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  1. Thank you for your server and time you put there in, Coconut! The server were always underestimated, not understood at the details (supply and moveable frontline system e.g.) which were there implemented and a 24/7 campaign, with, overall all 7 days a new map. Therefore it has been immersive, a place where we/I made some friends from, a place where I learned to fly and to enjoy this game. Indeed better than the casual servers with their senseless rotation maps and people crowded clusterfucks, avoiding any kind of tactical approach. In the name of Kampfgeschwader Sleipnir - Thank you very much, we hope it is not forever
  2. @5./JG54_Teoman You are welcome! The anti-shipping happend at some other server, I must admit
  3. As a squadron member myself I dont feel to participate here. But still I wonder why nobody took this handsome creature in consideration 🤩 I think he would be one of the best ground-attackers ingame hehehe PS: the man who is so generous here has birthday today himself.
  4. Some great ideas here! Giving more points to the attackers if succesful, than the equal air victory could work. @RedKestrel @ Making videos: Well, there is some point here, or how I would say it: the snake bites in its own tail. The dedicated ground-attacker can for the most part not make a "lone-wolf" mission if he want to survive. Even if there is no enemy fighter around, flying an attack run alone to some fortification point or a well guarded bridge/factory/AF ect. is crazy enough. So, in order to be succesful, we groundattackers must organize our selfes. Like: Organize a flight of few planes chose target and best loadout fishing for recon data maybe made earlier by someone else Taking the best marching route In case of 0 Eskort, avoiding enemy planes chose formation and stay there chose a near but rear area for maybe isolated comrades to pick them up later there play the AA bait get the attack angle horizontal and vertical correct survive the AA bomb/shot get the correct exit angle (for example if some other objective is very near) repeat Just a few of the points, not in detail but its a lot of work many exclusive fighter pilots never think about. But the most important thing is - you can not do it alone. I get it if people can or dont want to come on communication channels, but writing in ingame chat also helps a lot. Every bomber/CAS will be very happy, if the fighter guys actually take a little care of them. You see 2-3 CAS taking off? Ask for target and ca. route to going there. Stick with them and I guarantee - both "groups" will profit from each other and have fun, during something senseful was done too.
  5. Hello, I just wanted to share my feelings about a certain thing. It is that I experience some things which I dont understand maybe. Why is it, that on casual servers (those without a dynamic campaign, those servers where some other map is loading after the map-mission is over) many people are going strictly and only to one side? Yesterday I joined KotA server in the evening with a mate, and there were around 50+ germans and only ca. 25 soviet players. Sure, this can change in a short time if some players are leaving, also I can see off course, that joined squadrons dont split up. That all makes sense. Also, I can not and would not order people how to take their spare time. But by the given example above, I experienced that very very few players actually are taking attacker and bomber planes on either side. With my squadron mate I took an IL-2 to attack some german position and we sneaked up on a good way, just to see near the target area, around 10 german fighters, like a horde of vultures. Off course we did not came home. Jump in an attacker again, repeat. And repeat. Simply I want to say: The fighter/interceptor stuff is surely nice, but its not an end in itself. It was only existing for gain air superiority, to make the way free for own strategic or tactical and CAS planes. Eskorting transports with supplies and paratroopers. Sure, combat patrols and big scrambles are part of it, but on many casual servers we mostly see the lone-wolf(s) hording up like vultures to dive on something to get the air kill. For the sake of our all immersion and the troops on the ground - specially when you have a quantity advantage - jump from time to time in an attacker/bomber and do something in a bigger perspective. Also, communicate with each other. Asking the small fighters for eskort, reconaissance and SEAD is a seldom thing I see, more seldom to actually get an eskort on the casual servers, which is a little sad in my eyes, cause those are/were also important things in an air-war which we pretend to simulate, right? Doing something together is even more fun on a multiplayer server, hard to believe, I know... Or try once one of the very few servers with a dynamic campaign. You will laugh maybe, but flying with 3x Ju52, eskorted by 2x 109's a supply flight from a very rear AF to a frontline AF can be very exciting if your flight is intercepted by some I-16's. And you brought supplies forward and even after map rotation there is not a new scenario, but a slightly changed frontline and the brought supplies are counted. Just as an example. Or if you stopped an advancing tank spearhead attack in Ju87 with the 37mm guns and so after map rotation this region on the map is not falling to the other side. There are so many things to do, but to many people are doing all time the same 😕 Well, this is already to long, but I wanted to write it away from my heart. Feel free to discuss. Greetings, Kalle
  6. I love it too, because I have a secret Italy fetish on the mediterrean theatre, north africa theatre, I play the italians in "Theatre of War Africa", I play them in "Hearts of Iron 3 Black Ice", I play them online in "Red Orchestra - Mare Nostrum", I love Tintoretto, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Alighieri, Pizza and Red Wine - simply the Palms on a beach with Grappa and Dolce Vita in Florenz. But the MC202? Yes, as I said, I love it - but for me its very hard to fly online in it, its stalling sometimes in a turn fight (where you need flaps out sometimes to 40%) because of the asymmetric wings. ....ah, biiig armore Ragazzi, big armore 🤩
  7. Hmm...this could be true and some reason of struggle with aiming and leading too. Will try that! Thanks
  8. @NN_Razor Many people told me that turning against 109's should be fine. But I guess I came to low in this given example anyway, so lost energy and was an easy prey than. @Ehret Yes! In the next video I'll show below, the last situation, I tried not to dive with my target instantly, so I tried to keep altitude and than I dove on him. And the 109 E could not escape. I will also take your advice with the fuel load hammered in my mind. I've the tendency to take more than enough.
  9. Myself and I think many other players would be pleased if the GPS can disappear. Navigating was a important thing in the days back than and is part of those kind of flying imo. Good that we have the 1:1 Coconut Expert online, thanks for the server !
  10. Can some of the experienced players give me advices?
  11. Some days before this server is going to dive away (hopefully only temporarly), I suggest that many pilots will do on a fixed day only formation flights - soviets and germans together, all kind of planes, maybe by squadron, just to give the last salut and honour to this great immersive playground. (off course the bombers should set their gunners to hold fire). What do you guys think?
  12. @il2crashesnfails @SCG_ErwinP Thanks men! The mirrow can be useful, not much time in the P-40 yet, but there were some situations where at least I was aware that someone sneaked up on me. Yes, the P-40 is pretty nice, the .50's are great. I did the time counter on it. Normally, if you have 6 MG's mounted + additional ammunition, you are able to shoot around 29 seconds. With 4 MG's mounted + additional ammunition, you can pull the trigger to around 49 seconds. I always go for the 4 MG's than, as my aiming is sooo bad, that I am happy to have more time to ajust....so to say Also, I know its a meme, but its true - the P-40 is very stable in high speed dives.
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