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  1. Very good Skins! When can we download this?
  2. Jagdpanther was more in Westfront than Eastfront. With over 400 tanks in produktion he comes in late 1944 to front. And Panther G cames also late 44 to front so are more A in use than G.
  3. I think Pz IV H/ J at that time. Panther A or, and G; Tiger II, late version Tiger I and any Jagdpanzer.
  4. War nur bis zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt gültig.
  5. Hier sind meine Tastenbelegungen als Exeldatei. IL2 Panzer Kontrollbelegung.rar
  6. Gemacht, bin gerade beim drittenmal beim update. Hat diesmal geklappt.
  7. Wo kann ich den Catch leeren? Das Update schlägt ständig fehl!
  8. The grafic in 90 s was very bad and cost of development low! So the games are cheaper.
  9. It will be nice to become two more buyable Tanks like Stug III and Panther A.
  10. Hauptsächlich deutsch, ist in meinem Alter besser! Obwohl ich auch in englischen Foren unterwegs bin.
  11. I wish also the Stug III !!!!
  12. Tank Crew will come next month
  13. I have buy myself now and cancel this give away. Thank you.
  14. It would be nice to become BOBP. Thanks for this.
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