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  1. Norway will offer a lot of opportunities, covering 1940 - 45, british airplanes and anti-shipping. Edit: forgot carrier ops and F4Us and F6Fs in british service.
  2. Map would be big, I agree. But map of whole finnish front would not be small either. Maybe it's time for multiple maps per DLC. Whole North Sea does not need to be covered though, only the routes of the Murmansk convoys and the German iron ore convoys. Mostly in the vicinity of Norway. New German airplanes: early Bf 109s, 110s and Ju 87s. BV 138, Do 217, He 115, Ju 188, Me 410.
  3. If Scandinavia, I would prefer Norway and to a lesser degree Denmark. North Sea inclusive. In both Denmark and Norway there were larger airdrop operations and naval operations during Weserübung. We could get British early war planes like Hampden, Wellingtons, Blenheims, convoy ops mid-war and British carrier operations with Corsairs and Hellcats later in the war. Plus Uboat bases, Uboat-hunting, battleships and Tallboys, homing torpedos, Typhoons, Tempests, Beaufighters, Mosquitos, you name it.
  4. US customers prefer Pacific, western/southern Europe second, I believe. Good documentation about japanese airplanes was too hard to get last time, I doubt it has become easier. BoB, Africa and Southern Europe seem to be allocated to Team Fusion. I think most customers do not want another Eastern Front module. Leaves: Scandinavia 1939-40 (incl Winter War) France-Low Countries 1940 UK-France 1941 - 43 Normandy 1944 Germany 1945 The last two do not offer much wrt new aircraft types.
  5. Yes, the Beau was in use until the end. For example, U-2338 was sunk by Beaufighters on 4 May 45. The RAF used Beaus in the Greek civil war during 1946. Rocket attack against Italian units in Seisenberg (now Zuzemberk, Slovenia) in Feb 45:
  6. See subject line. Please. As collector planes will be ok.
  7. Mosquito and Beaufighter would certainly be nice.
  8. I second that. Nothing wrong with the IX, but it had been in use since 1942, and still was, in sizable numbers, by the time of Bodenplatte. The XIV was delivered in quantity in autum 44 and would be a common encounter in Bodenplatte too.
  9. BoB is on top of my wish list, but as others already have stated, it's very unlikely due to the competition with Team Fusion. Same is probably true for North Africa - unless Team Fusion terminates the project (likely IMHO). An viable alternative to BoB could be Benelux/France 1940 or Denmark/Norway 1940.
  10. Type of improvement: New command for new formation type Explanation of proposals: The sim has a command for the V-formation, but Finger Four was a more common fighter formation during WW2. The Germans used Finger Four from the outset of WW2, Britain and USA followd in 1941 and Soviet Union in 1942/43. Also Japan switched to Finger Four during the war. The V-formation command should be kept. Benefits: Historical accuracy. It would look very strange to see fighters flying in V-formation in Bodenplatte. Finger Four: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger-four#cite_note-Bickers96p150-6 Vic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_formation
  11. In the sim there is a command for the Vic-/V-formation. It is maybe a relic from ROF and has its purpose there (Vic was invented during WW1). However, during WW2 the Finger Four formation was more common in fighter units. The Germans used Finger Four since the Spanish Civil War, and Britain, USA and Japan from 1941. The Soviets started using it 1942/43. Letting fighters fly in V-formation in Bodenplatte would not be historically accurate. I would be very happy to see a Finger Four formation command be added to the sim. Thanks a lot for your attention! Finger Four: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger-four Vic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_formation
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