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  1. I've recently got trackir, but for some reason it deosn't work in external view. Does anyone use some kind of mouse emulator solution? I've heard about it but don't know if it works in IL2. If so, can you please tell me what software to use?
  2. Was there a mod to disable the shockwave on plane impact? I could swear I saw something like this here but can't find it. If not, could anyone make it please? It's a bit too exaggerated.
  3. It's astonishing that people think what BOBP map needs is just couple of fixes. Kuban already had several types of ground textures, all buildings present and naturally looking shores/riverbanks. As far as I recall, they added a few port textures and some minor fixes. Let's not forget they have to work on the new map now, so I wouldn't expect much of an improvement. I don't see anything histerical about not supporting product that doesn't meet the same quality standards as previous ones.
  4. Wow indeed. I wish they would hire more people and fix the BOBP map to look like this. I'd rather have 5-10 big cities and some villages in between on s smaller map than what we have now.
  5. I would focus on smaller part of Rheinland, or scale it down a little. It's a game and they already said the maps are not 1:1 representation of reality, so why not make it smaller? I would never sacrifice quality for quantity. You're right about those canals, my bad.
  6. I understand compromise was made and now we have the worst looking map so far. If they didn't have the capacity to keep the same quality at least, they shouldn't have made such a unnecessarily huge map. Stalingrad size map would be fine. Instead we have one 5,5 x 5,5km ground texture and rivers looking like someone draw them with a ruler. Every lake, river and coast line looks absolutely terrible. The current Rheinland map is one of the reasons I'm not gonna buy BON.
  7. Can you do this with "ships" in editor or you have to go to "blocks"?
  8. I understand. And I honestly envy everyone who's exited about the announcement.
  9. Carrier ops would make this game complete for me, that feature would bring in a lot of new customers as well. I'd like to know, what was the reason for not going to PTO, since there is so much info already in the dev assistance part of the forum. Normandy is just more of the same, I was really hoping for some fresh gameplay elements. ☹️
  10. Maybe a task for modders? I'd like to see that as a map repaint. But I wonder why they changed it, perhaps they did some research and wanted to make it closer to real conditions at the time.
  11. Skin repository is not necessary, just pinning threads would help organize things. By offering skin packs, do you mean no more user made free skins, or they would work alongside?
  12. Sorry, I'm done for now. Maybe in future.
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