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  1. The Index is far from being twice as good as the O and O+. I sold both because I had problems distinguishing between friend and foe as fast as needed online, especially with the O+. A good comparison between the Index and the Pimax 5k+ can be found in chiliwilli69's wolderful thread. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52371-valve-index-vs-pimax5k-which-one-to-pick-through-lens-pictures/ Exactly 👍!
  2. I understand your point. But in reality you can just see better and have a much better situational awaireness in a real cockpit. Zoom, etc. are just to compensate for that a bit. I think it's necessary - especially in VR where the resolutions are still much lower.
  3. I do not quite understand the excitement here. All I have suggested is that VR user get an improved zoom function and possibly a snapview function. That should be relatively easy to implement by the developers. The advantage that VR users have more depth is in my opinion balanced that 2D users spot very easily without having to twist their necks. Again, I'm not at all for limiting 2D users, I just wanted to show the devs what options exist in my view. Do you already have experience in VR? For me it is extremely difficult to distinguish friend and foe without higher zoom levels in VR.
  4. What I mean with scanning can exatly be seen in the Youtube video below. This is only possible with TrackIR.
  5. Hallo Wraithzlt. Thx for your reply and helpful hints. I´m a longtime VR user also (Rift, O, O+, Pimax 5k+ and now the Index). I´m using also lefuestes zoom mod and I agree with you 100%. I only whanted to motivate the Devs to accelerate the integration of the enhanced VR zoom and maybe snap view 😉.
  6. Hello chiliwili69. For your comparison between the Index and the Pimax 5k+ I agree with you 100%. You provided a lot of facts, which I only saw with my eyes 😀. Well done! Meanwhile, I have also sold my Pimax with DAS 😁. Unfortunately, I have yet not found an optimal setting for the Zoom Mod of lefuneste with the Index. Are you already there?
  7. emphasizeBy using VR, the immersion in the game is simply fantastic, but compared to TrackIR users, VR users have two major drawbacks that leverage the balance of gaming on online servers: For me the major disadvantage VR users have when spotting and identifying targets. While TrackIR users can easily scan every corner of the sky and the ground with the help of a stepless zoom function with a minimum head movement, VR users physically have to move their heads in real life and only have a very weak zoom function. For Check-Six, TrackIR users can quickly check the 6 o'clock position with a minimum head movement and their unrealistic zoom function. VR users, on the other hand, have to physically move their head very far to one side (depending on the respective FoV of the HMD). The time needed is longer and is much more exhausting and they have only their weak VR zoom function. Addressed to the developers: From my point of view there are two possibilities to establish the balance between TrackIR and VR users in online matches: You can enhance the VR zoom function on the level, which is possible with the use of TrackIR, and give VR users a snap-view function (my prefered solution!!!), or Restrict TrackIR users to the possibilities of VR users by limiting the zoom function and adjusting the viewing angles to the normal human level (not my prefered solution!) Edited to emphasize my preferences.
  8. Hello Marco, thank you very much for this hint. With this keys it finally worked for me. But I still have a question. In which files are the changes saved? The files under .. \ user_settings seem to be unchanged. I can not agree more with this statement!
  9. With right CTRL and SHIFT I can do at least something. But I can´t do that really well. But that's for sure up to me. You sent me the settings for my old Pimax 5k Plus some time ago. This has worked really great. Unfortunately I do not get it that way for my Index. I noticed that although I press F12 no file changes in the directory .. \ user_settings, at least in the value "date modified".
  10. I use the Valve Index and have tried several times to adjust the settings for convergence. I proceeded exactly as described under the first post. Unfortunately, the shortcuts in game do not cause any changes at all. I think I'm too stupid or clumsy for that. Unfortunately, there are no optimized settings for the index in Fenris_Wolf's thread yet. Without the Zoom Mod, for me it is very difficult to differentiate friend and foe online, so I shot at planes on my site too often now. Since that with a heavy heart I will not go on multiplayer servers any more until the Zoom Mod works with the Index correctly. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  11. Yes, please. I would really appreciate it if someone here shares his optimized settings for the Index. Unfortunately, I do not get it to make the optimizations in the game.
  12. I own the Pimax 5k plus and now the Valve Index. Although the Index has a much smaller FoV (smaller than the Pimax small FoV), I prefer the Index. For my eyes it has richer colors and the sharpness is also a bit better. I can now see details that were not recognizable with the Pimax (at least for me). We do not need to talk about wearing comfort ... Please don´t get me wrong. I understand everyone who stays with the Pimax. It is very good and divine for Check-Six thanks to the high FoV. But I like the picture quality and especially the overall package of the Index better. Now I only have to find the optimal settings for Lefuneste's terrific Zoom mod for the Index.
  13. Ah, very good. So I only have to exchange the files in ..\user_settings and the d3dx_user.ini. Thanks a lot for the info!
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