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  1. So very much looking forward to next week. And Spring. And Summer...
  2. This is one of the great opportunities this situation presents - realising how many people (college, language school & school students, workers) who could actually cover some or all of their activities from home. That would be the easiest way to tame the peak time traffic situation, instead of building more motorway lanes, plus have a positive environmental impact. Anyway, stay well. NZ goes into full lockdown in 7 hours, for 4 weeks. This is gonna be interesting...
  3. New Zealand's on max lockdown in a couple of days, so more IL2 hours coming soon. Stay well all.
  4. Looking really good; very similar to real gun camera footage IMHO. Very much looking forward to this update. Nice work Team.
  5. Cool, tak skal du have. I'm waiting *very bloody patiently* I might add for Gen 3. I suspect that COVID-19 will put the pause button on the development of pretty much everything, that included.
  6. @Niiranen-VR Just curious about your experience with the HP Reverb, and relative to other IL2 VR experiences if you have had any. Thx.
  7. Looking beautiful. For our mental health & general well-being, yes this really needs to be flyable one day. 😄
  8. Thank you Sheriff! There's a lot of really interesting data there. Did you put all that together yourself? The fact that it's pretty color blindness friendly is very nice, even if by chance. ☺️
  9. I'm assuming some analytical person has put together performance charts for the BoBP aircraft. Anything floating around? Very preferably actual in-game performance but real-world charts if they're a good reflection. Finally delving back into fighters after a good while on bombers... Thank you!
  10. Damn that's truly amazing and a great sign for the sim. You're lucky to be in a peak time zone - being halfway between Europe and the U.S. is like being a dog living off leftovers, numbers-wise. And thx for the heads up that TAW is back! Sweet.
  11. With the damage model update looking pretty supreme (from the DD), I went ahead and bought Flying Circus basically to support the devs but hoping of course that I actually enjoy the old girl. TIme is limited so just hoping for some advice about a suitable beginner's aircraft for both Allied & German and what controls to learn/flying tips. Thank you scholars. 😉
  12. @AnPetrovich An engrossing read, indeed literature at its finest. As a thank you for the work on the core of the game, I'm now the newest owner of Flying Circus. Keep doing work like this and I'll keep buying. S! team.
  13. It'll be interesting to see how binoculars and other improvements play out. I'm still on the fence, waiting to pushed to the Buy side.
  14. I haven't flown Single Player for "forever" but due to the on-going work on the AI, I bought the balance of the Campaigns. Thanks Team for your continued efforts.
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