed so that I could limp back behind Russian lines, as the crash happened over no man's land. I set my plane to the ground and that was that, and I quit the mission having succeeded in what I was doing. Then when I quit the mission I was informed that I was wounded - well OK, my plane was hit with a piece of a wing and I had made an somewhat crash landing, so that I could have been somewhat wounded. I was rewarded with a red ribbon for my wounds and then went on to the next day. Right after I clicked Next day, I was informed that Battle of Kuban was ended for me. It was 31th of May and it seems that the 6th GIAP was transferred out of the Kuban front at that time, so it would seem so that if you are wounded and you are part of an unit that is going to get transferred the battle ends without any way for you to change the unit? Can someone else confirm that this can happen, so that would be a bug or working as intended? There was whole two parts left of the Battle of Kuban when I was wounded, and I don't think that I got it that bad that the battle ended before I was healed. Light wounds (red ribbon) should be around two days to heal, and heavy wounds (yellow ribbon) should be like a week or so? Luckily I know a thing or two about databases and I managed to save my pilot's career from a dead end (details in the bugs section). Then I just transferred to another unit when 6th GIAP was rotated from the front. Yes - I think this could be the way to go here. One could choose AA density with "No AA", "Easy", "Medium", "Hard" and "Don't go there". And a separate slider for plane AI with the choices: Realistic - Mixed AI in flights with tweaking based on the date of the career Random - Could be all Ace or all Novice, depends on the flight and what random roll it gets Ace - All Ace Veteran - All Veteran Regular - All Regular Novice - All Novice This could satisfy everyone, so that there is a good choice for everyone, from the novice player who wants target practise and the simulation guy who wants a mixed challenge. The plane AI would affect of course your allies too - but there could be two sliders here as well, one separate to friendly plane AI and one separate to enemy plane AI?
  4. Part two of the "feedback thingie" of mine; Having played for 10 hours on this new Russian pilot of mine, I've observed something new things that could be something worth of improving. As you can see on this screenshot, it would be nice to have a small QOL improvement by not awarding all your awards to you whenever you load up the career (or start a new chapter in the battle). If the awards and such would appear only when awarded for the first time, it would not clutter up the view of Planning room. And as you can see in this screenshot below there has happened something in the enemy AI plane behaviour, and I do not seem to find a reason for it. I used to have a kill ratio of 2 planes per mission on the old patch. Total of 782 kills on 384 sorties, of which about ~300 kills on ~200 sorties on Russian side (avg 1.5 kills per mission), and ~500 kills on ~180 missions on German side (avg 2.7 kills per mission). (https://il2sturmovik.com/stats/campaign/139733-dominator131/) Now on 24 sorties I've had 120 kills, which is about 5 kills per mission and that is an really big difference on the numbers side compared to the old patch (250% of the old kill amount), as I have not played the game for 4 months in between playing the old patch on the German side and the new patch on the Russian side. Only thing I've changed difficulty wise comparing to the old patch is playing on custom difficulty, when I used to play normal difficulty on the old patch. On the custom difficulty I've changed only the ammo thing, as the Russian planes do not have much of ammunition, but I have not changed my combat behaviour to "spray and pray" - I only take aimed shots. During the 24 missions I have been shot at by enemy fighters only twice. Bombers and AA do not seem to hit me as much as they used to on the old patch, in fact my plane was hit by AA only once and that was on the final 24th mission, when on the old patch I used to get pommeled by bombers and AA if I got too close. If my skill level has risen up so much when fighting, it should not affect the enemy behaviour, or should it? Have I killed enough of the enemy planes so that they only have rookie pilots to go against me, so that would explain these things? Or has the overall difficulty been lowered or something like that? Have I missed a difficulty setting, that would tweak the enemy plane behaviour to harder, or is the "difficulty slider" for only more air targets and such (I play on moderate density)? Will I be the most horrible slaughterer of Russian planes when I start my German career and have access to the more serious firepower of Luftwaffe? (In fact the only failed mission was when my escorted IL2s crashed on a mountain when they were attacking German positions (4 planes crashed to the mountain, 1 was shot down, 1 made it back = failed). None of the other missions were even close to failing. I would like a challenge on the combat side, but not by making my flying more difficult.)
  5. ...yet whenever the mission says the ferry defense-objective is complete the enemy planes start to spawn. Nothing fishy about that? As I remember there is not even one enemy plane on the whole Kuban map before the defend ferry objective is completed, and after that the enemies start to spawn again. And has any dev confirmed that there are "defend this place from the enemy planes" -missions without any opposing planes to defend the place from? I havent spotted one.
  6. Hello, first time posting here. Been playing BoS single player for a good 110 hours in the last six months and some 10 ish hours on the new patch. I'm positive for the new content and all but there are some pros and cons for this patch, and I would like to see the cons resolved somewhere in the future: First the time compression thingie seems not to work properly - 2x speeds the game up some, but 4x and 8x do not like they used to. This is kind of frustrating when you have to escort bombers for 15 minutes to mission point (time compression enabled), 5 minutes of fighting time (normal time) and 15 minutes back (time compression enabled), for a total of 35 minutes. These kind of missions would take like an literal hour without time compression, and it would be great if this could be fixed somehow. Second there should be an option to play the missions well shortened so that you could start your mission like 5ish minutes to the objective to get to action sooner. I don't mind personally that you have to fly back closer to your airfield after completing the objectives, but compared to the "quick mission generator-campaign" of the before the recent BoK release the missions are waaaaaay more time consuming now than before with no workaround without the functional time compression system. Third the completion of the missions is not very clear at the moment, as you usually complete an secondary objective before the real objective, but the map thing (text on the minimap) shows that you have completed the objective. Sometimes the map thing shows that you have failed the objective when the game says that you have completed the objective. If you have completed the objective and quit the mission while in enemy airspace you get captured, but as soon as you fly to your own lines you can quit the mission without getting captured. The old system was clear with the objectives and when you were finished with the mission and when you were not, so the solution here could be something along the old lines (do stuff at the point, then fly back to exit point, then exit mission if you do not want to fly back to airfield). Fourth the plane spawning and despawning triggers seem somehow bugged. I've seen enemy flights of escorting bombers, but the bombers despawn after 30 - 90 seconds of spawning and the fighter escort then starts to hunt around the map without despawning too. Sometimes the game spawns only enemy planes (6 x ground attack planes, 6 x escort fighters and 4 x random fighters) when you are flying an ground attack mission with 3 wingmen and are obviously outnumbered. Only when most of the enemy planes are killed the friendly planes spawn (6+4 fighters to counter the enemy) around 3-5 kilometers from the original enemy spawns. Maybe this could be fixed somehow that enemy or friendly planes have to spawn 10 kilometers away with suitable opposition or not spawn at all - idk. The old career mode did not have this one better though as there were some mission types that had unlimited amounts of enemy planes spawning which was really unfair. As a bonus some bugs that I discovered: - I play my BoK career mode as a pilot on the 42nd GIAP. Every time you start a new day it says something like "42nd GIAP on null airfield" which would suggest a bug in the airfield's name. - Every time I complete a mission the mission complete-text is in italian (the upper part) and french (the lower part). This is kind of strange as I play the english version. - I too have discovered the "defend ferry" bug where you have to fly around for 5 to 10 minutes and the enemy planes won't come. This has happened twice now. - If you get shot down while in enemy territory and quit the mission your wing gets captured too if they are in enemy airspace at the time. - AI planes still do suicide dives towards the ground, but now with a difference - they really try not to hit the ground during the last 10 seconds of their life. Only if they thought of this 15 or 20 seconds before But all in all, I am enjoying the new patch and new content. Looks really nice and there are loads to do. This still can be a great game if some of the time consuming bits are ironed out and the few bugs are squashed. Thanks!
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