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  1. I will Try and List all the Items soon and will provide pictures if needed all are new with no use I bought the MFG crosswind rudder pedals with an extra cam they are still in the shipping box I will list more tomorrow
  2. Hello, I have been trying to find a listing on these forums to sell equipment for flight sims due to home changes i am unable to devote any time to this sim and have lot of very good equipment i would like to sell Thanks. Petrosky
  3. I have redownloaded a few time but same results program will not start any ideas ?
  4. i use a local e-mail provider and am going to have to change this as they will no longer provide e-mail services in the future. I have been unable to find anywhere to change this in my account settings. Who would i contact to resolve this issue? Thanks
  5. I am unable to use game with new update will not allow full screen mode now and is so large when i enter that i can see no options at all.
  6. Received my 7.5 extension today,very well made and fit perfect. Thank you for the fast service Petrosky
  7. Remember the video on the old ubi forums that had the kid smashing his keyboard? wish i would have been able to find it and post it here. maybe it would lighten the mood a little Petrosky
  8. We need a section that the Bed wetters can gather in Petrosky
  9. There is a section in the settings controls for these commands Petrosky
  10. I thought i read in a post that the AI FM was the same as user planes? If that is true then they have lots of the work done. You can bet they are working on more planes and maps, Tha'ts how they will keep making money to go forward. The JU52 has been in many of the videos released hard to believe that it won't make it as an flyable. Petrosky
  11. I have had both. CH for 7 years worked great. I bought The Saitek about a year ago. Saitek have a wider platform and work great also. Never had troubles with the CH ever and they still work good as new. They are on my sons setup now. Petrosky
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