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  1. Hi guys, I do not know if this will help anybody, but here is an empty file path for the "graphics" folder. I gutted all the files one by one and kept it in my "Mods" folder. If I have a Mod or skin that is not JSGME ready, I copy the data folder, name it after the mod I want to use, then simply place the mod/skin in the appropriate directory. I own all aircraft, both Steam/Launcher types. As long as you have not modified the internal file structure inside the sim, this should work Its just an idea, I do not know if this will work for other people. This is also my first time "Zipping" anything so I am in no way a computer expert. I also offer 0 support with this. It's just a file structure. Just unzip with. Place in your mod folder and use it for your next skin/mod that has no file path. Have fun! Fang data.zip
  2. Yes of course and other aircraft are affected. I have not made note of other planes though, perhaps some are working. I have really discovered some REAL quirks here. For example Il-2 REFUSES to let a joystick control axis in the 109 even assigning joystick buttons to the axis. For example, if I give up on the axis, and try to use the buttons underneath the lever, the sim IGNORES the commands. So in one box I have (shift = )(Shift -) assigned. the next box shows the Joystick BUTTONS assigned for said axis (button 1) (Button 2). Go in the sim, radiators do not work. Press the same command on the keyboard and Radiator adjusts. No amount of combos allow the joystick button to be recognized as being pressed. Whether I assign only the axis control to Button 1 and 2 or if it is assigned as a combo with the keyboard commands. Drivers Old and New. Various setups. Various Only an outside keyboard emulator can make the sim recognize the KEY press on the joystick. NO axis. Even that little bit took fooling the sim into recognizing both the Windows driver AND Logitechs Key emulating simultaneously It is as if Il-2 literally has code written in it to make sure you cannot use throttle quadrant commands for anything outside of the throttle.
  3. Hmm weird suggestion and totally out of the box! I like it! Sadly, I did check and it is not marked "read only". I'm really pulling out my hair here. I am in the 109 F-4 and None of my axis besides the throttle work. Even stranger is that I go to the set parameters and deadzones under settings and sometimes mixter, radiator's show movement. Sometimes they do not. It's crazy how hard this is and yet in my recently purchased Aerofly Fs-2, there are no problems doing whatever config I want. I have 2 Saiteks and one Logitech quadrant and all of the axis are useless except of the throttle. Suggestions, would be great. thanks
  4. I too am having this problem. Just got new comp with new Rift S. I need these damn old siatek/Logitech Quadrants to work. Has ANYONE got an idea for the issue of programming axis oil/water radiators?
  5. Just posting for my interest in helping, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Looks like many of you are already hard at work! Fang
  6. I'm in the middle of a laptop crisis... but I should still be able to use Word on my smart phone. I would love to help and need the little extra cash. Plus I have "applied" via the helped wanted for any other projects. Let me know! Would be an honor Fang
  7. Thanks blitze So keep it cool, maybe get a fan and as is it should be ok?. Lol I'm a little behind in the times, I didn't realize external GPU's have become a consumer reality!
  8. Hey guys, I went back and forth about asking this question... but I am curious to know if there is a possibility of this laptop working VR; OMEN by HP - 15t Laptop Product number: 7FR35AV •256 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD •Full-size backlit keyboard with numeric keypad and N-Key Rollover (White Legend) •Security Software Trial •16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2x8GB) •802.11b/g/n/ac (2x2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 combo •15.6" diagonal FHD 144 Hz IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) •Office Software Trial •Windows 10 Home 64 ADV •HP Wide Vision HD Camera with Dual digital microphone •4-cell, 70 Wh Li-ion polymer •Intel® Core™ i7 9750H (2.6 GHz, up to 4.5 GHz, 12 MB cache, 6 cores)+NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2060 (6 GB GDDR5 dedicated) The reason I go back and forth is becuase I basically had to scrounge every penny for this one. I'm not sure if I should wait until unboxing for bad news. I would be super happy if this runs our sim REASONABLY. It does not need to be 90,000 fps Ultra High, just a decent first time VR experience. My Occulus Rift S arrives today, but another week for the computer. Ugh anticipation for my first VR flight is unbearable. Thanks all Joe "Fang"
  9. All Right ME 262! Oh. Well this is I own them all! This update may take me away from Coconuts campaign for awhile!
  10. @coconut I will do a little more accounting for exact mission. It happens a lot. I will repost when I have the info but first off wanted to say sorry to see you go! I LOVE this thing and I just got started! Let's get down to brass tax Coconut.. How much for the server lol. Is there anyway some of us can volunteer to keep this thing going? I can't go back to the old campaign coconut! I can't! I won't! Name your price coconut! How much to keep this thing going? And while we are at it... How much for the ape?
  11. @coconut WOW. Just did an experiment. Landed 2 planes @ Marino and one plane at Zyrani. LAnded at Zyrani, waited for mission to end. Mission ended. Went back to the map. New mission starts. NO PLANE! No planes showed @ Marino and when I tried to takeoff from Zyrani it threatened to boot me becuase "Other player has reserved plane". Other people in game said they got their plane but for me I never get my plane back!!! LITERALLY nothing I do will give me the plane I landed. I have to fly across the map EVERYTIME! I HATE THIS!
  12. @coconut Folks, I am really getting ticked off with this plane reserve system. None of my planes are EVER reserved. I land, undamaged, wait until next mission, and I never have a plane. NEVER. The 8083 site never shows planes for me, it does show points but no planes. I really can't stand the plane reserve system, every mission I fly has to be 40+ minutes becuase I have to go from one end of the map to the other. I can't tell you the disappointment of waking up in the morning, and seeing that everything I did the night before is for naught. I HATE having to go from one airfield to another trying to figure out which airfield will let me fly. I love the campaign, and the community, but seriously, screw this plane reserve system!!!
  13. Yeah I agree its not optimum but when the other maps do so well you can see why I would expect Kuban to be reasonable. Someone recommends switching to ULTRA why? What is HDR? Couldn't there be a patch to boost performance on this map?
  14. Thanks for the tips. Actually no VR, Not sure why that was checked. I have literally tested on every level, every setting and this is the best setting for me. I've spent many many hours on it. Unchecking any other boxes or lowering anything else does not really do much for the loss of graphics. I could actually RAISE settings even farther on other maps and still have ok performance for me. If Bodenplatte is also a huge hit on fps I may have to stop preorders : (. The reason why I invested in the sim was Stalingrad looked and ran great. I'm really keeping fingers crossed this won't be the case. Why switch to ULTRA instead of HIGH?
  15. Seriously, could someone tell me if the server is down or is it just me? Maybe I got banned for being too good? Hehe Jk
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