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  1. Yes, this will go on Thingiverse for those who want to make their own set (like the 109 handles I did) Started working on a two stepped sheet metal enclosure, whith trim knobs and a trim wheel on the first step before the levers. Couple more pictures of current setup mounted. Will finish up the Mixture and Prop knobs next and call it done. The knobs pictured are standing in.
  2. I've been flying with this prototype since yesterday. It works well... The design is obviously a bit of a compromise due to plastic construction, but I think it looks the part. The Saitek/Logitech quadrant is not the sturdiest of bases to begin with anyway. We are planning to build an entire unit next.
  3. Still working this of course, but had a good test run last night in a server with Buddy.
  4. Did you ever get any help with this? I was just thinking of doing a set for a P-51, but came here to check before I modeled anything
  5. 28, American. Slight Boston accent. Have a nice audio interface and mic. Happy to be of service!
  6. Anyone else having issues applying the code? I have the LA-5FN in my cart, but clicking apply does nothing. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox... Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. I've always really enjoyed early-mid war scenarios, but in the case of this series, I'd love to see some late war aircraft modeled. I believe the physics in the game would really give you a true sense of the power these aircraft had and the quirks that came along with that. Some of the late model 109s (G-10, K4 etc...) would truly be a handful to fly, while some of the allied Soviet & U.S aircraft would be a bit tamer... Heck the later variants of the Spitfire (Griffon engine) would really give you a sense of torque with the 5-bladed prop out front!
  8. Think of the horizontal stabilizer as if it were the main wing and think about how flaps effect the flight of your airplane. Ah there we go.
  9. As for icons I could see a close range friendly only icon as a nice option for servers wanting to enable them... As we have it now there tends to be what I call 'Friendly Furballs' which are large groups of friendly aircraft converging over objective and then constantly turning to identify eachother. None of us are all on the same TS at the same time of course...
  10. The most important tweak I see FOR SURE is to improve draw distance of other aircraft. Say there is an aircraft way above you and you can see nav lights/tracers, but even at max zoom there is not even a tiny black dot to signify that there is another aircraft in that part of the sky. We at least need a black dot that can be seen at these distances taking horizon and elevation into account. Right now you have Pe-2s that seemingly vanish just as quickly as say a Yak at the same distance. I can easily see helicopters and light aircraft leaving the airport 14.4 miles (23.1746 Km) away from my elevated front porch!
  11. When I glance back I sometimes mistake those for tracer smoke and freak out!
  12. I built this system a couple years ago and have run Win 7 64 bit up until now (with two complete OS reinstalls) Core i5 3.2, 16gb ram, SSD started with a GTX 760 and upgraded to a 970 back in February (Fresh win 7 install)... Nothing I have tweaked in settings up until now has made long distance visuals any easier to pick out from the surrounding terrain. I was surprised to say the least and have no idea why this made such a big difference.
  13. Updated from Win 7 to 10 and right away noticed I could actually see far away aircraft against the ground and no longer had issues with the clouds rendering. Possibly the Nvidia driver release for Win 10? I've always been tweaking those settings and researching which driver releases I should go for and what not.
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