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  1. Nice Job on the Server guys, But people just dont care about their planes/lives :/ and that just kills it, at least for me. Plus most people only fly "the best" plane all the time, which means, you see mostly Yaks and F4s.(Mostly not always ) My suggestion would be, if possible: Instead of just saying you have 3 planes etc. make the people register and ask what do they want to fly? Bomber Fighter or Mixed. You would still get your 3x Planes in the beginning but! For Bomber first only lets say 1xHe111 and 2x Stuka (maybe play with the loadouts) Reds 1xPe2(old version) and 2xIl2(loadout clipped aswell) Fighters would get E7s and maybe 1xF2 and Red 2xi16 1xLagg. Mixed 2xIl2 1xLagg or 2xe7 1xJu87 As you survive and become better, you earn Points and your planeset will change to the better( Ju88, better loadout, Yak F4s etc etc) (Loadouts and Planesets are just pure examples) This would be, In my eyes, the best way to make people care about their virtual Lives and make the whole expirience much better. Thanks ps: Supply is good as it is, but maybe if I fly 1xF4 to the Front, I will have 1x F4 more, or 1x Stuka etc. Fly the plane you want to be supplied.
  2. Germans usually fly way to high...flying at 5k or even someguys at 7k...of course, it will keep you safe and most of the reds are below you..way below you.. they are at 500-2000m....and then you´d have to give up all that pretty altitude....yeah better stay up here :D Thats why Red usually wins, noone is fighting them on the deck.
  3. Just try to look after your plane, thats the whole reason behind this system
  4. Looking good, but it would be better if at least one of the Bombers could carry a 1800.
  5. Because this is the actual one: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20394-72ag-ded-random-expert-beta/
  6. Cant register Few Questions: Are you implementing the new AAA Units? (3,7cm etc) Since we can register, do you want to do old Planeset/squadron thing like in ADW? (yes please!) how are you mate? :D Cheers HeTzeR
  7. I hope something comes up today :/
  8. You need 500 Supply points to get a plane back, flying a pe2 will bring you 400 something points, fighters bring 250. Just take one of the planes from the rear AF marked "Supply" and fly them to any AF you like Type "status" in chat and wait a few minutes, it will show you your supply points, battlepoints(count towards supply) and your planes available. Cheers
  9. Was banned cause Stuka blew up behind me I cant look behind me and think for this guy, please unban.... Plane is gone, streak is gone....1tk and kick is too much, make it 2 please.... Edit: Stats are not counting kick as death but still, FF should not be punished by a kick ( only after a few)
  10. What exactly did you change to the airfield bombing parameters? Because I bombed 5-6 times and only once it succeeded( with 4x5002x250) just now I bombed a short strip completely with 28x50 and 6x250 but nothing! the complete strip was full of craters :/ Edit: with 48x50 It worked... Another Question: How can you capture AFs with tanks? In the mission, there was a neutral(grey) Airfield, I was on it with the tank, but nothing happend
  11. Awesome, I was wondering when I will be able to see what exactly hit me, or who I destroyed and with what
  12. Guys, this is for News not for troubleshooting
  13. Brief description: Ju88 Landing Gear is propelling the plane forward if extended on ground. Detailed description, conditions: If you belly land, and then put your gear down, the plane will start to move forward and get faster, around 20-30kmh and it wont stop. Clearly it has nothing to do with the Ju88 but with some physics bug. Thanks
  14. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20394-72ag-ded-random-expert-beta/page-9
  15. if you pull the trigger( as pilot, normal gun trigger as in all the other planes, not bomb release), you hear a clicking noise in the 88...but I cant figure out whats clicking! I´ve searched the whole cockpit for it...
  16. Other Poeple seem to tend away from 72AG...maybe its your chance of getting more people But YOU have to do something for that :*
  17. Me262 in this engine..its my dream since RoF! BUT I guess 43 sounds more realistic. Also I´d like them to improve the engien first, so that we can see further( Have an actual horizon for example etc.)
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