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  1. Jorge_S

    CEM guide for Soviet Aircraft

    bordering cheating.. but even in realistic difficulty, the game will pop up an alert when oil/ water is getting too hot
  2. Jorge_S

    How to kill Sturmoviks?

    Based on my poor accuracy, selecting gunpods is the wise option (single player campaign, when mission is to destroy attack aircraft) related question: why there are no turret gunners in single player Battle of Moscow? I have played several missions and I haven't seen any
  3. Thanks a lot to Coconut, really great server!
  4. I want to confirm I got it right regarding landing (ending a mission) Successful landing ==> good landing at your home base Forced landing ==> good landing, but somewhere else (like a friendly base) Emergency landing ==> plane was damaged during landing Ditched ==> plane was lost/ severely damaged during landing is this right?
  5. Jorge_S

    How to kill Sturmoviks?

    F2 so I need to change that 15mm gun I guess
  6. Flying BF-109Fs in career mode... is there any vulnerability to the IL-2? some spot that requires few hits to kill? it is taking a little more than half my ammo to down a single one, IL-2s just take it and keep going, should I stop when it is at "black smoke" status and wait for it to crash on its own? maybe load the gunpods when the mission is to shot down incoming bombers?
  7. Also, FW-190 activates its tail wheel lock when you pull the stick, and takeoff with tail wheel locked is not too difficult; easy compares to Ju-88
  8. I am looking for combat maneuvers, I think I got the idea that the 2 available WW1 planes won't be a good fit for what I want, maybe for diving? so I guess the Yak-1 will be!
  9. Jorge_S

    Some feedback after half hour gameplay

    In multiplayer it will be a very simplistic, uni-dimensional role; driver controls "E" engine start + 4 arrow keys (drive forward, backwards, left, right) plus the windows, maybe a machine gun if the tank design has it. Not something I would look forward to do in multiplayer Most likely, in a 3-man turret someone will control the gunner+radio op someone else will control commander+driver in a 2-man turret gunner is also commander so that forces a driver+radio op for someone willing to take that chore
  10. Jorge_S

    Some feedback after half hour gameplay

    Kind of forces you to use the drivers position for the complicated stuff; so the position is not a waste of developing effort/ or eye candy
  11. I recently bought Flying Circus, more for curiosity about biplanes than any particular interest in WW1 Question is, are biplanes good for learning basic maneuvers? like loops, scissors, rolls, or should I stick with WW2 planes?
  12. Jorge_S

    Some feedback after half hour gameplay

    Definitively; xbox controller has two axis, one is likely reserved for moving the tank, the other one will be great to use for turret (once this is available) then a typical xbox controller has enough buttons to take care of the rest of commands
  13. This is some feedback on the game: Turret axis: Already wrote about this, turret should be it's own -x, -y axis, so that it is possible to use joystick or controller instead of mouse (without the need of third party software) change ammo type: I don't like to use "HUD" as it takes away some realism, however I am forced to use it because this is the only place where I can see the type of ammo I have selected. Maybe ordering ammo type change can trigger an acknowledgment text from the loader, something like: "ammo changed to XX" Gunsight range adjustment possible bug: when I adjust the gunsight's range (I haven't try with horizontal), the gun cannot fire. I need to click " Turret: Nestle to the gunsight" to get out of gunsight, then click it again. Is this WAD? I also noticed I can only change ammo types while I am in the gunner's position, this is probably WAD Suggestions personal weapon: maybe the commander can have a personal weapon? a MG? so that it is possible to shoot from the commander's cupola, kind of similar/ same mechanic to BOX flare gun/ Flying Circus personal gun drivers position: as of now, there is very little to do in the drivers position. It is probably best to simply close the drivers window and run the tank from the commander's position, as the visibility is better. Game is played mostly from the gunner and commanders position. Maybe you can only drive the tank while on the drivers position? and in any other position you can only give orders to the driver? kind of like go "ahead full speed", "turn left", etc. so that there is a benefit of moving to this position Also, maybe you can add manual transmission? radio operator: big incognito as of now, I would like to be able to give orders to other (AI) tanks in my platoon, so that having a radio is an advantage (if no radio, then communication is only through flags, which is slower). It is key that we are able to control more than one tank through orders, in the "quick" mission I get beaten up because it is one Tiger against no less than 7 enemies, it would be fun to have AI help that can somehow be controlled periscope/ commander's binoculars: already mentioned, it would be nice to have binoculars and periscope views
  14. Jorge_S

    Turret control is broken

    THanks a lot, I restarted the game without trackIR, and then after some trial and error, I was able to make it work with mouse as the best option currently available I tested linking it to gamepad and to my (xbox like) controller; but I really didn't like the results, I hope they will add independent turret control axis soon
  15. Just bought the game, I can't use the turret for some reason, my trackIR, together with "park turret" command are managing the movement of the turret. Mouse is not working and/ or I don't know how to keep both trackIR (for view) and mouse (for camera). This was not an issue in IL-2 BOX because I seldom used the turrets However, with tank crew I need a precise way of moving the tank turret, and I don't want to use the mouse; I have a controller (xbox like) and I want to assign one of the two x,y axis available to it? thanks