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  1. The shockwave upon plane impact to the ground is over the top, it should be subtle or completely turned off. Would anyone be willing to make the mod, or point me to the tutorial?
  2. Did you have any luck with this?
  3. Always good to see improvements to the core graphics effects👍. Are there any plans on adding new tech, like far water reflections (not only clouds but land too) and far shadows (mountains casting shadows)? Lack of these effects is most noticable on the Kuban map, while it would surely benefit even the flat ones.
  4. M.2 here too and they are longer that they used to be on HDD. It's not big issue for me.
  5. Nice, finally a bit of attention. I personally don't understand why would they ignore BOX while praising every other insignificant indie game.
  6. I play very casualy and just want to enjoy easy dogfights. So lowest AI difficulty, Icons on for a second just to find general position of enemy planes, then off. Flying Spitfire Mk.IX against 109 G-6 (6 vs 11) This was before improved pilot physiology update so curently on par with simplified option (and It's right after DM update two years ago). Simple engine management and no gun jamming. Editor mission built so that only small group on enemy planes is after me, while the larger group has set highest priority to go after the other group of spits. And luckily non of my AI teammates didn't shoot down anyone.
  7. Good question. I often wonder why there aren't any articles on gaming sites, I would expect at least a mention of BoBP when it came out. Is it something devs would have to pay for? I had to literary google IL2 to find out Great Battles series even existed.
  8. That VL map is absolutely stunning, great job! I personally prefer smaller and more detailed maps over huge ones, so it's great to have the option. Plus it's free.😉👍
  9. Probably not for Hurricane or any Normandy stuff. But If we ever get Pacific, I'm in. 😉
  10. Hello there, I've edited the first post. No new skins, just got rid of the extra normal map versions for BF 109 K-4 and updated them to be used with the original normal map.
  11. How's the mk108 damage since the new DM update? I don't have the game installed right now. It took more than 3 hits to shoot off wings with K-4, is it still the same?
  12. Try new link: https://mega.nz/file/qD4z1Ioa#ApoU32QeFq8FA51QRDzDp3w6uk1wq-2a6D2HnCtbZIU
  13. Once again, planes can survive 3 hits to the wing from K4's cannon. That's even less acurate then before 4.005. https://imgur.com/gallery/HkGqW At least uninstalling this "simulator" gives me extra 40 Gb space on my ssd. So I got that going for me.
  14. I've recently got trackir, but for some reason it deosn't work in external view. Does anyone use some kind of mouse emulator solution? I've heard about it but don't know if it works in IL2. If so, can you please tell me what software to use?
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