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  1. After a looong time waiting to get on the Airfield, I killed 7 trgts on first flight and returned with everything broken and no more canopy :D (110) How do you attack a city?
  2. What are the House Icons on the map? Yes it looks like a city but reds have 2 and blue only one? What is it?
  3. Blakhart! Make it hard and brutal, like old ADW! Dont listen to the DF "Gamers"! Do your thing You have my support mate!
  4. Finally! Sounds just like old ADW...*dreaming*
  5. I dont have any problems with AAA, you just need to fly right If I hear 700KMH with a 110, then of course you are dead soon, flying with Vne and a little raindrop will make your wing come off
  6. I like that! But 3h is a bit long, maybe make it 50mins or smth
  7. I can only remember ADW and other Online Wars in the old Il2, we should go back there. Cant make it right for everybody But my idea will bring a total new way of playing the game, next to tanks, dogfights and bombing. Killing the much needed transports!
  8. Can you please add Limited Airplanes per Airfield? So that not everyone can fly lets say F4 or Yak Supply Planes will refill the Amount of each Plane by a specific Number (Pilots life not counted) Lets say Airfield A has no more BF110s. I can take a Supply BF110 from Airfield B and fly it to Airfield A. Now it has 2 BF110! (or Bf109 He111 etc) This will greatly improve the gameplay, since it can actually bring the Victory to your team if your side has always enough planes. ( IF you can run out of supply planes, this would be even better) Think about it We would need transporters and people flying transport in the background, needing cover etc. Or your Side will run out of planes soon!
  9. Jason, didnt you say that some skins for the new airplanes?(110 109E etc.?) are coming?
  10. Limited Airplanes would give us even more realism plus it gives you options on how to defeat the enemy. Supply planes not only bring you a new Life but also a new plane to the Airfield you landed on!
  11. Just a little thing devs: It always says Germany is dominated, if it should say is dominating. Because if you are winning you dominate and are not beeing dominated Just a small thing! Thanks for turning off the engines at spawn!
  12. They said its the length that matters ( as always :D )
  13. Back in old 46 we had ADW, best Online War there was. They kicked you after 1 Kill for I think 5mins and the Servers was FULL! So keep going with this idea! We already have no penatly on all the other servers
  14. We need more people to fly on this server!
  15. To me it was always a Chat Message. I will check again
  16. Okay, one more thing: I just tested the Server: If possible make the Spotting of a Target a colored text on the screen, not in the chat. And please make the planes spawn with engines off. It kills this awesome experience if you are spawning with a plane already good to go.
  17. Can we have limited Airplanes or if we destroy A B and C Factroy in the back, the Airfields get no "new airplanes" and from this moment on, they will be limited. This would be awesome
  18. I ask because someone from your team( I guess) told me some things will be done like in ADW...So I hoped for smth like that :/ Thats what I understood was the Donation for, making an Online War like the good old ADW
  19. Is this the new "ADW" we had a Poll on before? Edit: If yes, will Planesets be a thing of the future? And Medals?
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