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  1. I shot down a Yak1 myself with a stuka a few days back. On the SYN Server I think. He thought hes smart by turning He was dead and burning 2mins later, and I shot with my front guns btw.
  2. Same discussion as in ols Il2 and ADW etc. Shooting Pilots will always happen, but why bother? In here you don´t have any statistics yet, so shooting a pilot is indeed pointless but it wont make you stop pressing refly and fly instantly again. In an future OnlineWar you might get pissed off but right now?...ignore it
  3. Bring back the 190 please At least if supply planes are landing...right now its just gone.
  4. Imagine the online wars we can have in this game
  5. Expert needs the Autopilot removed! currently every plane including fighters can engage the AP....silly. (Bombers is ok)
  6. That´s why Ive opend this thread :D
  7. A little changelog is more appreciated then a video of you guys waving
  8. Guys even in the old Il2 the La5 was like this, with the apperance of the F and FN they had the advantage of speed and climbrate but not the La5 like we have it.
  9. Like in ADW or MoW But without any supply a Ju52 makes no sence since noone would fly it ONLINE. Ju88 Bf110!! Very Important planes.
  10. Haha no it wasnt. What you mean are the little red metal plates as seen on the 109s. Those were adjusted by the factory! This here is a "Flettner Ruder" or in english "Servo Tab" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servo_tab
  11. I never had throttle axis problems.....
  12. I doubt it. Shooting the Bk3.7 or bigger guns with those ruders...forget it
  13. I was able to fly, climb and land with the Pe2 with 2x500kg Bombs and both wings clipped.....that seems a little bit too optimistic
  14. Your plane will fly as long as it has enough lift. If you clipped a wing a bit, you will be able to land(depends on skills). Dont compare BoS with Il2 46. In old Il2 the lift wasnt simulated, if your wing was gone, you were just going down fast
  15. Awesome, for clarification, will the server itself decide what is going to spawn when and where or are there going to be human "comanders" who will plan attacks etc?
  16. Why would you open two threads with the same topic...spam much?
  17. Anything new about FM/ controlls have too much impact on plane?
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