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  1. Thats why I went with the g2. This way I can upgrade my pc with a 3080.
  2. Thanks for your input Fenris Wolf, I ended up preorderering the reverb G2 to get it at its lower price. My only interest is flying simulators so I don't care much for the controllers. To me immersion and spotting are very important since I mainly fly in multiplayer. The pimax 8kx seemed to have it all with wide fov, high res display and FFR (I can do without zoom) but I'm not the kind of guy who tinkers with software. But I will be interested to hear your oppinion about both headsets.
  3. I think you're right, and this will leave me some money for a GPU upgrade.
  4. Well my standards for fov are not that high since I'm coming from the rift it will still be a significant upgrade. I also heard that fixed foveated rendering doesn't work with il2 and causes crashes so that doesn't give me much confidence that dynamic foveated rendering will work.
  5. So right now I'm hesitating on buying the HP reverb G2 to get the preorder discount that will end on 31 July tomorrow. I'm also wondering if I should wait for the pimax 8kx because of its larger field of view and the possible performance gains you can get with eyetracking. So what are your opinions on this? Will the eyetracking work in il2? Is it worth waiting for the pimax with their slow shipping? How does the current HP reverb run on il2 in multiplayer, and how will it compare with the G2? How do you get a stable 90 fps in the reverb in multiplayer? Right now I have an oculus rift CV1 (running with open composite) with an i7 7700k (4,7 GHz); 16GB 2666 MHz ram; gtx 1070. And will probably upgrade my gpu first when the next series comes out. Settings: In Oculus traytool: SS: 1 reprojection: off In il2: Balanced Shadows: Medium Mirrors: off Distant landscape detail: normal Canopy reflections: off Horizon draw distance: 100km landscape filter: Sharp Grass: normal Clouds: High Full screen: off MSAA: 0 SSAO: off HDR: off 4k textures: on distant buildings: off
  6. I think it does have something to do with SS. I put a HUD (layer) on with the oculus tray tool (version 1.42.0) and at 1 (pixel per display pixel override), 1212 by 1440 were rendered. So I reduced the "pixel per display pixel override" to 0.9 and this gave a resolution of 1080 by 1296. Now I have pretty stable 90 fps in quick missions of 8vs8 with heavy overcast weather, but in multiplayer I'm mostly at 80-85 fps. I feel like the performance is getting worse with each update. I remember in the past before the Kuban map update I could achieve stable 90 fps with no SS; high settings; SSAO on; HDR on; shadows on low-medium; 4x landscape filter and AAx4 plus the clouds weren't broken with aircraft disappearing in front of them. Now I have turn everything down except for AA; "high clouds" and "high graphics" to get a reasonably good looking game (I never used ss and replaced it with 4xAA because it used less performance). It probably also has something to do with regular steamvr and oculus updates, but also the fact that I can't turn down the the graphics settings from high to balanced and "high clouds" to "medium clouds" to get more performance without having the broken clouds where planes disappear makes it really difficult to play in multiplayer. Is it possible to set the resolution of the rift to the native 1080 by 1200. Maybe the fact that 103.680 pixels are being rendered for nothing has something to do with the problem. (for the people who are wondering: I have a gtx 1070; I7 7700K (OC: 4.9 with aircooler); ddr4 2666 Mhz ram; samsung ssd)
  7. Ok, maybe I did something wrong. Could you tell me what you did with steam and Il2 in the open composite options?
  8. Is it possible that the supersampling values changed in the oculus traytool and 0 or 1 ss only is native to only the rift s?
  9. I managed to add it by going in the oculus library by pressing on the '+' sign in the top right corner i could find il2. And by turning opencomposite on and of I, was able to find il2 there too. I tried to open il2 in oculus home but I'm only getting a screen of oculus home in vr while i can hear il2 in the background. When looking to my monitor I can also see il2 running in vr. update: I managed to make it work just by restarting my pc 😁 thanks for the help guys. I hope i'll get some more performance it already fixed the broken loading screen, so thats somthing
  10. Thanks for replying, but I've tried to switch between open comp. and steam vr several times and restarted my pc too but there is no change. The only icon I see is steam. I'll try to use steamvr to see if that ads il2 to the configuration.
  11. I've been trying to get Open Composite working with my oculus rift, but now I don't know how to start up il2 with it. I've already switched Open Composite on but I don't see an Icon for Il2 in oculus home and I've tried open Il2 via the desktop but then it's not in vr. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. In my opinion the game doesn't look much worse with 2XAA instead of 4XAA. I myself put it on 4xAA in my oculus rift without supersampling (takes a lot more performance than AA) to make the game look better. Setting your AA too high might mess up spotting planes in front of clouds. I set my settings on HIGH with high clouds to prevent losing planes in front of clouds. I also noticed that doing any other combination of LOW with low clouds; Medium with medium clouds; high with medium clouds; etc. ended up with ugly clouds and bad spotting.
  13. Try to play without HUD or set it to a button to switch it on/off if you need it mid-flight, that's what we VR-people do to get more fps. If I were you, I would also lower my AA to 2x and lower my horizon draw 40km that will help you to get closer to that 60 fps target. Turning your HUD off will maybe enable you to use BALANCED settings
  14. Yeah I've already read it that's why I'm not too hopeful, although one guy got a reply from oculus saying that will maybe sell it back on their website.
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