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  1. Using this now setting it up to filter on specific controls needed for various aircraft. Thank you!
  2. It would take about 90 seconds for a mobile AAA vehicle to drive 1km from a target area to conceal himself within the edge of a forest. In the meantime, the attackers are gracefully taking off, salivating with their cunning troll plan.
  3. A potential issue with averages is the old "head in a freezer, legs in an oven, average temperature normal" situation. We can pretty safely assume that the number of rounds required to hit a bomber at 20-30,000 ft with single shot guns (i.e. disconnected shots) is going to be a heck of a lot more than at low level on strafing runs with auto-cannons. How many rounds might it take to hit a fighter bomber flying almost directly at you at 300-500 metres? Time will tell! The Moscow raid referenced was the first raid on Moscow. Chances are pretty good that the AA gunners and commanders were low on expertise and experience with had poor coordination between batteries and likely poor ranging-finding equipment, and were probably caught by surprise - so it is likely an outlier mentioned by the author as a "shocking" fact to grab attention. That's about all it's likely useful for, and I guess as a worst case baseline. Anyway JMT on it. [Edit] Late thought: As a battery commander in Stalin's Russia, who would want to be the guy whose battery didn't fire a shot in the defence of Moscow? Perhaps, especially if caught off guard, even a lot of rounds went up blind or as potluck suppression fire to avoid a trip to the forest. ☠️
  4. "up to" being the key phrase/adverb. Hell yeah. I thought I'd be right into Tank Crew but I have to quietly say that IMHO without infantry there's just no atmosphere. I've never played Steel Fury but have seen plenty of gameplay vids and it definitely makes a huge difference. Steel Fury vids ooze atmosphere. Should they come to Tank Crew I suspect I'll be on board in an instant.
  5. This will be great from time to time, especially with a buddy or two. And the AA experience is about to get a whole lot more interesting for us ground pounders. A fair price IMMHOO. The 72-K apparently had a ROF of 240 rounds per minute, which is this rhythm: The Flak 38, 220 rounds per minute:
  6. "Everything" is a lifesaver for search on WIndows. Thank god I bumped into it several years ago. Highly recommended.
  7. I'm running a pre-historic i7-960. According to CPU Benchmark your CPU is about 9% faster. The rest of my set up is a GTX1060 6GB and 16GB RAM, and a non Windows 10 supporting mobo. I run FS just fine and on High settings at around 22-25FPS in single player, which is fine. It looks great and I'm lov'n it. You can get it for $1 on Xbox Gamepass for PC for a first month trial. I've just bought the Standard edition on Steam now that that month is up and I'm happy that my rig runs in well enough. BTW my GPU is often running at only 50% while the GPU is maxed out. I can post some pics if you want some visual representation.
  8. I'll get flying again when the visibility update arrives and will def be getting SRS sorted now. This looks potentially groundbreaking gamechanging. It's def groundbreaking. And very darn cool!
  9. That was an interesting run down. I just wish the Reverb was in the mix.
  10. This (the planes) looks beautiful. And I might actually feel like a fighter pilot now rather than a fattened goose. The plane visuals seem very similar to Falcon BMS, which is a very very good thing. Nice work team; looking forward to getting back in the pit again.
  11. AI improvements "as usual". Yeah! And the rest. Improved spotting. Very much looking forward to this. Baarilliant. 🐑
  12. You can get FS2020 Standard Edition as part of an Xbox for PC subscription which has a $1 first month. Give it a whirl. It's blown me away with how cool it has been discovering new places, local and afar. If you take your GA more seriously though it may give a lesser impression, as is clear from the FS forums. It's the first GA game/sim I've ever flown in and just love it.
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