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  1. All Right ME 262! Oh. Well this is I own them all! This update may take me away from Coconuts campaign for awhile!
  2. @coconut I will do a little more accounting for exact mission. It happens a lot. I will repost when I have the info but first off wanted to say sorry to see you go! I LOVE this thing and I just got started! Let's get down to brass tax Coconut.. How much for the server lol. Is there anyway some of us can volunteer to keep this thing going? I can't go back to the old campaign coconut! I can't! I won't! Name your price coconut! How much to keep this thing going? And while we are at it... How much for the ape?
  3. @coconut WOW. Just did an experiment. Landed 2 planes @ Marino and one plane at Zyrani. LAnded at Zyrani, waited for mission to end. Mission ended. Went back to the map. New mission starts. NO PLANE! No planes showed @ Marino and when I tried to takeoff from Zyrani it threatened to boot me becuase "Other player has reserved plane". Other people in game said they got their plane but for me I never get my plane back!!! LITERALLY nothing I do will give me the plane I landed. I have to fly across the map EVERYTIME! I HATE THIS!
  4. @coconut Folks, I am really getting ticked off with this plane reserve system. None of my planes are EVER reserved. I land, undamaged, wait until next mission, and I never have a plane. NEVER. The 8083 site never shows planes for me, it does show points but no planes. I really can't stand the plane reserve system, every mission I fly has to be 40+ minutes becuase I have to go from one end of the map to the other. I can't tell you the disappointment of waking up in the morning, and seeing that everything I did the night before is for naught. I HATE having to go from one airfield to another trying to figure out which airfield will let me fly. I love the campaign, and the community, but seriously, screw this plane reserve system!!!
  5. Yeah I agree its not optimum but when the other maps do so well you can see why I would expect Kuban to be reasonable. Someone recommends switching to ULTRA why? What is HDR? Couldn't there be a patch to boost performance on this map?
  6. Thanks for the tips. Actually no VR, Not sure why that was checked. I have literally tested on every level, every setting and this is the best setting for me. I've spent many many hours on it. Unchecking any other boxes or lowering anything else does not really do much for the loss of graphics. I could actually RAISE settings even farther on other maps and still have ok performance for me. If Bodenplatte is also a huge hit on fps I may have to stop preorders : (. The reason why I invested in the sim was Stalingrad looked and ran great. I'm really keeping fingers crossed this won't be the case. Why switch to ULTRA instead of HIGH?
  7. Seriously, could someone tell me if the server is down or is it just me? Maybe I got banned for being too good? Hehe Jk
  8. It's really important to note that all other maps run great!! There was another forum started where other people have issues with Kuban. There is no denying it is MUCH harder on the computer than the other maps. Either way, here is what I run, which again has always worked good with the other maps. Excuse the poor picture, I can't seem to take a screenshot but the info is there. It's not in anyway top of the line, I know that. But again the other maps Always ran smooth for me and Kuban is night and day. NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804 System Model: HP Pavilion Notebook Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 12288 M Available OS Memory: 12178MB RAMPage File: 7302MB used, 13579MB available
  9. I'm just writing this with some hope that somebody will someday improve the fps on Kuban. I have written about this before, I have had others say they have issues. The performance of the Kuban map is NOWHERE NEAR the other maps. I get constant stutters, time slows down, it's just been horrid since release. The other maps work fluidly and great. Kuban is almost unflyable. This is especially disappointing as I was originally a preorder investor. I am also a preorder for Bodenplatte and I am equally concerned about future performance issues. Fang
  10. Ok, So I am a little frustrated by the lack of info on the campaign. I have read the entire manual and there is NO info on the basics of this server/campaign. For example... Just a few things like.. What is your pin? What does a pin do? What are points? Do I spend points? How do I spend points? What are reserved aircraft? How do I reserve aircraft? What is a "Partially new aircraft"? What does "Require +0.5" mean in the description? What is my password and username for reserving aircraft ---my usual password does not work, tried using pin still does not work? Why am I not on the stats website? (Yes I even went to the FAQ, and all it says is "if your inactive for 7 days you will not be on there". But I am currently active!) What does "Takeoff from a rear airfield mean"? Do we initiate an advance? How do we initiate an advance? I appreciate the very detailed .pdf on the MECHANICS of the campaign, however all these more important things are not mentioned anywhere. Literally for the "In A Hurry" section, it tells you to just get in a plane and do what you normally do.
  11. So I remember this used to be a problem in prior versions, (I used even make videos about the issue) but the dreaded suicidal wingman are back. I cannot complete a mission without the games AI colliding with me in pursuit. Friendlies not only do not recognize I am engaged, they make no effort to get out of the way. It's as if I am invisible to them. THEY WILL EVEN FIRE THEIR GUNS if I come between them!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, we are at a 10 for me. It literally cripples the career mode for me right now.
  12. I love your work here, I haven't downloaded yet. Will it be possible to have this as a separate map somehow?
  13. I noticed a similar post regarding the joystick but it has not covered everything. My questions are: 1. Where are the force feedback settings features? (My joystick is more flaccid than Bernie Sanders at a Capitalism Expo.) 2. How to assign turret controls to joystick? 3. What control configs/setup are others using?
  14. For whatever reason, since the previous update my campaigns get stuck in a constant load after I edit any armament or plane configurations. Sometimes it will start the load screen and then go back to the previous screen saying something like "Mission Save failed". The only way I can continue my campaign is without editing any loadouts. Even automated missions fail to load. I hope I'm not the only one with this issue... Ideas?
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