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  1. Maybe I have something: Not sure how trustworthy this source is. Seems to be from a book from the seventies.Maybe somebody here knows it? Greets and keep up your great work!
  2. Great skins!👍 Recently stumbeled over this: http:// Might be an interesting project!😉
  3. Look here: https://www.amazon.de/Enemy-Dark-Story-Luftwaffe-Night-Fighter/dp/1499647107
  4. I failed to deliver the really big boom,but at least me and my wonderful and cold blooded flight leader SCG_CorZero returned to base safe and sound... ...while my gunner even killed an enemy fighter!Schnaps for Fritz tonight!😁
  5. Under the watchfull eyes of SCG the Stukas finished their missions without a scratch
  6. Hi @US103_Cannon I am planning to visit TAW tonight (abt.18.00 UTC)for some groundpounding,eventually with the ZG 26 guys if they have time.I don't have the Stuka,but I am sure I will find something else to bomb with.Otherwise I take the Tante Ju
  7. Hello,just registered on the blue side in TAW and flew a mission or two,but did not find anybody on the TS wing up with.Are there any blue groundponders I could join?I am EU based and have only one or two evenings each week for enjoying this sim,but it would be nice to spend this little time with some others.I own BoM and BoK,and I also love to fly the "Tante Ju"!
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