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  1. Very cool. It seems re-working the older models for the newer DM is TON of work. I definitely appreciate that. I did have a question... Are there any plans in the works to make the P-47s a bit tougher in some areas? ie. a few small caliber rounds into a wing and it's almost unflyable.
  2. Hi, feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/GvyD5QwH
  3. So happy to be flying with this talented group of pilots again!
  4. Yes the gameplay was more realistic, and therefore more fun for me. I need to stop commenting on these threads for now. I did not post to be a troll. *Erm teamplay rather
  5. My posts are about the improvement the scaling made specifically. I will send a PM... Apologies for waking you.
  6. I meant no disrespect. It felt and looked exactly the way it had before this large patch... I was not trying to spread any lies. I enjoyed the change, and being joined once again by many pilots I haven't flown with in years. I am sad they did not want to play today.
  7. This is feedback... We all have respect for the devs. It's not a matter of sides.
  8. Thank you Lord_Flashheart. I hopped on excited to play today, and it was immediately apparent the scaling had been removed. Airfields felt lonely again, couldn't see a thing so I exited the game... Yes tweaks were needed, but overall it was a huge improvement. The play was fun.... You can tell by the steep numbers decline online that others are feeling the same way today.
  9. ^ Exactly. I am confident they will re-introduce the scaling to some extent very soon.
  10. Agreed... The best time I've ever had in this sim was over the past few days. I was finally able to fly properly with my wingman. Not having to worry about a plane 1km away turning into 1 pixel and blending in to the ground meant we could scan for other threats, and react realistically to the situation. Before this update the online experience consisted mostly of who in the flight actually see's the threat being called out. In terms of realism... This kind of aid is a required. Our screens and VR sets are not up to par with the 'real' world around us. I would be happy
  11. Just a quick question. Seems we have the 'ball' throttle handle and 'motorcycle' throttle handle to differentiate between the standard and gyro gunsights. I have been unable to find a definitive answer on when the lever for the 'motorcycle' grip was changed from the 'L' to the 'Cane' style. Seems the -15NA blocks were never fitted with the gyro gunsight from the factory, nor were they equipped to carry ordinance. I have been working on a throttle for a few months, so I'm just curious if anyone knows about the difference in handle style. It may have depended on the parts each plant had avail
  12. This is becoming it's own entity. Complete throttle module consisting of many quality anodized aluminum parts. I will share more in the near future, but I will say that there is a functional prototype currently being tested which includes a full enclosure.
  13. Yes, this will go on Thingiverse for those who want to make their own set (like the 109 handles I did) Started working on a two stepped sheet metal enclosure, whith trim knobs and a trim wheel on the first step before the levers. Couple more pictures of current setup mounted. Will finish up the Mixture and Prop knobs next and call it done. The knobs pictured are standing in.
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