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  1. No more purchases from this customer until the product I've bought so far has a comprehensive manual.
  2. Snap- and function key views should work in VR. Without them, using VR is an ergonomic ordeal. I personally miss mostly the view directly back, padlocks, instruments and outside view from behind, but others might have other preferences. Snap- and function-key views work with TrackIR, and I see no reason why they should be omitted in VR which in effect is head tracking + 3D.
  3. Very good news. Ordered (unlike Jason 🙂). Good plane set. I hope early-war planes appear in FC 3, though.
  4. Have you used it with vorpx? Does the headtracking work?
  5. What have those two people accomplished in 12 months, please? Anything at all?
  6. Just make the existing and appropriate German planes available (with careers) and publish 10 new allied airplanes (British, US, SOV) with a new map. Or exchange Germany with Italy or Finland. Or with Japan, sooner or later 777 has to do it if the Il-2 GB series wants to live on. Or focus on FC vol 2, implement careers and all the missing planes (incl bombers) from ROF. Lot's of options.
  7. What I read was 'Vol 1'. If the possibility of a second volume is written in the stars, then calling a product 'Vol 1' is misleading advertising.
  8. If I understand Jason correctly, FC2 is on hold. Maybe we can get a clarification please, Jason?
  9. You can do all this 'action' already, in addition it is in color, in much higher resolution and it's less dangerous for your health.
  10. If it hits you on the ground and on the head, only propelled by gravity, a .50cal could be lethal. Quite a few people were killed on the ground by AAA shrapnel during WW2. https://www.quora.com/Did-anti-aircraft-flak-falling-from-the-sky-ever-kill-people-on-the-ground-in-World-War-II
  11. Not me either, it's a while ago :-). This article mentions it, though: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/b-17-flying-fortress-preview/1100-2636300/
  12. + B-17 Flying Fortress (Microprose, 2000) and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (LucasFilm Games, 1991), IIRC.
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