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  1. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Hawker Hurricane: Collector Plane??

    Just my few cents here..... : If there would ever be a map, or maybe even without (Leningrad) - why not a Hurricane to the Eastern Theatre? When as a collector plane, you might fly it for the finnish air force, or as lend-lease for the soviet air force.
  2. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    When you start to re-organize your digital squadron on paper at the real work place and finally someone asks you what you are doing. "Organising the squadron stuff for improving on the next missions." "Which missions?" he asked You pull out your mobile cell phone, show the last good mission you flew out with your buddies and telling him: "The war is not over, we have to keep up the air superiority over Moscow area, what is very hard at the moment." Than your work guy is lifting up his eyebrows and getting this unnatural smile as seen in movies, when someone thinks your opponent is gone mad or so Happend today
  3. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    @Gambit21 Well, they bring out Flying Circus. You could also argue that WW1 is in gaming a niche product (maybe not that anymore since Verdun, äääh.... BF 1 ) Speaking about niche products - flight simulations is also a niche branch in gaming. And here we are - RoF -> BoS -> BoX -> Great Battle Seria I think for having a dream or men/developers put their effort into it for making it true, speaking about could be the beginning of something. Just imagine to fly in some bi-plane over the Sierra, over Andalusia and Barcelona, personally I dont see "not possible", so the question is more: why not? I will buy Flying Circus (as I came years to late for Rise of Flight) and would buy SCW
  4. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Hmmm....I think, and I believe I am not alone (regarding to poll statistic here upwards), the spanish civil war era would pretty be interesting, by a) Filling the technological gap between WW1 and WW2 with a lot of interesting planes from many countries b) nobody covered this theatre, specially in flight sim (beside the 1946 mod) c) different landscape, architecture on the ground But when its true that nobody shall has interest in it - well, than its just a damn pity
  5. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Coconut's dynamic campaign EXPERT and NORMAL

    Yes, it happens to me also from time to time.
  6. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Coconut's dynamic campaign EXPERT and NORMAL

    First Rule of being in the Coconut's Knight Club - NO single word about Coconut's Knight Club !
  7. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    I can get the need for some Vietnam Jet module. But the last interview I heared on youtube with Jason I heared, he said that they are more in propeller era. Personally I am not so interested in jets beyond WW2 and I think the Spanish Civil War were never covered digital as far as I know. 💕
  8. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Spanish Civil War for sure! I could than finally fly my little italian Cabrio - the CR32.bis and shot down the bridge Hemmingway's protagonists. HE 51 Ju52 as early "adhoc" bomber version And the really not famous Ju86 Dewoitine D 510
  9. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    "Tank Crew" and ground forces in general

    @LukeFF Oh, I did not knew that. Ok.
  10. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    "Tank Crew" and ground forces in general

    Hello people, I want to open a discussion about upcoming tank modules and ground forces in general. As far as I understood, BoS went to overall called BoX and the developers are calling their product(line) now Great Battles Seria. With announcing "Tank Crew" it got clear, that we will have drivable and functionable tanks on simulation base right down under the planes. I think thats a pretty nice move, as for example I have friends which told me "Naa, I am not a pilot, but I would love to drive tanks there." Well, as a man who is flying mostly Ju87, Ju88 and Bf110 in multiplayer I come along with some discussionable features for the future on the ground there. When I strafe an anti-air gun with my MG's, sometimes the men, crewing up those guns are starting to run away for their lifes Its an amazing detail imo. What else we could see in the future? Infantry "blobs" (squad sized troops of 12 or so soldiers like in Wargame Red Dragon) entrenched? Protecting the advancing tanks? Engineers/Pioniers which build a ponton bridge? Which (not yet announced) vehicles we could see further? Could we drive a SdKfz 7 or 10, with a towed PAK, deploying and using it? Or flak for that matter? Again, I am a bomber or CAS guy and having an impact (lol) directly on the ground on a variety of stuff, sounds better than the usual factory or AF attack when possible added. It would make warfare more realistic and put up the "combined arms" level a lot. What you guys think where the journey goes and is there a need for such things? Greetings, Kalle PS:
  11. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Salvatore di'Farlone, Regia Aeronautica in Sovietunion

  12. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Coconut's dynamic campaign EXPERT and NORMAL

    As the server is hopefully running on bugfree and normal condition again - we request for coming sunday (CET 14:00) eskorts for our bombing runs on the german side. Have a nice time dudes 🎠
  13. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    Coconut's dynamic campaign EXPERT and NORMAL

    @coconut Thanks for your endless work. Next month a little paypal donation is incoming by the way. I've one question: Are there artillery positions and/or fortified dugouts on the map? As ground attackers we would like to see more different ground targets and destroyable vehicles beside the tanks, if the server resources could handle a little bit more. So far we are going mostly for AF's and factories, as the moving tanks are difficult to spot. Maybe I must school my eyes more, still, a bigger variety of ground targets could be nice 🎯
  14. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    How can I make my bombs explode?

    Yeah, I do the same for "realism" reasons. So, than I will, until this is fixed, throw my bombs UN-armed aka "in safety mode" ...?! haha
  15. KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82

    How can I make my bombs explode?

    Wait, wait wait! I experienced today on different servers a strange thing. All my bombs, thrown from different altitudes, speeds and with different bomb timer options - did NOT exploded. They were "active" aka "hot" aka "scharf" (german) aka "armed"......is this that bug you are talking of?