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  1. I agree with most, but leave the Technochat OFF! You can see how your Radiators are set, you can see pretty much everything. What you cant see is WHAT was damaged and how that might play out for you if you keep on flying. All you have to do is to know your Airframe and where to look at.
  2. Can you please add for the next campaign, that if someone is banned for 20h and he is still flying due to special rules, his death will reset his timer to 20h? Its been 2-3 deaths in a row now, from players who are banned and just fly with no care, ramming you on purpose and I feel this is not what TAW stands for.
  3. The server should be renamed to Tactical Air Draw and the side whos drawing first, gets a draw Draw Every goddamn Map we get a draw...(was it like this before?) and yes, of course its not everymap, but only 3 were something else
  4. This server needs supply, so every AF has Ammo and Fuel and maybe repair and this must be brought by ships, trains, transports and if the enemy manages to disrupt this supplychain, then the AF will slowly lose all A/C or you wont be able to take a full loadout etc. That way you wont have a stronghold AF which can resist isolated for several days and result in another draw. Plus the blob and AFbombing campaign might be reduced by it
  5. Well, dont act like you wouldnt behave in the same manner, if blue side only had one AF left....
  6. Maybe we can get rid off the rule, that you can fly even if you are banned, when the enemy team has more planes, or make it that it has to be much greater difference, maybe 5-6 players more. OR if this rule stays, if you die, it should renew your ban everytime you die It only leads to players flying like nothing counts.
  7. Make Pilots earn their Aircraft with rank and everyone will try to fly much safer
  8. I dont see why (of course I see why, you are losing) you want to restart the whole map, since there are no bugs(no more then usual), this is a blue attack map, that means that there will be more blue tanks....read the f*cking manual but let me just do that for you: #1 Moscow North – Axis offensive #2 Moscow South – draw #3 Moscow North – Allied counteroffensive #4 Stalingrad Center – Axis offensive #5 Stalingrad South – draw #6 Kuban – Axis offensive---->we are here #7 Stalingrad Center – Allied counteroffensive #8 Kuban – Allied counteroffensive---->you get more red tanks here
  9. I guess most people( like me until today) believed it was a bug that none of the german AF´s were attackable, but if there is no direct roadconnection tanks cant attack, ergo noone can. So there are always some Cities inbetween the current Frontline and thats why we have this situation, not a bug
  10. Of course you want to do that, now that you´ve lost Maikop AF
  11. Since there are many red players who are very succesful the problem you have lies with yourself. You´ve already stated that you fly alone, there is the problem, this server is not made for lone wolfs... If I flew alone, I would also be unsuccesful, even with the AXIS planes. Dont blame the machine, blame yourself
  12. Because its not about balancing the game but to rather build up your stats, work together and earn the better planes
  13. Maybe and to counter this behaviour, we should go back to the roots(ADW) and just get banned for 10-15min EVERY time we die or get captured. A 15min break isnt that bad but benefits the other team plus might discourage people in buying new accounts etc. Switching back and forth( plus getting permabanned if kathon wants to) is maybe more of a hassle, then just get another beer and slap the wife
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