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  1. I should have made myself clearer. A request list to please the masses (you know you want them😞 Natter Gotha Lerche Arado E.555 Nazi UFO + Antarctica Map (+B-17) Come on Jason, you said you liked jets. 😋
  2. This would round out the Luftwaffe pretty well and surely keep most people satisfied: Komet Natter Gotha Lerche + B-17 😆
  3. My fly bud who is new to IL2 and I (haven't flown much in the "new" IL2) are calling The Unprofessionals home at the moment to get out feet wet. Rides of choice so far: Yak1 Series 69 and the P-39 - just an example to back up your statement. Next weekend likely an IL2 as we've ended up ground-pounding. Thank you for server - it suits us well before going more hardcore.
  4. Well we all knew "RRR" as "Rearm, Repair, Refuel", right. It looks like they've altered the terminology. Quote from Han, DD225 (my formatting):
  5. Repair, Refuel, Refit, enabling one to have a seamless in-game experience between sorties instead of needing to exit and re-enter an on-going game after each flight.
  6. Give that they're doing it before RRR, I certainly hope not!
  7. Well that's good news. Is it possibly related to internet speeds? I've got a DSL connection (connected via WiFi) but will get fibre from December in theory.
  8. Thanks mightily for the reply. So is this a known issue then? Anyone with advice/guides re packet capture software and what to do with it?
  9. PLASMO, ScaleModelAircraft and similar YouTube channels have got me planning a return to scale modelling after a 40 year hiatus, since I was around 10-12 years old. Of course they make it look easy but it's very cool seeing the techniques used, specific products, colours and tools. Not to hijack this thread; if that's possible, lol. Well, to keep it more on track, here's a Tempest, just released a few minutes ago...
  10. Righty, well my buddy and I are now able to connect via Co-op, thanks to the help here, and get into the game, but we can't see each other's aircraft (we are in our own cockpits as usual). Any thoughts? Ta!
  11. My buddy and I have got through the connection issue (cheers chaps) by following the info here although we did indeed come up against the change of IP address issue but all good with a change to router settings. Now a new issue with no being able to see each other's planes but I'll make a separate thread for that.
  12. I found another 'Stang to salivate over in the meantime...
  13. Awesome impression of entitlement. Well done - it should give a few laughs.
  14. hi Folks, A friend and I have been trying to connect via in-game Cooperative. The mission we're testing on seems okay - it works for me testing it on my own in a Cooperative server. But when my buddy tries to connect he gets a frozen screen. The same thing happened when he created a server and I tried to connect. The test mission is in the Rotation and it shows up when the connection starts, but then the screen just freezes. So we've come to the conclusion that we need to do some port forwarding with the understanding that both 28000 & 280100 need to be open, both TCP and UDP. So the question arises now of how to do that. I've logged into my router, followed the instructions up to the stage in the image below. So what do I need to do for External and Internal ports? Do I need my buddies IP address? Thanks chaps, very much looking forward to some co-op action.
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