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  1. Yeah, really wish we had a 75Hz or even a 60Hz option. Some games just can't run 90 fps no matter how good your hardware is. Beyond that, I'm hoping we hear some news on the Rift 2 this year. My main hopes are a higher pixel density and little bit wider FoV. 210 degrees is probably asking far too much, but 140 seems reasonable.
  2. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    Not unless DCS goes the RoF route and adds handguns. Edit: You could probably mod some AIM-9's or R-73's onto it with a little effort.
  3. I have an HW97K I bought 17 years ago, still works great though I rarely mess with it. Neighbors wouldn't appreciate me shooting it in the apartment and I always feel odd bringing a .20 cal air rifle to a gun range along with the regular stuff. It's certainly a fun one to shoot even if a bit muzzle heavy. Very accurate btw, much more accurate than I am, at least to 20m. Maybe I'll give it a go at the 75m slot next time and just see if it can still punch a whole in paper at that range. Scope is a Bushnell Trophy 4-12x which I bought at the same time as the gun. It is rated for spring guns like mine and has worked well, though 12x is a bit overkill. I usually leave it at 6x.
  4. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    MiG-19 nearing release:
  5. BeastyBaiter

    Advice needed: The best i7 CPU

    i7-9700k would be my recommendation. Alternatively, if you're will to wait for spring, the 7nm AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU's maybe worth a look. Leaks and rumor mill are all suggesting about 5GHz with some IPC improvements thrown in. If that's even half true, the 7nm Ryzens will have better single thread performance than anything Intel has out there in addition to having twice the core count and a lower price. But we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. I think the formal announcement is during CES, launch will be a few months later.
  6. BeastyBaiter

    The KLR is dead, long live the KLR

    So sad, one of these has been on my wishlist for a secondary bike for a while. Was thinking I might grab a new one in 2019.
  7. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    I'd be shocked if it were released before 2021. The F-16 won't be next, or next from next or next from next from next from next.... This is basically the formal announcement of it, which means they are just now seriously considering maybe doing it at some undetermined point in the future. More immediate releases from ED include the Mi-24 and about 4-5 aircraft nobody asked for or knew were in development (see Yak-52).
  8. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    It's more embarrassing for me. I have an entire tutorial series on how to operate the Viggen on youtube and I fly her so rarely now that I end up watching my own freaking tutorials! The Viggen is certainly a unique plane though. That thrust reverser and the some of the anti-ship missiles are both cool and highly effective. Just have to have the right mission type for it since she is a bit of a one trick pony.
  9. BeastyBaiter

    Let’s see your pets!

    Nice pets Netscape, the top three are a little pricey to feed though. Can be a little loud too but one can't deny their ability to follow commands.
  10. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    Simple flight model, not worth bothering to download due to that for me. That doesn't mean they didn't do good work on it, but to me flight dynamics are the single most important part. Without that, it's just a battery and starter motor sim, and that doesn't interest me even the slightest.
  11. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    Yeah, a Mirage F.1EQ of some flavor is fairly high on my wishlist. I'd like for Aviodev to get it together and release a good quality F.1 of any flavor, but I do not have any hope that they will. They seem honest, which is more than I can say for VEAO, but they strike me as a hobbyist modding team rather than a professional development outfit.
  12. BeastyBaiter

    RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080

    The RX480/580/590 and GTX 1060 6GB can all run BoX at a locked 60 fps with the settings maxed at 1080p. Even 1440p is fine if you drop the AA slightly (2x maybe). A GTX 1070 or Vega 56 should work well for you I think. The higher end cards are for 4k, high refresh monitors and VR. DLSS is basically a dynamic resolution technology similar to what's built into the game. It sacrifices visual quality to keep performance high when the GPU hits its limit. Since anything above an RX480 or GTX 1060 won't get maxed out in BoX, that's not a concern and it isn't a very useful feature to begin with imho. I do not expect BoX to get ray tracing support anytime in the next several years, at which point a whole new generation of GPU's should be out. So that also isn't relevant for us.
  13. BeastyBaiter

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Some people consider 24 fps on a monitor silky smooth, we shouldn't be surprised there are those claiming the same for VR. With a 1080 Ti, I run High detail, high clouds, 2x AA and around 1.3 SS with the rest of the stuff set to medium-ish and ASW off with the Rift. In career mode, I mostly get 85-90 fps but it will drop to 45 with lots going on in my FoV. It is mostly 90 fps even in combat though. This nonsense about silky smooth at maxed out settings and 200% SS with a regular 1080 is just that, nonsense. He's playing at 22 fps and thinks that's great. Maybe for him it is, but I suspect that isn't acceptable for most of us.
  14. BeastyBaiter

    Samsung Odyssey +

    I found the Odyssey's ergonomics intolerable. I couldn't wear it more than 15-20 minutes before getting skin irritation and a giant red mark on my forehead from the entire weight of the device being carried on a small patch of skin and that patch being pressed against cheap fake leather with zero breath-ability. For comparison, I can wear the Rift all day, with glasses, comfortably. This may be a simple head shape thing though.
  15. BeastyBaiter

    DCS news

    Heatblur is fairly well established, I wouldn't be concerned about them failing to deliver, same for RAZBAM. The ones you have to be more cautious with are VEAO, Aviodev and anyone releasing their first module.