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  1. I guess playing this sim without a stick would be like dating J'lo with a chastitybelt... And then throw in a set of pedals, a good monitor, TrackIR and a comfy chair. Then she will rock you!
  2. Thanks a lot guys. I'll check out the different options tonight, and run the vids on ATAG forum one more time. They are really helpfull.
  3. I installed and patched CloD this weekend and it's absolute getting there imo. It runs like charm. A big thanks to all the guys that work on modding! One thing only... How do I get rid of the big grey rectangle on the left side of my ingame screen?
  4. I had a single flyout and dogfight run in the F4 and everything is smooth on ultra settings. All looks awesome and now I spot the enemy earlier. At least I think so... Could be it's experience. Only thing I miss is kind of support for my Warthog. It seems I can not map/bind the functions to the switches and buttons I want (prop-pitch is difficult to map anyway) - and the game freezes when I'm in the settings section. And it does it in a way that forces me to switch of the rig. Check my hardware in my sig.
  5. Good move with the settings imo. Looking forward to test it out. I built a new rig last spring - and you guys are putting it to the test. I like it. My part is learning how to fly... Thanks for the cool diary. 'IT experts...' Glad you adressed it. Some posts in here tend to confuse me a bit.
  6. Happy new year gents! Never mind the whiners. There's obviously a hunger for a cutting edge flight-sim out there, so you guys take your time and do what you have to do. A state-of-the art sim will live long anyway...
  7. Thanks man! I'll def try it out. Think I even met Lewis & co. at Duxford a cpl of years back. Great gang
  8. Nice post. I bought the disc way back when at release, but could't get the game to run properly. You guys think I can insert disc and download all needed patches now? I mean like in an easy way...
  9. U gotta love all those lunies out there...
  10. I use Shadowplay and free software from microsoft. This is my first go at this, so please be nice... First the wingman does his jobb and then the wingleader does his. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zKY0gvxejA&feature=youtu.be Check engineflames from the LaGGs engine. I'm about to grow deeply in love with this game...
  11. No artificial balancing pls. I like a playground where u have to adapt to the team, the dicipline and the objectives at hand. I think that an aproach like that will both give the possibility to learn something and to have fun at the same time. I like it that way anyway.
  12. The devs do the work and whoever wants to play pay. I like the idea of playing and paying for good quality products. And if the devs get rich from this project that's just great! They'd propably wanna make some more...
  13. Thanks for putting that straight in a very smooth and understandable way wastel. And thanks to Scarecrow for the vid. Get's me to realise how cramped that cockpit really is...
  14. Check difference between 'Founder' and 'Buyer'. The amount of money u transfered are u'r investment and will hopefully pay out in a full sim in the future.
  15. Hi guys. I have a question regarding 'best' settings for TrackIR5. It keeps jumping and snapping when I wanna check down left and right to see handles and stuff in the LaGG. I use the clip. Thanks for input.
  16. Brilliant work Zwoop. Thanks!
  17. Rolf Arne Berg for his conduct, character & dedication. Rolf Arne stayed with 331 squadron all the way to the end. Promoted to Wing Commander Flying he was the only one in the squadrons with a specially painted Spitfire. His own initials instead of the regular squadron codes. Parts of the tail and the wings were painted in Norwegian flag colours. He had the respect and admiration of both squadrons. Rolf Arne Berg died in February 1945 in a tragic crash. Not only was it so tragic that he died in a crash but he was also tour-expired. He went along for an extra mission out of pure stubbornness and willingness to go up again one more time to fight the enemy. He convinced his friend Zulu Morris to add him to the mission. There had been reports about a Dutch airfield full of German airplanes parked around it. After getting “no” from Helge Mehre, he went further up the command and got his “yes” after all. Even his bags were packed. He was supposed to go to Chamonix to ski. He wasn’t supposed to go over Holland in a Spitfire another time. But, the German airplanes were a too good of a chance to miss. A great opportunity to get in a few easy ground kills. It was supposed to be the encore for Norway’s best overall fighter pilot. Flak was a fighter pilots worst enemy. No experience or 10 German airplanes shot down can help you deal with flak. Flak is about luck. Lots of experienced allied pilots lost their lives to flak when the war in reality had already been won. A German pilot could probably never have gotten close to shooting Rolf Arne down. He was that good and that experienced. Flak was something else. It was game of dice where the looser died. When the Norwegian Spitfires attacked the airfield in Holland the flak opened up on them. Rolf Arne’s Spitfire was hit massively in one of the wings. Probably hit while gaining height after the attack. The Spitfire lost one of its wings and dived without control straight into a barn without exploding. He was found inside the cockpit by locals and buried nearby. It may sound weird that Rolf Arne pulled up after such an attack. Famous fighter pilot Pierre Clostermann writes in his book “The big show” that pulling up from such an attack is asking to be shot down. The flak batteries are able to aim better if you’re higher up and not 10 meters from the ground. Rolf Arne pulled up but he probably had his reasons. There were no real German airplanes on this airfield. They were dummy planes. It makes the entire event even sadder. Read more on http://www.spitfirepilots.com/?p=218
  18. No offense guys, but is this thread derailing into a playground for the cocky and check my medals dudes? Is it necessary at all?
  19. ...and the discussion on the forum. But I guess you covered it...
  20. Thanks guys. I'm really looking forward to roam the IL2 skies again! The F4 looks awesome btw.
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