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  1. That seems to be a really cool employer! 😎
  2. I flew with the Pimax 3 months. Thanks to DAS it was comfortable enough for me and thanks to your thread I also found the perfect settings. I was very happy with the Pimax - until I put on the Index. I could have sent it back as well .... What I mean by that is that it is no buyer justification for me when I find the Index better. This is individual for each user and probably can not be generalized Same here. RMAed my old one‘s. The new one‘s are good now.
  3. Exactly this. When I switched from the 5k+ to the Index, I came to exactly the same result. When I put on the Index for the first time, I knew immediately that I would sell the 5k+. I would like to add, however, that in my opinion the colors on the Index are much better. The sharpness and clarity of the picture is also much better. I can clearly differentiate the units of a column with the Index now and can also clearly see details of settlements and cities. I always had difficulties with the 5k+.
  4. Thank you HunDread. Will try it again. Esp. your hint with the toggle switch will be helpfull 🤪.
  5. Has anyone already found optimal settings for lefustes 3Dmigoto zoom mod for the Valve Index and is so friendly to share them? I'm too stupid to make the settings in game - when using the keyboard shortcuts it changes unfortunately nothing. For me it is almost impossible to fly on online server without working zoom mod. I simply need far too long to identify targets in VR. I just had to learn this painfully in TAW.
  6. exactly the problem I have .. let's see So do I ... Update: Problem is solved by deliting the updates folder.
  7. Nice update! Any idea if and if so when higher zoom levels for VR will come into the game?
  8. I could never go back to 2D. In VR, it feels like I'm really sitting in this tight cockpit. But of course, the resolutions of the current VR HMD can not compete with the monitor. Therefore VR makes it much harder to recognize goals. All I want is that this is somewhat compensated by the higher zoom levels. 2D users have these zoom levels since the beginning. If snap view is an issue here - I don´t really need it. It would be a nice addon, but not really important for me.
  9. I have already stressed that I do not want someone to take something away. I do not need to repeat myself here. I just want to know why so many seem to be against it, that VR users get more zoom levels ...
  10. Many of us VR users uses the 3Dmigoto mod that provides 2x, 5x and 10x zoom already. Bui the creator of the mod has to recode the mod after every patch. We shouln´t need a mod for this function as monitor/TrackIR users have this in the gamecode and it should be the same for VR. The zooms don´t make sick. And yes with VR you have 6dof.
  11. Correct. But in VR the opject that is as big as in real life doesn´t can be idetified due to the inferior resolution. Monitor/TrackIR users have the zoom to compensate the smaller representation of objects - VR users need zoom to compentate the inferior resolution.
  12. I would prefer least 2 zoom levels 5x and 10x and as Fenris said "quicker/faster, for less motion in zoom = less nausea"
  13. This is exatly my conclution. Funny that some people seems to be against that VR gets more zoom levels.
  14. That is well said. On the other hand, with phrases like "balance" you get more attention 😏.
  15. Good. But way give not VR users the same soom levels TrackIR and monitor users have?
  16. The Index is far from being twice as good as the O and O+. I sold both because I had problems distinguishing between friend and foe as fast as needed online, especially with the O+. A good comparison between the Index and the Pimax 5k+ can be found in chiliwilli69's wolderful thread. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52371-valve-index-vs-pimax5k-which-one-to-pick-through-lens-pictures/ Exactly 👍!
  17. I understand your point. But in reality you can just see better and have a much better situational awaireness in a real cockpit. Zoom, etc. are just to compensate for that a bit. I think it's necessary - especially in VR where the resolutions are still much lower.
  18. I do not quite understand the excitement here. All I have suggested is that VR user get an improved zoom function and possibly a snapview function. That should be relatively easy to implement by the developers. The advantage that VR users have more depth is in my opinion balanced that 2D users spot very easily without having to twist their necks. Again, I'm not at all for limiting 2D users, I just wanted to show the devs what options exist in my view. Do you already have experience in VR? For me it is extremely difficult to distinguish friend and foe without higher zoom levels in VR.
  19. What I mean with scanning can exatly be seen in the Youtube video below. This is only possible with TrackIR.
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