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    Tactical Air War

    Alright, thanks for your lightning fast support.
  2. Pikas_62

    Tactical Air War

    That means that login / registration is only possible during a running campaign?
  3. Pikas_62

    Tactical Air War

    At the moment it is not possible to register on http://taw.stg2.de (500 Internal server error). Is this function intentionally switched off => currently no newbies accepted or is this a true server error?
  4. Whenever you find time for the update. Thanks you very much in advance!😃
  5. Pikas_62

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Thanks a lot for that. Got my Odyssey on Saturday. The settings are very welcome :-).
  6. Sadly even the decribed reinstall of the nvidia driver doesn‘t help. I even reinstalled the game on my c-drve (SSD). The result - I can‘t play one single quick mission to the end without freeze. I love this game and can‘t go back to monitor play because VR is so immersive. Any help would be welcome!
  7. @dburne: Thx will try it. What is DDU, where can I find it? Nevermind - found it. Will report if it helps or not.
  8. Since 3.001 I can hardly play one quick mission without freeze with VR gameplay. I configured only medium graphic settings. I re-installed the game but without solving the problems. What experiences does other VR players have? My Specs: i7-7700k, Nvidia 1080Ti 32 GB of RAM, Oculus Rift. Windows and all device drivers are on current versions.