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  1. What I read was 'Vol 1'. If the possibility of a second volume is written in the stars, then calling a product 'Vol 1' is misleading advertising.
  2. If I understand Jason correctly, FC2 is on hold. Maybe we can get a clarification please, Jason?
  3. You can do all this 'action' already, in addition it is in color, in much higher resolution and it's less dangerous for your health.
  4. If it hits you on the ground and on the head, only propelled by gravity, a .50cal could be lethal. Quite a few people were killed on the ground by AAA shrapnel during WW2. https://www.quora.com/Did-anti-aircraft-flak-falling-from-the-sky-ever-kill-people-on-the-ground-in-World-War-II
  5. Not me either, it's a while ago :-). This article mentions it, though: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/b-17-flying-fortress-preview/1100-2636300/
  6. + B-17 Flying Fortress (Microprose, 2000) and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (LucasFilm Games, 1991), IIRC.
  7. Congrats Luzitano, you almost nailed the planeset too! Now we can start to speculate about the next DLC 🙂
  8. Point regarding fun taken. Escort and intercept works also with mediums.
  9. "To support this particular Great Battle, we plan to build numerous ground vehicles, tanks, paratroopers, artillery, bunkers, objects, obstacles, buildings, airfields and ships that will bring flying such dangerous missions to life." Can't this also be used to finally get boots on the ground in Tank Crew?
  10. Norway will offer a lot of opportunities, covering 1940 - 45, british airplanes and anti-shipping. Edit: forgot carrier ops and F4Us and F6Fs in british service.
  11. Map would be big, I agree. But map of whole finnish front would not be small either. Maybe it's time for multiple maps per DLC. Whole North Sea does not need to be covered though, only the routes of the Murmansk convoys and the German iron ore convoys. Mostly in the vicinity of Norway. New German airplanes: early Bf 109s, 110s and Ju 87s. BV 138, Do 217, He 115, Ju 188, Me 410.
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