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  1. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/4985-72ag-ded-random-expert/?p=515121
  2. Not for that Good luck on the turns and soft landings
  3. =LG=Kathon Please help KRIS_)) http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/?p=407330
  4. Not for that Good luck on the turns and soft landings
  5. Flak is normal, you can even add))) Sometimes 3-5 Il-2 even boring)))
  6. =LG=Kathon http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name==ART=RUS66 NOT VALID PLANE I-16 AND il-2 41y. ????
  7. Yes, even the G2, but the Yak and LaGG should be. We still on what you are flying, knocked, knocking, and we will knock ​ In addition, it will allow players without BoM to participate in the game.
  8. - = PHX = -SuperEtendard Oh, let's not talk about PF or not. At this stage of the game, it may not be historical, but the bias is obvious. Especially on the second map of Stalingrad. Honestly these contradictions with lists of aircraft .... Let's wait for the full development of the game and will be there to argue about history.
  9. Why on the first two cards except the I-16 no Yak-1 and LaGG-3? So you want to say that these fighters were not in 1941? The MiG-3 is a high-altitude fighter to cover the Il-2 they can not, and the number of P-40 is clearly not sufficient. In my opinion the second map is not enough LaGG and/or Yak.
  10. Please replace field epaulets of the Soviet air force on a daily. Sergeant, and middle command staff, the rank of General is normal.
  11. corrected the message above, I added: and add 1-2 bridge to deceive the enemy
  12. Yesterday made a flight with you generally like, there is a question)) Why is the airfield of the enemy stood yesterday the T-34 and LaGG-3? The idea of printed bridges on the route of the convoy is very good)) It seems to me that if you point out 2-3 bridge in the middle distance from each other well enough, and add 1-2 bridge to deceive the enemy In the near future I think that will come as a whole group))) PS sorry for my English)))
  13. That is, where there are static columns to not visible on the map and on their place the situation can only guess?
  14. Got it, thanks The supply columns and trains shown on the map or they need to scout?
  15. Got it, thanks another question How to recover lost planes?
  16. Hello))) Not found in the description of the purpose of the transportation "repair". What is his purpose?
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