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  1. Surprisingly I couldn't find anything via Google nor the forum search. Is magnetic variation modelled in Box?
  2. You'll get plenty of helpful guidance here very soon. I've got to depart now. Have patience - it'll be worth it.
  3. Thank you for the above Jaws. Armed with this knowledge I confidently plugged in the SSD (power & SATA cables). But it didn't show up in Windows so I YouTubed for solutions. The drive doesn't show up under System Information nor Create & Format Disk Partitions, so I'm currently stumped again. Any thoughts? The cabling seems okay with the two cables seemingly plugged in okay. I'll take a fresh look tomorrow.
  4. Hi folks. I've bought an SSD for extra game storage (not for OS). My little 240GB'ish drive (Windows boot + IL2 & Steam games) is too full. Just a question about connections... The connections issue: In order to get both a power cable and SATA cable in the right place for the new drive (in the easiest scenario), I would need to disconnect the SATA cable from the current OS SSD, reconnect another available SATA cable to it and then use that now free SATA cable with the new SSD. Question: Is okay to swap out SATA cables (so it doesn't bugger up the Windows boot process). Or put another way, does the boot process expect to find Windows connected to the currently connected SATA cable (in which case swapping cables would seem to be a problem) or does it just check all drives for the boot drive (in which case swapping cables would seem to be a okay). Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the update - doesn't a week just zip by. Really looking forward to the next Weekly Coconut + "cool new feature". ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Same thoughts here and so great to see. Thank you Jason & Team! That was cute and seems to indicate people enjoying their work. ๐Ÿ™‚ Binos have been mentioned as coming soon.
  7. My fly buddy and I finally took the leap to TAW yesterday, full of anticipation. Unfortunately, we were both kicked, with a message saying that we couldn't take our respective planes and to exit or get kicked. We're both registered under our IL2 names and the aircraft were available at the field. Any thoughts on why?
  8. It was good flying with you guys last week - Nocke, Biggles, Retnek, Cathoair and Bojack_Horsefly (eeck, I think I've missed someone). That was the closest to a "coop" style session that i've had for a looong time. Coconut's really created an amazing system. @No.322_Nocke Is The Weekly Coconut back up this week?
  9. I did, with the suggestion to try a coop in Rise of Flight which I never followed up on. Time to make that happen - this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ PS Love the vid!
  10. Well I must admit to possibly having misread the issue the OP is having. For me it's actually getting coops working. My buddy and I were able to connect - after doing port forwarding stuff - but we couldn't see each other's plane, at which point we just ended up in general MP. If other games can make coops a smooth experience without hoops to go through like port-forwarding and surprises like invisible planes, I'm sure the champs at 777 can too. Anyway, maybe I'm unintentionally off topic here.
  11. It has been my great privilege to be the first (of with a bit of luck many) to upvote this post. Jason? Han? Can someone please give us hope that coops will be made into a seamless online experience? Like a lot of others, I haven't been able to get coops working, so currently stuck with the general multiplayer experience, flying with a buddy which is great, but the general one-pattern environment is starting to wear a bit thin.
  12. Totally agreed. There are some things that just need fixing, this being one of them. I was in the same situation, trying to fly with a buddy, but we couldn't get there and have ended up just doing public multiplayer which has its place but damn I miss custom coops.
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