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  1. I play mostly single player dynamic "East front" campaigns and they are fine, I like them but most, if not all German missions are around an altitude of 2K to 2.5K; so I either go on my own at high altitude, or I follow the mission's wing leader and stay at relatively low altitude vs Russian planes that are better on the horizontal question is: is there a scripted campaign in which the missions are more realistic in the sense of German fighters staying high and diving for attacks? I really want to learn how to do it and somehow I always end in turn fights against AI
  2. Hi, yes if I am in a good turning aircraft; I was able to get him after turning hard before he got into gun range; only problem is that the pilot keeps passing out or close to blackout, while the AI doesn't seem to be affected and keep doing hard maneuvers I will try the roll in energy fighters; I think I can do OK now against most airplanes; but I am having serious problems fighting I-16s with BOM german planes; even at novice levels; I just can't shake him off; he is either at my tail, or on a head-on shooting at me
  3. I don't know if the AI has been updated in the last few months, but after coming back to IL-2, I am having a lot of trouble shooting "average" AI; typically I would try to turn or climb (depending on the plane), then try to engage him; he will always be waiting with guns on, and he will do a head-on-pass; and many times will hit from relatively long ranges or difficult angles how can I counter it? thanks
  4. Jorge_S

    [MOD] Icons

    issue was mod enabled thanks a lot and yes, I already changed it directly, but for any new change I will use JSGME
  5. Jorge_S

    [MOD] Icons

    Good afternoon! I can't make it work I downloaded ICON_D(distance)_D(direction)_NL(no labels)_SM(small)_BLK(black)_DOT -all planes (enemies and friendlies) have a small black dot with smaller dot sizes and smaller ground unit squares I then copied into my directory; both C:\ drive and Steam (I have it in a D:\ drive) ; somehow it is not working and it is showing the standard object markers in which directory should this be downloaded? what did I do wrong? EDIT: I enabled mods and it is working woderful THANKS A LOT!!!!!!
  6. thanks a lot!! a bit surprised this had to go through mods and not a standard feature
  7. Long time! In IL2 there are 2 options for object markers: 1. no object markers at all. 2. full object market, that in addition to range, plane model and nationality, it would show even the pilot names I wonder if it would be too difficult to change or mod the game to show only a small, gray market (triangle or rectangle) without anything else, so no plane recognition or nationality, no range, no pilot, just a visible marker that something is there In the current game, the marker starts dim gray when range is long, then slowly gets built into a national color once range gets closers; this means it is possible to modify.. Question is; is there a way to stop that process? keep the marker gray all the time? I understand there is a lot of people in multiplayers that won't care about it, but for those of us that play against AI, and simply can't see without markers, it can help a lot in enjoying the game
  8. Thanks a lot for the very detailed explanation I tried again, but the opposite, I-16 against Veteran AI BF109F2, I was able to shoot him 5 times in a row without too much effort when I play career mode (in a F2), I think I will be flying at least 1,000 meters higher than my squadron
  9. thanks, I will try that from time to time I had been able to do attack passes or start with altitude advantage, but it is really hard to hit (omniscient) AI, you can't surprise it, and usually he would head shot pass, then start turning in a F4 I would try to catch him by following in theturn, for as long as I am fast then zoom out and climb, but F2 bleeds speed rather quickly
  10. This game can be frustrating... I am playing a quick 1-vs-1 mission, BF-109F2 against a veteran AI I-16, same altitude, no advantages, and I am getting soundly defeated by Veteran AI turning fight is a no-no because I-16 will out turn me, but then I was surprised to see I-16 can also climb faster that leaves only speed, F2 is faster, but bleeds speed quickly, I don't want to run away or do head shot passes, and I am not that good at spotting (playing without markers) so I can't go too far away from him as then I will lose him any advice?
  11. I have had some fun and success shooting P-40s with a 109 F4... I know, I know all the advantages to my favor, but you have to start with something, at least this helped spotting training, as I need to get used to fight without object markers . I gradually moved the AI level from "novice" to "ace" and then started with other planes (mostly older models, I prefer somehow BoM planes to newer ones, and I am in love with the F4): after some hours: - P-40, Lagg-3 and La-5 easy even at "ace" - "ace" Yak-1 was not so difficult, maybe I had luck, or maybe I didn't fight it enough - "ace" Mig-3 and I-16 had been the hardest
  12. I can understand the lights, you want to show your position to wingman/ friendly forces but why landing gear? much better to belly land, last thing you really need is to add drag
  13. Thanks to all only issue with targeting assist is that I would need to turn on object markers, and I need to train spotting more urgently than diving
  14. I don't know if this is a technical issue or knowledge gap. In the FW-190 I can't push flaps beyond ~10 degrees, which I believe is the take-off position I have flaps mapped to keyboard, one key for flaps up, another for flaps down. when I click flaps down, it will move to take-off, if I click flaps down again nothing will happen clicking flaps up will withdraw it So am I missing something maybe another key to push flaps to landing position? thanks in advance please ignore... I got it... you have to be airborne/ landing gear up to set the lowest flap lol, that explains why it was so hard to land it... FW190 with 10 degrees flap is no fun.. plane conserves speed and doesn't want to stop
  15. you need a good joystick pedals help too
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