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  1. It's worth pointing out that the Rift S runs at 80Hz, which is a lot more doable than 90 fps in BoX.
  2. I have a Rift, Rift S and Quest. My thoughts on them are mixed. The CV1 has the best tracking, built in audio and comfort. It has by far the worst image quality though. Between the resolution and the god rays, it gets pretty rough. It's also a USB hog and kind of a pain to setup for room scale. I do like it's controllers best though. They are a little bigger than the new ones and the tracking rings being on the bottom is a bigger deal than you'd think. The Rift S is the polar opposite of the CV1. It has the worst built in audio of the 3 but the best image quality (despite inferior blacks). It's hilariously simple to setup and has a lot of nice quality of life features like a video pass through mode. It's also easier with glasses than the CV1 and has an on headset plug for headphones, though I normally use wireless ones. On the down side, the halo type design makes it physically impossible to secure it as well as the ski mask style and so in heavy action games (or beat saber) it visibly bounces around no matter how hard you have it squeeze your skull. Finding headphones that can fit over the halo is also difficult. The Quest has the best of both worlds, but cannot be used with a PC at this time. It also suffers from a 72Hz refresh rate and yes, that is very noticeable. It doesn't make me nauseous, but it does harm gameplay in fast paced games. Audio on this is better than the Rift S but still rather terrible. Comfort is good though, I think it's a little heavier than the CV1 but is otherwise very similar. It too has audio plugs so wired headsets easily fit over it like the original rift. Setup is a breeze too. The main disadvantage is you can't play PC games with it and while that is set to change, I am not willing to guess on how well it will work.
  3. Looks pretty. I used to tinker with bush planes all the time in MSFS but it's been a long time since they released a proper flight sim. We'll have to see if this is a decent one or just another MS Flight. If it's decent, I'll probably pick it up.
  4. I suspect the chipset fan has something to do with PCI-E 4.0. Hopefully they are fairly quiet, but we'll have to wait for some reviews to learn about that. RAM compatibility is supposedly a major part of the 3000 series, the official rated speed is 3200, so one would think the cheapest, crappiest 3200 kit you can get will in fact run at 3200 (provided it isn't defective). I did have a Ryzen 5 1600x a couple years ago, it topped out at 2933 MHz with a 3200 MHz kit. So I am familiar with the previous short comings.
  5. I can confirm both the Corsair HS70 wireless headphones and Razer Kraken wired headphones fit over top. Links: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Headsets/Wireless-Headsets/HS70-Wireless-Gaming-Headset/p/CA-9011178-NA https://www.razer.com/gaming-audio/razer-kraken
  6. I'm looking at doing a mini-itx build in the next few months, hopefully AMD pulls off some serious single thread performance with their chips. Current leaks suggest the R5 3600 = i7-8700 in single thread performance but the open question is at what clock speeds? Given the current Ryzen offerings, I doubt there will be any overclocking headroom above what the top end chips come with out of the box, so 4.6 GHz is likely the max. But all the current leaks are showing Ryzen having higher IPC than an 8700k, so the two may balance out. It will be interesting to see if an R5 3600 at 4.6 GHz is faster than an i7 at 5.0 GHz in both single and multi-thread. I'm really hoping it is, AMD CPU's run so much cooler than the Intel space heaters.
  7. Yeah, really wish we had a 75Hz or even a 60Hz option. Some games just can't run 90 fps no matter how good your hardware is. Beyond that, I'm hoping we hear some news on the Rift 2 this year. My main hopes are a higher pixel density and little bit wider FoV. 210 degrees is probably asking far too much, but 140 seems reasonable.
  8. Not unless DCS goes the RoF route and adds handguns. Edit: You could probably mod some AIM-9's or R-73's onto it with a little effort.
  9. I have an HW97K I bought 17 years ago, still works great though I rarely mess with it. Neighbors wouldn't appreciate me shooting it in the apartment and I always feel odd bringing a .20 cal air rifle to a gun range along with the regular stuff. It's certainly a fun one to shoot even if a bit muzzle heavy. Very accurate btw, much more accurate than I am, at least to 20m. Maybe I'll give it a go at the 75m slot next time and just see if it can still punch a whole in paper at that range. Scope is a Bushnell Trophy 4-12x which I bought at the same time as the gun. It is rated for spring guns like mine and has worked well, though 12x is a bit overkill. I usually leave it at 6x.
  10. MiG-19 nearing release:
  11. i7-9700k would be my recommendation. Alternatively, if you're will to wait for spring, the 7nm AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU's maybe worth a look. Leaks and rumor mill are all suggesting about 5GHz with some IPC improvements thrown in. If that's even half true, the 7nm Ryzens will have better single thread performance than anything Intel has out there in addition to having twice the core count and a lower price. But we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. I think the formal announcement is during CES, launch will be a few months later.
  12. So sad, one of these has been on my wishlist for a secondary bike for a while. Was thinking I might grab a new one in 2019.
  13. I'd be shocked if it were released before 2021. The F-16 won't be next, or next from next or next from next from next from next.... This is basically the formal announcement of it, which means they are just now seriously considering maybe doing it at some undetermined point in the future. More immediate releases from ED include the Mi-24 and about 4-5 aircraft nobody asked for or knew were in development (see Yak-52).
  14. It's more embarrassing for me. I have an entire tutorial series on how to operate the Viggen on youtube and I fly her so rarely now that I end up watching my own freaking tutorials! The Viggen is certainly a unique plane though. That thrust reverser and the some of the anti-ship missiles are both cool and highly effective. Just have to have the right mission type for it since she is a bit of a one trick pony.
  15. Nice pets Netscape, the top three are a little pricey to feed though. Can be a little loud too but one can't deny their ability to follow commands.
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