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  1. Mission makers! Before any update copy/paste your game folder so you won’t loose the ability to open old missions or re-update in case something goes wrong (like it happend to me and lost a bunch of missions). After the update and if all works well you delete the copy.
  2. New info at first post.
  3. JG77_Con, unfortunately it seems that people don't get so interested. Over to my side I am bit drowned by work but if we gather pilots I already have a bunch of test missions ready. -DED- Zlodey has created a generator for coops, I tried to contact the guys there, gave them thhe examples, offered my help if I can do anything. They don't seem interested, maybe its too hard to do or something I don't know. I cant create code or programs so without help I can't offer much
  4. Maybe it’s simpler to set your 3A with just a Force Complete command (on low ) and one Check Zone Out of 6km radious that deletes them.
  5. Check this too, I usually inform for a rantevou
  6. Yes I know what you mean, I am trying to get in contact with DED Zlodey which has created something that might work. We try out missions to see what’s possible and so far it looks relatively good. Unfortunately we don’t get VVS pilots and we fly against AIs, whoever wants to join can post here and set up time and day. Once again, discord server invite at the bottom of this page: http://kg200.net:8000/
  7. Sir Zlodey, if you have the mood,time, and energy I would like to ask you some questions about your generator and check if it’s possible to make it work for the coop wars I mentioned elsewhere. We dont care about credits all we want is to make it happen. You can pm or post or whatever in case you want to talk about it. Thank you.
  8. Brief description: Patch: After 3002b. Coop missions bugs. Detailed description, conditions: Gunners in bombers respond to cammands given (eg engage close/far, fire at will) but do not do anything when enemies are in their sites. Orders towards AI pilots do not appear even thow they belong to the group and they follow the leader. Switching to a gunner position of another pilots plane after pressing Finish Mission results for the pilot to enter the friendly aircraft gunner position with a spinning circle at the center of screen the messa
  9. It had happened to me too, it seems that it’s a bad loading of terrain . Save your mission with a different name in order to do your experiments. What I did is to load a different map without touching any of the missions elements, e.g. mission is on Kuban and I load Stalingrad, save it, exit FMB, open it again reload mission and change map to the original. I don’t know if it’s the best procedure but at least it worked. You don’t have to run the mission to see if it changed, use the camera to go over the items and see their colors.
  10. Nice one, in the end what I don’t understand is why ohhh why they don’t let the simulator work with HL which brings an excellent functionality to the sim, the autostart.cfg runs the sim and starts any single player mission already, is it so hard to join a server with some changes to it? I am sure if BoX had a presence there the pilots base will quadruple especially now with the coop missions at hand.
  11. Guys I know that is frustrating but have some understanding, so many updates went well in this one there is a glitch, give the guys some time they ll fix it. I let mine fail and now its done correctly. It got something like 100+ gb, failed, then 128 mb, failed, and lastly 18 mb and finished updating.
  12. Same problem~ Propably I am downloading everything from the server: By now its up to 80 GB!!
  13. Anyone knows what these mean? Multiplayer: 41. Coop: mission timer setting added; User Interface: 51. Added a system of external GUI dialogs that can be connected to a mission and interacted in it; 56. MCU_Icon text displays on the mission map correctly even if there is no icon image selected;
  14. On the other hand Zlodey made something allready that I think is a big step to what I seek : It has the "request" part in it for one side, how possible is to make a second "request" for the opponent, types of planes and airfields will not be a choice of each "requester", only the type of mission. In our scenario we have 3 types, Capture sector, Bomb city, Bomb Factory. The mission will be generated depending on the maps situation e.g. what airfields are available on each side?, which target fits the requested target choice? For example, there are 2 flights for each tea
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