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  1. An interesting read. What a beast.
  2. Fuel systems: "Yay" AI: "Yay++" IL2's really cranking forward.
  3. A faster throughput than after my first genuine curry. And that's a high bar.
  4. I ended up getting 2 packs of the G.Skill 2 x 4GB. 8GB sticks seem to be out of stock in NZ apart from some lower ones (CL11+). I garner some hope from the following info regarding performance: Thanks again for your help which has helped me make an informed decision. 👍
  5. Woooo, I'm a bit blown away by your legendary reply. Really appreciated. New thought: I had planned to get two of these, as in to buy 16GB of new RAM to replace the current 8GB. The old RAM is 1333MHz. Would it actually be okay to combine speeds, i,e, to keep the current 8GB at 1333MHz and adding 8GB of new 1600MHz RAM? That would be nice! I understand from a quick search that doing so would have them run all at the slower speed of 1333MHz, in in which case there's the question of trade-off (speed vs money). Would there be much benefit going from 16GB @1333 vs 16GB @1600? (20% faster). P.S. Bearing in mind this upgrade is really just for "the other (2) sim(s)" - FS specs are just out! I understand that 8GB seems to be enough for IL2.
  6. After a little investigation... The G.Skill above: F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL The closest in the Manual of F3-12800CL9D-4GBECO(XMP) 4GB(2 x 2GB) Should that G.Skill be okay?
  7. Thanks for the confirmation. If you don't mind, would these all be compatible? I guess getting 2 of the 2x4 G.Skill would be the way to go: $NZ dollars by the way.
  8. Hi chaps, I'm toying with upgrading from 8 to 16GB, partly admittedly due to that "other sim"'s free to play month. It would seem from the manual that DDR4 is not compatible with my P8P67 Pro mobo. Is that correct? Thx.
  9. Fast as lightening. Happy Easter to you and the Team. Keep up the good work but I hope you and the crew get a well-deserved break too.
  10. The time has come. Thanks team for your dedication. And a nice expectations reset from Jason. Phaser adjusted. Bon voyage chaps...
  11. Agh, I was really looking forward to this but loving the transparency and we'll end up with more than expected. Nice comms AP; we can wait, and also "can't wait".
  12. So very much looking forward to next week. And Spring. And Summer...
  13. This is one of the great opportunities this situation presents - realising how many people (college, language school & school students, workers) who could actually cover some or all of their activities from home. That would be the easiest way to tame the peak time traffic situation, instead of building more motorway lanes, plus have a positive environmental impact. Anyway, stay well. NZ goes into full lockdown in 7 hours, for 4 weeks. This is gonna be interesting...
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