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  1. Well, according to "Mein Kriegstagebuch" (my war diary) from Hans-Ulrich Rudel, he and many others prefered the Ju87 over the FW190 for the CAS role until the end of war. Mostly cause the Ju87 could quiet take a punch to its airframe and were really reliable. Also, the D5 was available from June 1943 on. IL-2: Battle of Italy - 1943 But off course they had the upgraded versions of the Ju87....sooo....D5
  2. @III./SG77-R_Lehmann - Threadopener I swear by all gods and my ancestors - I just came here in this subsection to make this proposal to add finally the D-5 variant into this game. Thank you Daydreaming - "IL-2 Great Battles - Battle of Italy 1943/44" PS: If neccessary - a collector plane will do it too, for us CAS freaks
  3. Hallooo, dem was @=ArtoA=SimSonius geschrieben hat, ist nichts hinzuzufügen. Wie er schon schrieb, könnt ihr auch gerne mich anschreiben. Beste Grüße Kalle
  4. Heya lads, I own the normal version and could fly really without problems. As Blitz came out, I also could fly as usual. But since some months (and I even not tried to much since than), the game crashes with a black screen on my PC, so I have to switch the Computer off and restart. I can not reach the main menu anymore. If someone has some idea, that would be great. Best regards
  5. Feel free to post your "incidents" and whatnot from this server here So, I start ...
  6. At ze moment - finally time to edit some stuff
  7. Hmm...I dont think the original Coconut is up yet again. For all the effort the guys who are running the clone AKA Coconut server put in - the original was better imo (no GPS, buildings in villages, server in Europe ...) Dude, you will be more than satisfied once the original is running again Believe me
  8. @il2crashesnfails I LOVE this plane! P-40 is always fun to fly and once you get to know it better, it becomes pretty natural aka it is not that difficult as often portrait - engine wise. As mentioned from others above - its more or less a fighter which relies on energy dives and altitude. Also it is very heavy cause of the amount of fuel you can take, but it is not a bad thing for longer missions I guess? If you fly with only 4x MG's and additional ammo, than you can pull the trigger 48 seconds (!) ! and the caliber makes certainly damage ! The P-40 can also take quiet a punch to its wings and fuselage and for multirole missions you are able to arm you up for ground attack --> 500kg Bomb
  9. Heya, as a fighter noob I dont get often good solo flights. So, I celebrate this one Its a longer recording with external view of what just happens after every engagement.
  10. More and detailed missions regarding to the Ju88 in common in the Youtube Video description.
  11. Heya, since the new map came out originally back in 2019, it really got better with some fixes and updates. Still I have problems on Combat Box a lot. Very often I get "No Data found bla bla", I am jumping forward and backward and the screen freezes in flight (what is annoying enough after climbing with Stuka for example) and then I normally have some disconnect. In singleplayer the microstutters are better, but still there. Other squadron members dont have the problem with worse/equal/better systems & graphic cards. So, I dont know what it is causing and slowly I am not pleased with the overall situation, as I really want also to fly the new machines on the new map. Any advices are welcome. Also, I dont think its a system performance issue, as I mentioned in other threads back than - others with worse systems dont get this problems. Greetings
  12. @coconut What will be the max. player amount? Like previously 48? ...I think 84 or so is cancer when its full. Moving supply truck convoys, tanks attacking positions, transfer flights, supply flights, arty positions, looking for trains, destroying enemy AF's and flying simple recon missions.... ...bad weather, snow storms.... ALL THIS REALISM Coco, I cant wait....but I have to....as many others. Aaaaaahhhh - good times ahead of us. PS: The AKA Coconut Clone server, beside it has GPS on it, there are also no houses in the villages.... I loved to fly in your server over all this little houses 😄
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