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  1. Nice progress and great to see this: "...this Spring you'll see new planes and improvements for the game world." (my emphasis)
  2. Thanks for posting a summary here. It's very cool that you're using ML for this. I've been having a break from IL2 for a bit but will pop on CB to check this out.
  3. Vehicle detail doesn't need to get any better than this - fantastic work. Just hoping for related gameplay like functional radars as per above posts.
  4. That was sick. Well done to all involved. A lot of really nice visuals and atmosphere to accompany the story. And it certainly does no harm on the sales side.
  5. =HH=Pauk has made some amazing aircraft vids but I really feel like the Tank Crew vids (incl by another guy) are missing a certain atmosphere that would pull in more interest (including mine). Honestly they seem too gamey. A certain "other sim" makes trailers that make you want to engage in the game at a core emotional level. Not getting that with these TC vids unfortunately. But the technical improvements are looking good and it's great to see the details still being improved. I hope one day the emotional balance will teter in favour of a purchase. Just an honest opinion/thinking
  6. Thank you Mr Solomykin, Floppy_sock and all others involved. And a deeeeeep level of dedication oozing out of this DD.
  7. You're not alone. I hadn't touched a GA sim ever before FS. Lov'n FS (VFR, mainly in the Cub).
  8. It would be interesting to know the median per-aircraft time spent on large collections of DCS aircraft. There are probably quite a few zeroes and ones in the hourly numbers.
  9. Same here. And Googling various random spots of interest, checking whatever results look interesting like Wikipedia, Trip Advisor reviews, photos, blogs or whatever. It's very cool and brings an extra touch of reality. I was in central Mongolia yesterday, now with some idea of what it's like there. Too cool.
  10. Damn, I came here to check in on Feathered's download progress before checking for a DD. 🤨
  11. Not a decision you're likely to regret. 🛩️ How about keeping track of how long it takes for interest's sake - and maybe for entertainment going by your previous estimate. Good luck!
  12. It definitely has potential. I sure hope they change those kind of generic computer-gamey voices though and make it sound like they're using WW2 comms where appropriate. The interface & gameplay look promising. Wishisted.
  13. Binoculars everywhere. I trust they'll be part of the AAA functionality.
  14. A scaffolder walks into a bar.
  15. A beautiful brute. And great looking AAA crew.
  16. Ha, pretty much my only ride. Your landing is like one I did by a farmhouse in the Italian Alps the other day. Loving the Cub. BTW your graphics seem pretty low but you have Traffic on. Is that by design? I've got a crappy system (i7 A90, GTX1060, 16GB slow RAM, old board) but am getting better graphics and made the decision to sacrifice all Traffic in favour of graphics/FPS. The satellite imagery will likely be a factor for that area though. Anyway, curious.
  17. Using this now setting it up to filter on specific controls needed for various aircraft. Thank you!
  18. It would take about 90 seconds for a mobile AAA vehicle to drive 1km from a target area to conceal himself within the edge of a forest. In the meantime, the attackers are gracefully taking off, salivating with their cunning troll plan.
  19. A potential issue with averages is the old "head in a freezer, legs in an oven, average temperature normal" situation. We can pretty safely assume that the number of rounds required to hit a bomber at 20-30,000 ft with single shot guns (i.e. disconnected shots) is going to be a heck of a lot more than at low level on strafing runs with auto-cannons. How many rounds might it take to hit a fighter bomber flying almost directly at you at 300-500 metres? Time will tell! The Moscow raid referenced was the first raid on Moscow. Chances are pretty good that the AA gunners and commanders
  20. "up to" being the key phrase/adverb. Hell yeah. I thought I'd be right into Tank Crew but I have to quietly say that IMHO without infantry there's just no atmosphere. I've never played Steel Fury but have seen plenty of gameplay vids and it definitely makes a huge difference. Steel Fury vids ooze atmosphere. Should they come to Tank Crew I suspect I'll be on board in an instant.
  21. This will be great from time to time, especially with a buddy or two. And the AA experience is about to get a whole lot more interesting for us ground pounders. A fair price IMMHOO. The 72-K apparently had a ROF of 240 rounds per minute, which is this rhythm: The Flak 38, 220 rounds per minute:
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