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  1. I really love the Sim but stuff like this makes me wonder... Cant be that hard to implement the Gun, or other much needed improvements regarding bombers(fuel tanks management, dive sight e.g.) Really hoping they will give some love to the older birds
  2. I was pulling 5-6G´s aswell in real life and kept breathing but what we all might be forgetting here is the speed of the planes in game. You might think its only 5-6G but at 5-600kmh or 320ish mph, the same turn has much more g´s. At least thats what I keep telling myself 😄
  3. I just realize that I live 5min from the Panzerbau 3 😄 Borbeck
  4. Thank you, I just repeated what Ive read in the article( and saw on many illustrations)
  5. I might be wrong but I just read an article about the 262 and it said that, you had to remove the top two mk108s to be able to carry bombs, in the Pic shown above you can see all 4 fire and also bombs are carried. Just saying g
  6. Macht laune die Kiste, wenn jemand mal Rio sein will, be my guest 😄
  7. May we revive this thread? Rearm and Refuel would really change the Situation on the MP servers alot, in a good way imho
  8. My children, today shall be the day
  9. You‘re not supposed to find her attractive 😉
  10. Fliegt einer von euch denn in Essen/Umgebung auch?
  11. The HB-Hot was often times at my local airfield...I ate and slept so many times below her shade Very very sad
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