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  1. So we move the topic from another post here but you never bothered following up or sending the OP over here. Meanwhile the OP on the other post is uploading files for weeks as was asked and is wondering why nobody is getting back to them on the Original topic. So much for keeping the OP informed.
  2. Well my new career has me "seriously injured" despite making a great mission and a perfect landing unscratched. This bug has now kicked me out of Pats again, I have no idea what to do. Can't lie. I'm a little frustrated. Been a rough week at home and work and I needed this. It seems my short 1 month career in Pat's has finally come to an end for good. I have been outdone by my very own personal AI Doppelgänger. I have not seen anyone respond on this issue in awhile despite uploading files. I will upload the new campaign's file (if this is even the right info to upload
  3. Hello again! Actually no the problems are icky for others as well. In the p38 I CANNOT hear the radio! The voices are way low. It's really bad in video recordings/streamings as well. Various devices. I LOVE that they are trying to up the sound game in the game sound, it's just muddier than a rained in Adobe right now.
  4. I'm just rechecking this post because sadly it has happened again in my new career. It seems to be triggered by any ground attack mission
  5. Hello friendly friends! Quick question, can we revert back to old sounds? I am sure not, but I have to ask. I understand the work in progress and love the update..Unfortunately the 109 sounds for me personally are horrid. I cannot tell for the life of me where my throttle is at. On my headsets, the old clear cut sound is now a bass infested warble. There is less engine pitch changes than some 20 year old flight sims. I actually cannot hear getting hit anymore. It's so bad I feel its gotta just be me. If I had to turn off my HUDs throttle I would be lost in c
  6. Hi Pat! Sorry for the very long delay but I got put into Flighsim Bug purgatory and I just finally got back to where I was a week ago. If I saved this correctly this should still be showing the issue. Even now, in another campaign, whenever I start the bombing mission I start in the air. I have not run into myself yet. Fang Joes Campaign.zip
  7. Yeah I was wondering if that was a problem, but I had no idea how to get out of it. Where did that manual come from? lol
  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I deleted whole folder and it fixed this nightmare! Care to elaborate on what happened?
  9. Hey guys, One minute everything's fine, reload mission and I am WAY off centered/(ow/far away to the right). Nothing puts me back. I re-centered, hit every option in the "camera" options nothing. I can't get back! I got a Rift S, re-centered through steam and oculus software.
  10. I have the files saved in recycle bin specifically so you can troubleshoot. I had to reinstall as I think you saw in my other post, but I wanted the info saved. I'll work on wrapping it up and adding it on here,.I have a full day on my plate so just know I'm on it. Thanks Pat Fang
  11. I did "Re-own" my aircraft and it didn't work. I tried a few things but all these together worked
  12. There is a better fix for this. Before wiping out the sim, delete Pats. Reinstall do not start. Go into Setup, set mission_text_log = 0. Start sim and get into the main menu. Exit sim. Reset mission_text_log to = 1. Start Pats, sim and my new missions showed up. I am band new to PW, but if it worked for you show the love and hit "like". Fang
  13. I also want to add that any new campaign I create no longer create mission. Lol so I am totally kicked out of Pats now
  14. I'm new to PWC but I have had now 2 problems, the first onehas gone ignored (Forum "Lone Wolf Error") and the second is currently crippling all gameplay. I AM NOT MYSELF I could not figure out why I had "died" in PWC. The mission started me out in the air which was weird and also it did not star my loadout. None the less I landed only for PW to declare me dead! Today when I reflew the mission and I was shocked to see my self fly past me! Seems all of a sudden the AI now controls my actual name (The name I signed up with PWC) amd my username Fang333333 is my plane.
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