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  1. Fenris, as lefuneste released the 13.1.1 version of his mod that fixes Me262 sight. Can we mix this new version with the version downloaded from your first post with your optimized settings (for me: Pimax 5k plus / 13-1_VRBOS_Pimax5k+.zip)?
  2. Many thanks to the TAW dev team, the blue comrades, and the challenging red opponents for many nerve-wracking hours immersed in a believable virtual war that fortunately only costs virtual life and assets. I'm looking forward to the next round.
  3. Server is down - maybe because of the new game version?
  4. Hello guys, I not able to adjust the settings with the new system in 12.5. I've already tried 100x, but I can not get it. Can someone please provide me with his settings for the Pimax 5k Plus (normal FoV). Would be nice!
  5. 12.1 is going great. Due to the files especially for the Pimax 5k Plus, I now have the feeling that I'm not so clearly at a disadvantage compared to the TrackIR users. The 15 ° feature is really great and nice to my neck. 😁 I can´t agree more to this statement !
  6. Downloaded and installed. Feedback in the 3Dmigoto mod thread. Thanks to your hints and your mod my experience and competitiveness in IL2 are now much better. THX a lot lefuneste!
  7. The best will be for you to look at ebay etc. for second hand Vive v1 or v2 sensors.
  8. Ok, but you have informed us here, for which I am very grateful. I am looking forward to it and thank you for the continuous adjustments and improvements of your mod. As I oc my CPU and GPU a bit and switched from normal FOV to small FOV (lefuneste - you were right, really is not a big difference at least not in BoX) I´ve about the same if not better performance. Perhaps performance is also gained by stopping the execution of SteamVR.
  9. Wow. Lefuneste I have applied your settings. That's a day and night difference . The clarity of the picture is so far unsurpassed with good frame rates (quick mission / single player). Unfortunately, the zoom with your mod is now somehow out of sync. Do you have good settings for the 5k? Would be very nice! Thx a lot for your hints! Besides my CPU & GPU are now overclocked. 😉
  10. @lefuneste: Thats very interresting indeed, but I´ve a view questions. I didn´t know that IL2BOS is running without SteamVR. How can I remove the automatic launch of SteamVR? I use the latest WHQL drivers 425.31. Should I use the latest beta driver? I´m looking forward to your mod - I´m usering already your wonderful zoom mod :-). Will try your settings and report back.
  11. I fly exclusively with the Pimax 5k Plus and I´m about to find out the best settings in PiTool, in order to have good online spotting while good visual quality. I would like to know what settings other owners of a Pimax 5k / 8k use to achive this. My settings: PiTool v.121_R211_beta Hidden, Area Mask off Brightness 1 Render Quality 1 Contrast l / r 1 Brightness l / r -3 Smart Smoothing off FFR off PP on FoV normal RR 90 Hz SteamVR 150% Nvidia 425.31 My Rig: Intel 7700 @ 4.2 GHz 32 GB RAM RTX 2080 Ti OC Win10 Pro
  12. Answer from support: Dear user, Thank you for this message. We'll pass it to our developers so they could look into this. It can take some time to investigate this issue.
  13. The more support tickets are opened and refer to this thread the better. At some point, they can not ignore it anymore. After all, the game has its focus in multiplayer right?
  14. I have now opened a support ticket and referred to this thread.
  15. Since the last update about a week ago (about 500 MB / Dora), my friend and I have massive disconnects. We are currently playing on the WoL server. We noticed that if the number of players on the server is high, it is much worse. Before this update, we have never had problems with disconnects.
  16. Alright, thanks for your lightning fast support.
  17. That means that login / registration is only possible during a running campaign?
  18. At the moment it is not possible to register on http://taw.stg2.de (500 Internal server error). Is this function intentionally switched off => currently no newbies accepted or is this a true server error?
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