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  1. In my opinion the AAA was very well implemented in the last TAW campaign or before the big BP patch. It was dangerous and you could not afford any mistakes, but it was not as deadly as it is now. In my experience, at least 75% of all dive-bombing attacks end up being shot down by the AAA. This is neither realistic nor good for the game. As mentioned here for certain targets it makes no sense to bombard them from 10000m.

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  2. Thank you for this masterpiece Devs! I am looking forward to the upcoming iterations of BoX.


    One question is still left for me. I am flying in VR and I can remember a discussion after one of the last major updates that were conducted on VR zooming. A higher zoom, e.g. 10x, similar to TrackIR, is the only thing that I'm still missing for VR here. Is there anything planned in this direction?

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  3. On 10/26/2019 at 1:09 AM, WokeUpDead said:

    One idea I saw work well would be to have a pool of planes available for the entire team for one map. The best new planes would be limited in quantity and only the highest ranking pilots could get them. Rank was based on your results for the entire campaign, not just for that map. So if you're blue and join the campaign in the last map then you're not getting to fly the Dora or the 262 right away, you need to grind a lot of missions in an F4 or G2 or Stuka before you rise in rank enough.


    Good idea, indeed.

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  4. On 10/8/2019 at 8:44 AM, chiliwili69 said:

    Just a note, the clarity in the Index was as before (ie good), the last update and patch didn´t affect the visual quality. It must be then something related to the new canted display thing or something specific to the Pimax software, SteamVR and IL-2.

    Perhaps that 4096 pixel limit of SteamVR:



    FYI - with my Index and Reverb (I sent it back, since the Index imo is better), I have also not noticed that something is worse than before the hotfix.

  5. On 10/8/2019 at 9:26 AM, Winger said:

    Installed yesterday, pressed my fingers wound for like an hour to get the zooms right but now i am good to go again.
    A big thanks to Lefuneste and FenrisWolf for your work guys!


    Thx for your presets and special thanks to your fingers ;-). One question. Can I use your presets for 14.1 also and if yes whitch files I have to copy?

  6. 12 hours ago, SCG_Fenris_Wolf said:

    cannot comprehend how people say the Index would be clearer - to avoid buyer's remorse maybe? Maybe not. I think they are the same. Which makes the Index a great headset too.


    I flew with the Pimax 3 months.  Thanks to DAS it was comfortable enough for me and thanks to your thread I also found the perfect settings.  I was very happy with the Pimax - until I put on the Index.  I could have sent it back as well .... What I mean by that is that it is no buyer justification for me when I find the Index better.  This is individual for each  user and probably can not be generalized


    12 hours ago, SCG_Fenris_Wolf said:


    Yeah I basically had the same experience ICDP, I've had both here and sent the Index back. I cannot comprehend how people say the Index would be clearer - to avoid buyer's remorse maybe? Maybe not. I think they are the same. Which makes the Index a great headset too.


    I believe this issue stems from user error. The Pimax is an enthusiast headset, and hard to set-up properly for IL-2, I've helped two guys set theirs up correctly (whose settings were a disaster before). If they had followed my guide in the sticky thread, they'd get the same sharpness and clarity as in the Index. They said they did, but when I checked via TeamViewer, that was not the case. The headsets are almost indistinguishable at sharpness and clarity, but I admit it takes quite a strong GPU for the Pimax5K+. The worst thing however was the speakers swinging off my ears in the Index if I turnt around quickly. It's also not the best choice if you have a baby or wife listening to music in the background. Need a padded cell.


    P.S. I have Index Controllers now, the thumbsticks are fine here. They don't click, but register every press. The only issue mine have is that they don't properly differentiate between ring and pinky finger - and they refuse to learn properly.



    Same here. RMAed my old one‘s. The new one‘s are good now.

  7. Exactly this. When I switched from the 5k+ to the Index, I came to exactly the same result.  When I put on the Index for the first time, I knew immediately that I would sell the 5k+.  I would like to add, however, that in my opinion the colors on the Index are much better.  The sharpness and clarity of the picture is also much better.  I can clearly differentiate the units of a column with the Index now and can also clearly see details of settlements and cities.  I always had difficulties with the 5k+.

  8. Has anyone already found optimal settings for lefustes 3Dmigoto zoom mod for the Valve Index and is so friendly to share them? I'm too stupid to make the settings in game - when using the keyboard shortcuts it changes unfortunately nothing. For me it is almost impossible to fly on online server without working zoom mod. I simply need far too long to identify targets in VR. I just had to learn this painfully in TAW.

  9. 1 hour ago, JG4_Widukind said:
    1 hour ago, Sneaksie said:

    If you have 'failed to update' message in the launcher, please close it, navigate to the installation folder of the game and delete the folder called 'updates', then run the laucher again. Sorry for inconvenience!

    exactly the problem I have .. let's see


    So do I ...


    Update: Problem is solved by deliting the updates folder.

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