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  1. Thank you for your post. I appreciate your inquiry and understand your concern about the GPS. However, since the server was established at the time as primarily for the use of the squadron, and the majority of the members wished for that option, we decided to make it available. In the AKA_Wardogs squadron every member has an equal vote, including the CO and XO. Regarding the ability to navigate without using the map in the game, might I suggest you make a copy of the map of that area and print it out onto a cork-board, like I did. It works very well and adds that desired challenge to the mission. We welcome all fliers who wish to use the server, but likely will not be able to accommodate everyone's request. My apologies for that. Gos
  2. Registration on the Wardogs forum was disabled by me due to hacking attempts on the forum in the past. Camm has my email. Send me an email message with the names of those in your group that may want access and I'll set them up and get you the info for them to log in. Some of us have Discord, but others do not like it, preferring TS instead. Gos I'll have to get back to you on this. I don't set the missions and plane sets up. I just service the server. Gos
  3. I've been asked to open a discussion topic for our servers, which have been set up with the assistance of Coconut, with our gratitude. Nice to see several using it regularly. AKA_Goshawk "Gos"
  4. I'll be glad to try and help you troubleshoot your problems, which I suspect are somewhere other than the server settings. But, to save wear and tear on Coconut's server's reputation, let's take the discussion to email. You already have my email address. I look forward to hearing from you. Once the problem has been discovered and (hopefully) rectified, you can post what the solution was to help others sort it out. Gos
  5. Thanks, Leifr. I appreciate your response. Your response seems to clear the problem as not being with Coconut's server. It appeared that Camm was indicating the problem was ONLY with Coconut's server. Camm posted: " It's so frustrating....I don't have this problem on any other server." It sounds to me that it might be something as innocuous as a Windows update or security setting issue rather than a server problem or game software problem. There are just so many things that could cause that kind of problem. I hate to see Coconut's servers go, but understand the reasoning why. Time for me to send a few $$ his way to help keep running til the end of May. Gos
  6. Hello, Camm (et.al.). Are your problems with the game software, or Coconut's particular servers? Try other servers. I have never been kicked from a Coconut server, and have not heard of this issue being a problem with any of my squad members. Perhaps your particular problems lie elsewhere. The server settings may have problems with computers having slow pings or response times and other limitations on the server hardware, but since we're not all kicking in a bunch of donations to Coconut's server fund we should not expect his hardware or personal time commitment to have to qualify as government issue stuff. In any event, speaking from personal experience, running a server (for the pleasure of others) requires a HUGE time commitment, and it appears that not everyone is having a connection issue. Coconut has done all of us a terrific service by having his servers so available and fun. I'm amazed how quickly he gets the servers back up and going after every update that comes out. To expect Coconut to have to troubleshoot all of everyone's connection woes may be just a tad bit unfair, IMO Go fly other servers to see if the same situation occurs elsewhere. If it does, your problem is with the game software. If not, just fly a different server. I hope your problems get resolved. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the Coconut Servers and especially your assistance with getting ours set up and running. Maintaining them is a bit of a chore, especially when updates come fairly often, but it's worth the effort to have this great sim available. Good luck in your endeavors and we hope to see you return sometime soon. Gos
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