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  1. A clickable cockpit adds nothing. I already have two hands ready for buttons on the Joystick or keyboard.
  2. Off course, 7. December 1941 at Hawai Phillipines should be interesting. The british colony Malaya and the Battle of Singapur would be interesting too. Also, I would like to see Midway or the japanese conquest of Guam. Flying Tigers over the Hump in West China, anyone? PS: "Finding Carrier Fleets" propably wont happen in multiplayer. First, its time consuming, secondly everybody just would click on the enemy team's side to check it out. PPS: If there ever would be Carriers on the game, where we could start from: Not everybody could spawn at once, propably 4-6 planes on the end of the CV. Than imagine, if the first plane is AFK...you can not maneuvre around it. For example on a possible 7. December '41 Hawaian map, the japanese spawn points would be in the air with a spawn window or something. All 5 Minutes 4 planes or something like that, just to simulate the "waves" of attack.
  3. Just let is how it is. The fake one is ok, dont get the problem.
  4. I went with WW2 as my favourite time era regarding to the planes. If I could have voted 2 times, I would have going to choose "early war" to "mid war" time frame. Basicly between 1916 and 1942, but for me also the interwar period of prop planes is a highlight with its own charme. Planes I like a lot: Tigermoth Fiat CR.32 MC200 MC202 Ju86 Ju87 Ju88 B5N A6M5 P-40 E-1 HE51 Albatros D III Hurricane early SM79 HE51 Bf109 E3-E7 Ju52 Fokker D VII sorry for the long list, diffiult to pick only those, there are some more off course
  5. I would also take some Ju87 D5 as collector plane. Seriously, it saw action on all fronts.
  6. Not sure if my memory is correct: But the dive recovery system, I just tried the StuKa, was automaticly releasing the bomb on the before setup "release" altitude? Also, not sure if correct, but in CloD the gunsight was shortly blinking on this release altitude as a sign for the pilot. Not sure if the D-3 model had it. From my several try-outs just now, it seems the air recovery system is not doing the work completly, meaning - after dive you are not coming even in some horizontal course.
  7. For sure, I want all of those Theatres. Italy 1943-1944 would be nice too
  8. This is certainly welcome! Some news about the micro-stutters and freezes which many people including me are having since 4.0 ? Also, when we get switchable fuel tanks and mine shells? Just curious
  9. Unfortunally I have to correct my statement actually. After the first big initially patch, I had micro-stutters on SP also, but not that big. Than after some patch/fix (I dont know, I only see via steam that something is coming) 2 weeks ago or so, in SP it was fine. NOW, I have immense micro-stutters, black screen ALSO in SP when I am flying over Rheinland. As I wrote once, I turned everything down and tried out different graphic setup constellations with 0 result. In ADDITION, now I got several times kicked from multiplayer servers, mostly from Finnish Virtual Pilot Server with the message which other players also experience now, the "10009 Error" message. I did not had that before. Again, people with lower or exactly the same GPU like me have 0 problems, meanwhile some dude with some 2060 card has it like me. Hope it got fixed and solved anytime in the near future, cause now I have oll the beautiful late war planes and can not fly on the beautiful map (what I see from youtube videos, lol) Greetings and a nice weekend to you
  10. In this video its clear visible, that its multiplayer. At the moment I dont have any problems in singleplayer. Greetings
  11. It is the 6GB one. Before the patch nearly everything run very smoothly on nearly Ultra settings. Maybe I will ask my squadron dude with his 2060 NVIDIA card, why its not running for him.............
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