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  1. The storch was not a pure recon plane. More some artillery observer or personal transport plane. There are other planes out by history, doing recon as designed for, like the HS126. This historic picture shows hob large it is, compared to the fragile Storch, also a lot faster, what makes sense for a recon plane. Hopefuly we will get some day a possibility to fly recon missions (Flying Circus has it already in some limit capacity). Hopefuly also, that it will fit fine in some "air marshal" thing, which the dev's spoke some longer time ago.
  2. New Mission Update! Mission #17 - played on 06.01.2021 at 18:15 CET (at the 1st post) The Kommodore said I shall lead this time alone a wing!
  3. We have 3 variants of the IL-2, sooooo......yeah.....
  4. Mission update! Mission #16 - played on 30.12.2020 at 18:15 CET (see above at 1st post)
  5. We need so badly such a SEOW campaign. I can remember the 1946 HSFX SEOW campaigns. I love the concept of having mission briefings (specially in the IL-2 Tobruk game with its very old UI and outdated overlay from CloD) where every squadron/wing than has a certain task. Personally I am interested in Tobruk more than the Channel, but will fly very likely everywhere
  6. I think we need an update on this topic. Not to have any kind of information when "end mission" button is pushed, is kind of too old school for flying without such function in the future. So, fighter pilots will get their performance listed, but bomber/CAS pilots not? Come on
  7. Heya Pilots! is there any possibility to check in flight the destroyed ground objects like in Great Battles? In GB you hit the tabulator (?) button to see the statistics once you are on the server. Maybe I did not found it so far, but in Blitz/Tobruk I discovered only the list, which shows the destroyed planes in the air. If such a function is not in the game yet, I would hardly speak out for getting it some time in the future as some of us are more often than not want to destroy things on the ground. It does not have to appear in the moment you destroy a ground object, a delay or even some shown mission de-brief what was achieved down there after the landing/death/crash would be very nice. What you guys think about it? Or I simply did not found it so far? Greetings
  8. After a long period of break, cause of a mixture of laziness and business: Mission #15 - played today on 15.12.2020 at 18:15 CET
  9. I've flown my first combat mission in the CR.42 and it was great. I could have destroyed at least 2 enemy trucks, but they teleported somehow on the road. Here in the video section of this forum I uploaded my mission, its clearly visible. Some lags were also there and the disconnect when I wanted to take off for the 2nd time made it unlucky. But still, it was a pleasure for me. Please make more of it. Are those frontline events for each saturday?
  10. Ju 87 D-5 ...oh wait... not here yet, so the Ju 87 D-3 Second is the Ju88 A-4, followed by the P-40 and Bf 109 E-7.
  11. Welcome dude Some of us here are salty per default, but as a german old phrase goes: barking dogs dont bite... Well, some of us do, but mainly you will get here helpful and patient pilots, willing to show you the first steps. Hope you enjoy your experience here in this our all game !
  12. Mission Update: Mission #14 - played on 22.010.2020 at 18:15 CET see first post
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