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  1. Yes, same black photo with me unfortunally. Anyone can us dummies write a short guide?
  2. Obviously, regarding to the amount of people who said back than sadly goodbye to the server, the amount of people which are interested here, the silent people which also had flewn regularly on Coconut - there is some demand of the "Coconut System". What about some crowd-funding and also group-organised 24/7 server? Coconut back than were after some years exhausted (understandable, cause of the game update cycle, our requests and so on). A single man can not handle it, if he is not willing to give up a weekend or social life But if the same work to maintaining such a server is devided by 2-4 people, it could be managed, or? @Nocke and @coconut - I would be open to give a little money and time, to do my part of a working 24/7 server. So, maybe you guys can speak it out between you and me. Feel free to contact me via PM for some possible TS/Diskord speaking anytime. I am also sure, we could aquire some other helping hand here and there. Greetings, Kalle
  3. We are 5 on the server....join up for test guys
  4. @Nocke thank you a lot! @coconut read Yeaaaah :) Lets run it! Maybe you and Coconut can work together in the future? So nobody gets exhausted with updating server and stuff. 16 players seems a bit low, but ok, we try it. If its working, we can slowly experiment the numbers up?
  5. Off course: "As long as you are there as needed, you may NOT lose your Attacker friends"
  6. Yes, RO1 is active. There are some groups which play every friday on CET 20:00 (since over 10 years now). Also, Darkest Hour is absolute active....2-4 full servers, depending on day and time. So, you will find your battle there
  7. I get what you both are saying. I dont deny the fact of multirole planes. But its very simple - not few of the players want actual pure attacker and bomber planes. Period. Because we have a joy in those old machines, several engines, bulky and with more crew personal. So, you missed my point, it has nothing to do with logic, but what bomber pilots will miss. Again - BoBp has not much to offer for me.
  8. There is still a difference between a Mosquito and a Jug. U want deny that?
  9. Hearts of Iron 3 ...only with Black Ice mod....only! Silent Hunter 5 ...only with Wolves of Steel mod To End all Wars Red Orchestra 1 & 2 Post Scriptum.....or I would, but its crashing mostly Verdun & Tannenberg World of Warships ....yeah....I know WarThunder ....yeah.... I know... but only from time to time for the tanks Graviteam Tactics Cities Skyline ....I needed a game without blowing things up, but built peacefuly beautiful towns Total War Rome 2 Total War Attila ......and I've a lot of games I never finished.....looking to Skyrim, Far Cry Primal, Fallout 4, Fallout NV, ect.. Time is a currency I also read a lot of books btw
  10. It wont work like that ingame, I predict. Without newer Attacker planes, we are likeley to see the usual stuff aka dogfights, dogfights and more dogfights. I know, difficult enough to understand, but not so few of us prefer dedicated Attacker planes.
  11. @Gambit21 In that regard, Battle of Bodenplatte has for me, as a ground attacker pilot, nothing to offer btw. I've most fun at blowing things up at the ground and in BoBp we will only get fighter stuff. No Ju87D5, no Ju88C6 or other aircrafts. Also, if some towed stuff and things like you mentioned should/would come, than please also for the other scenarios.
  12. Agree on Threadopener's opinion 100% Also, we need smoke columns with a much longer duration. Just a few seconds after you drop a 500kg or 1000kg bomb, nothing is burning, no smoke is up in the air. Well, the smoke does not have to be there if you hit a corn field, but after destroying factories or even fuel tanks, it is necessary.
  13. Heya pilots! So, my subjective feeling, after all this rightful hype for Bodenplatte, the Tiger tanks and newer planes in general, is, that not many servers anymore, let play the early Barbarossa maps. Namely Moscow. I think there is only this map from Summer '41 - to Summer '42, right? The most frequented servers let play the setups mostly from early '43 onwards as I see it. Personally, I would love to see from time to time more Moscow maps. (I even would buy more collector planes of this period, but this is only my personal fable..... Hello MC200 ) Is my feeling wrong about the appearance of Moscow maps/earlier war dated maps? It does not matter for you guys, as with BP in sight? Greetings, Kalle
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