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  1. Thanks for you interest, and for your suggestion.
  2. PC Pilot will be available in shops, or you can buy the printed magazine online .. and probably a digital version too. It's the best publication for people interested in flight sims. There aren't many gaming magazines that cover flight sims, and I've only ever seen one other dedicated flight sim publication (I forget the name of it). PC Pilot is a very good magazine. Their reviews are usually unbiased, and they often have interesting articles on combat simming, combat tactics, hardware, etc. They sometime compare various combat sims to illustrate the good points of each sim. In the past they have often compared between BoX/Great Battles; Blitz; DCS. For example they might discuss how each sim deals with flying the Spitfire, looking at start- up procedures and engine management.
  3. Very good. The commentary works very well.
  4. Hi! Cheers. It's good to see an old familiar name...maybe we can lure you to the 'other side'. Yes. I honestly think it will look better than that screenshot.
  5. Work continues on improving the game. We are a small team. The same people working on Clouds/weather will be later working on VR. Only one thing can be done at a time, unfortunately. VR is now judged to take more time to implement than was originally thought. We are not delaying the onset of work on any of the improvements, but now have a more realistic estimate of how long the work will take.
  6. I'm glad you understand. I can't comment on this skin because I don't know who did the work on it. But it is extremely annoying when people do very small changes to a skin and claim it is their work. It happens all the time, unfortunately, and it is the reason why many people including Captain Farrel (a great skinner, probably one of the best) stopped making skins. If Picasso took someone's painting an added dust it would not be his. If someone adjusts a skin all that is needed is to say, 'it is not mine, I added dust, that's all'. Then everyone is happy and we can have lots of skins. But ... When you have spent very much time making a skin (hundreds of hours doing preparatory work, camouflage scheme, panel lines, stencils, emblems, adjusting colours adding dirt and wear) then it is very painful when someone adds 2 small things and says 'look what I made'... and especially when they receive comments from the community such as ' wow, you do amazing work, I love your skins. You are the best skinner!'. It is respectful to say what work you did. That should be obvious.
  7. Left-right and zoom: The 'delete' button gives to best angle of view, undistorted and close. Try also... Move camera left-right/up-down: Mouse middle button plus mouse left- click, keep these pressed while moving the mouse. Zoom: mouse middle button plus right- click while moving the mouse. Rotate around aircraft: Mouse middle button while moving the mouse.
  8. I don't know everything about each layer because someone else works on most of the layers. I do the users skins and default skins (most of them, anyway). I think there are around 8 layers. But they may be changed in the future. Some layers are damage layers... then Specular /shine, panel lines, camo/diffuse... mechanical, etc. On older aircraft the panel lines and stencils are on a layer with light weathering (not the same as in-game weathering). But this makes it difficult to alter the stencils - removing them would erase other texture detail. You can see what I mean if you download the old original single layer templates from the ATAG forum download section. Here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/Downloads.php?do=download&downloadid=227 Or https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/Downloads.php?categoryid=12 (Feel free to upload your skins in the skin download section... then you can follow how many downloads are made). As I said, these things may change. We might be updating the hidden layers. We might be improving the textures.
  9. At the moment the rivets and panel lines (and stencils) are combined with a weathering layer on several of the older aircraft, and also on the 109F, and other aircraft that are an updated version of those originally found in CloD (ex Spitfires).
  10. Sorry, but I'm afraid it is not as simple as just replacing that layer. We would have corrected the text/stencils etc. if it was that easy. The same probably goes for the 109F.
  11. I think it is just preparatory/ background work so far.
  12. The Martlet. There are probably only 1 or 2 custom skins with codes and markings. But there should be some skins with different U.S. and British markings either in the Martlet skin folder or the tropical version '...trop'. There should be several camouflage variations too. When the multi layered template is released we should see more skins from the community. I might include some fantasy non- historic skins with the template (skins for later Mark's of the aircraft that wouldn't have flown on the game map) Cheers.
  13. Wonderful screenshots! The Martlet is a lovely plane and the Desert Wings model of the aircraft does it justice.
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