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  1. It is, but in that case it's up to the server owner, whereas I think here we were talking about the user being able to disable it.
  2. Thank you so much for this amazing template! Here are the 2 skins I made for our squadron (=GEMINI=)
  3. @6./ZG26_5tuka Thanks for making this great skin available! I have what it is probably a super-noob question. I have noticed that many skins include an alpha-template, what is it for? So far I have successfully added personalized skins to the game using the regular template and the normal map, but I am not clear about the usage of the alpha templates. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  4. To open the main door of the Ju52 you need to use the 'open canopy' button, not the 'bomb bay'. Then hit the 'drop bomb' button to unload the cargo.
  5. Thinking about this point... if it's at all technically possible, it would be good to see the bombs amount for the receiving airport increase (in the map screen) as soon as the cargo is unloaded on the airfield. This way transport pilots would receive feedback that they actually contributed to the overall mission (another motivator for transport pilots).
  6. Thanks for the prompt answer Coconut. Being able to earn points for transport mission would be fantastic, it would be a great motivator for transport flights which could: See their efforts acknowleged in the stats screen Have an actual feedback from the game that they accomplished a mission (points awarded = mission success)
  7. Hi @coconut, first of all I wanted to say how much me and my mates enjoy flying on Coconut Expert - it is truly a great server with an extremely well designed campaign! I am writing to ask if there are any points awarded to transport planes (i.e. Ju52) for successful transport missions? Last night I have completed a mission carrying a cargo load from an airport to another (took off - landed - unloaded - went back to the original airfield), but I was not awarded any points nor the receiving airfield bomb stock appeared to have increased after I transported and unloaded cargo there. Could you please clarify? Does the receiving airfield's bomb stock get updated in the next mission? (this is my mission log if it may help: http://coconutside.eu:81/en/sortie/45439/?tour=11 )
  8. Guys do any of you organize in-game events for Ju52 pilots? Would be good to take part to a flight of Ju52s one of these times!
  9. Type of improvement: Audio / Usability / Immersion / VR Explanation of proposals: Translate all radio messages at least in the English language. Possibly reduce the radio noise effect to make all the sentences clearly understandable. Ideally, translate them in multiple languages. German and Russian radio messages only help the immersion if one actually understands them (like a German or Russian pilot would have). Otherwise they're just useless background noise. Benefits: Radio messages in a language one understands allow for improved immersion (a real German or Russian pilot would have understood what a radio message says). Furthermore, VR players won't have to rely on the HUD for the translation of a radio message, and they could safely hide the HUD for a much needed performance improvement in VR.
  10. Oh, I see, I actually thought so, but never tried - thanks for pointing this out! As much as I enjoy relaxing and drinking Schnaps though, I think lower rank pilots should also be included in the missions schedule
  11. Guys has anyone been having problems flying with a Ju52 squadron in Career Mode? I have tried once, but the missions kept being assigned to and carried on by AI pilots ONLY. As days go by the system never assigned ME a mission. Is this a bug? Anyone else bumped into this problem?
  12. I can't wait to see what all those different types of missions for the career mode are! Keep up the great work guys, soooo looking forward to this release!
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