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  1. Brief description: Bf110 Props wont feather Detailed description, conditions: If you have an engine failure and feather the props( 100% pitch) the propeller, even if fully straight, keeps windmilling. In reality the propeller would come to a stop pretty quick. I think this is a bug of all the airplanes in Game. Thanks HeTzeR
  2. Anyone tried to taxi from a snowy parking position? tried 6 times with all kinds of loadouts and it took 100% Power to even get the plane out of the deep snow and moving and then tip over on the nose, bending the props.... Bug?
  3. Any idea when the Update will become available?
  4. Classic Blakhart, shouldn´t you fly something like normal persons do? :D
  5. Good, but you said a few weeks ago you will give us some more informations
  6. Are you trying to be like the old ADW with fixed squads and planesets(I like!) or like Mist of War? everybody can fly anything but limited ressources?
  7. SD ( D for Dickwanding=thicker bombcase) is fragmentation, so use it against light targets. SC has more explosives and is better against hard targets. The SD usually has only 30% Explosives SC usually 50-60%)
  8. Even in the old Il2 ( not sure if it was a mod though) it was modelled
  9. We need online wars like in the old il2! Moving frontlines etc. like Mist of war or adw. These things need to be done, not only by the devs but by a community. Bos/bom with a war-> best sim ever
  10. Brief description: He111 stuck in Bombwindow Detailed description, conditions: While flying the He111, at 4000m my friend and I both got the same bug, that once in the bombardier station, and you want to exit again( V), you are always stuck in this Window. My friend got stuck in the map, I got stuck in the Bombardier window. You can still fly but I saw everything through the scope, he saw the map. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):http://img4.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/unbenanntskuja3pr0g.jpg Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): i7 Nvidia 570 Note: The screenshot is after we bailed out, since we couldnt fly anymore nor could we press esc.
  11. How can you not be ready to make an announcment? I mean its just words, tell us what you are planning to do, nobody expects any visual infos
  12. Well then he may not complain about sales
  13. Exactly! I dont want to complain, maybe there is a greater plan we dont get, but I really would like to hear from Zak etc. what this is all about. Im pretty sure sales will increase if they just open everything up and keep delivering a good product.
  14. Its not about the Campaign itself, of course you can play it without the time compression BUT it makes no sense to me why I have to unlock things OFFLINE, if we could do the campaign in coop or get the points online on the servers, then there wouldn´t be a problem. At least for the campaign. My friend wanted to fly with me online, he has very limited time, but then he said f*** it I have to fly offline first..and then he cant even fast forward to do the missions he has no joy of flying them. So back to my previous demand: Let us play the game how we´d like to do so. Just like in the old IL2
  15. Hi guys and merry Christmas once more. After flying here and seeing all the progress and stuff, I really have to know: Why do you force me to fly like you want instead of how I want to fly? I want to have 16x speed when flying singleplayer, I want to set the graphics how I like them, not the preset stuff you think looks good. Especially the Bloom! It would make a big difference if I could at least turn it down a bit. Many guys think the same, if not all. The old IL2 lived on for so long because we could play it in hundreds of ways. The game gave the platform and we made the best of it. IL2:BoS could be the best platform ever, but right now you force us to play in a way most people dont want to play. And its not only the Singleplayer campaign(would be 100x better with 16xspeed) its a lot of things. Please reconsider your choice and try to let the people play the game however they want to do so. And btw, D********************************************************************************************s I really felt like I needed to get this off my chest. By and all the best HeTzeR (dictated but not read) :D Edited by Bearcat 12/26/14 0747 EST Pls check your PMs
  16. Pacific? naa the old Il2 had this and wasn´t it considered a flop? I tried to avoid it and online wars never really took the pacific as a theatre. Lets stay in the east first, much easier to make. Lets say Kuban or Crimea smith 42-44ish. They´d already have the 109s and the stukas and even He111s(different Mods can't be that hard) And they have La5 and Yak, La5f or Fn isn't much different from the outside so it can be made pretty fast and so the devs would have to make a new map(maybe outsource it) and concentrate on maybe 1-2 new airplanes for each side, lets say 2:2 i.e. Ju88 and Hs129/Bf110 and La5f and yak9? New Il2 variants are not considered "new planes" Makes more sense cause they have to stay economic edit: Also if ju88 and Hs129, the reds would finally have equal fighter role planes and germany could do better Ground Operations
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