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  1. Thanks for this Information and have a nice Weekend.
  2. radio


    Ich glaube die arbeiten daran, stand zumindesten in einem der letzten News.
  3. Please can we expect a buyable StuG III ?
  4. I need no VR, it is to expensive for the time that i play this game!
  5. Sorry is in my area blocked! Is it possible to do it on another download side?
  6. Königstiger deine Mission lässt sich nicht mehr herunter laden.
  7. you make so wonderfull skins ! Please let them us download.
  8. Very good Skins! When can we download this?
  9. Jagdpanther was more in Westfront than Eastfront. With over 400 tanks in produktion he comes in late 1944 to front. And Panther G cames also late 44 to front so are more A in use than G.
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