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  1. In my opinion the AAA was very well implemented in the last TAW campaign or before the big BP patch. It was dangerous and you could not afford any mistakes, but it was not as deadly as it is now. In my experience, at least 75% of all dive-bombing attacks end up being shot down by the AAA. This is neither realistic nor good for the game. As mentioned here for certain targets it makes no sense to bombard them from 10000m.
  2. Yeah the wait is finally over! (Btw - like this emoji)
  3. Thank you for this masterpiece Devs! I am looking forward to the upcoming iterations of BoX. One question is still left for me. I am flying in VR and I can remember a discussion after one of the last major updates that were conducted on VR zooming. A higher zoom, e.g. 10x, similar to TrackIR, is the only thing that I'm still missing for VR here. Is there anything planned in this direction?
  4. FYI - with my Index and Reverb (I sent it back, since the Index imo is better), I have also not noticed that something is worse than before the hotfix.
  5. Of course. Will try it tonight. Link (only the two files needed): https://drive.google.com/file/d/187dKBlK-Vj2crY2VZ_upJUUkSdZygqq7/view?usp=sharing
  6. @Fenris: Thx for defining the two files that are needed to copy. @Winger: I copied the two files from your 14.1 profile (Index) and it worded well. Thx a lot!
  7. Thx for your presets and special thanks to your fingers ;-). One question. Can I use your presets for 14.1 also and if yes whitch files I have to copy?
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