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  1. And the 190D the Me262 the 109 K the Me163, B17 B24 and a He177 Do17 (117 217) :D
  2. Gear has now a damage model. when lowering the gear at too high speeds it wont fully deploy and gets stuck Also the 109 handles much harder at higher speeds! Good worl Devs! Now fix the damn ruder and pitch and everything will be good :D
  3. I just got an answer from ZAK regarding the Rudder Problem: Hi HeTzeR, Sorry for delay, I've been away for the traditionally long russian winter holidays. Yes, I know about that rudder issue, I mean the discussion. I'll gie an official reply in the thread about rudder controls soon. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers, Zak
  4. Fix the Ruder FM please!! Dont forget this,,,,
  5. Happy Jesusday everyone :D ( Or any other name you want to insert here)
  6. Nope, just pretending, juuust pretending :D
  7. Still extending the pre order....Make a cut and give it to us! :/ ( Unless the brakes still dont work yet and we cant shoot, or the DM is stil like in Rof[ planes wont really get destroy if they hit the ground, even with 300kmh and 90° angle] then keep it :D )
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