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  1. Hello people, basicly my question is already in the title. I just want to get rid of all those messages, who killed which AI tail gunner, who left the game, who landed succesfuly, ect. ect.
  2. Mission #6 - will go online tomorrow on 09.08.2020 at 18:15 CET (1st post edited) Well, the II./Lehrgeschwader 2 is some fighter-bomber squadron. So far I did not went up over 1k when in formation with my wing. I am really nervous about that...
  3. Yesterday evening, I was on DangerDogz Tobruk Test server. Everybody could only join the British side. I only wanted to try out the Hurricane and got bounced by a Bf109 F-variant. Off course I defended myself and went into dogfight with him. Beside that this was pretty intense and long lasting, around 5 minutes before I pushed the button "record", I managed to get a shot on the Bf109 with my 4x Hispano's. His right wing was between 50-60% shot off....clearly visible. It turned out, that we both did not had any ammunition left, so the Bf109 pilot was trying to ram me out of the sky. I thank to all gods that I pushed on "record", because I could not believe it myself the first minute after he lost the most of his right wing. How every can see, he is pretty good turning as his right wing would be still there. So, some clearification for me would be good, because maybe I was not paying attention in physics back than in school? The video is unlisted and will stay unlisted on my channel. https://youtu.be/BsyYJhMhsoo
  4. Got it guys, works fine now I started originally in Cliffs of Dover, than switched over to Great Battles. Just have to get the other vibe back. Thank you all for helping PS: Last question (for now): I was able to manualy kick the gear down in the Bf108...unfortunally I did not have seen some instrument/lights for it? A bit of a guess work when on landing approach. PPS: Still I have to try out the CR.42 if the cooler works there. In the german language game setup, I could not find anything in the controls like "In/outlet's"
  5. Hmm...I use the german language in game and read the german delivered manual.pdf - Wasserkühler Hope I will find outlets in the setup/keyboard mapping. Still the also the Ju87 water radiator is not working
  6. The radiators are on my keyboard, I dont use the joystick for that. I tried out the Ju87 water radiator on the keyboard button and on the instrument panel with no success. The manual for the CR.42 says water radiator "Öl- und Wasserkühler". If its something different, how is it called than in the setup? Thanks for the advices so far, I think "Manually raise/lower gear" was the thing for the 108.
  7. Hello TeamFusion, awesome game so far, I could try it out yesterday evening. Thanks TeamFusion for your work At the moment I noticed some things which should work at least and aren't working at the moment, and some things are not working as intended I guess. Or I make some failure somewhere or I forget something, but I dont think so really. The stuff below, is so far the things I noticed. Note: Hotkeys are set, touchable instrument panel is there - so on either way it should work 1.) Ju87 Water radiators I can not open them on both ways, it jumps always to the middle back (the HUD indicator on the left bottom screen) Bomb switch is not working on both ways, I can only throw them all or not 2.) CR42 Water radiator The same problem as with the Ju87 3.) Bf108 (the neat little transport plane) Gear I tried it out to land in a solo free flight and neither "G" as hotkey is working, nor the touch function on the thing with the mouse. Maybe I have overseen here something? Sidenotes: a) The armor plate behind the pilots seat in all 109 E7's and some of the F2's I tried out - make it please optional, you can not see anything there. b) Some of the Airfields could use some more detailed stuff around, not to speak about the air-strip ground. It is barely visible. For example, in free flight on region Derna, coming over the coast, the map tells me there is an AF - but I can not see it. Questions: In the german language game version, maybe there is a translation miss-switched. In the MC.202 VII the "air-filter" (the red button stick on the left side), I think it was "chituso" and "aperto"? Anyway, if I bring it for example on "aperto" the game tech-HUD says me in german litterally (translated): "Luft-Filter: schließen" what means air-filter closing. But "aperto" means open it up? I brought this red button air-filter stick forward, to the instrument panel, started engine, strarted to take off and could fly. Is this supposed like that?
  8. Mission #4 was played today Mission #5 will be played tomorrow (check out 1st post for both episodes) I hope I stay focused for the future and not taking to much risk here, but hey - 5 missions already
  9. The IL-2 is a different concept than the Boston Bomber. I judge per fun: And there the IL-2 wins for me
  10. Heute gehts ab in die Wüüüüüsteeeee
  11. Same here. I just think it will released on some later point in time today. 09:30 Central European Time for me - and the day has so long damn hours yet to go....
  12. Mission #3 - played on 05.08.2020 at 18:15 CET youtube link in the first post...wil be played tomorrow In 1st and 2nd mission my left wing got severe damaged...is that a bad omen?
  13. Mission #2 - played on 04.08.2020 at 18:15 CET youtube link in the first post
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