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  1. You evidently don't know how to read stats correctly then my friend. Let me explain some important parts you fail to realize (I'll just cut to the times of critical events). Sorry PICT taken from your stats so you know it's right. First attack entitlement 22.08.2019 11:36:01 DAMAGED 0.01% BF109 F-4 Plane gemanuel1 Pilot Gemanuel1 was damaged by PE2 rear gunner before reaching firing range for the F4 weapons. Second attack entitlement 22.08.2019 11:36:59 WAS DAMAGED 0.19% BF109 F-4 Plane gemanuel1 Meaning Pilot Gemanuel1 flew for almost 1 full second (.97 seconds mathematically) sustaining .65% damage before landing a first round causing 0.19% damage to PE2 Third attack entitlement 22.08.2019 11:37:55 DAMAGED 0.42% BF109 F-4 Plane gemanuel1 The AI super sniper tailgunner of PE2 hits pilot Gemanuel1 Fourth attack entitlement 22.08.2019 11:37:56 DAMAGED 0.07% BOT PILOT F-4 Plane gemanuel1 Now just in case you didn't know BOT PILOT means the pilot is dead and his sortie has ended. 29 contact hits from SAE3 to SAE4 in .01 seconds meaning the AI can fire 174,000 Rounds per minute or 2,900 rounds per second. Since the PE2 is hoisting around what is basically the 50cal BMG the cyclic rate should only be 450-600 Rounds per minute or 10 rounds per second (After checking facts 17 rounds per second for the Berezin). So not only is he a super sniper but he hoists a (inaccurate description to follow)50cal that can shoot 5 times faster than a modern 50 cal( back to real life). So we have Ivan with a Vulcan sitting in the Tail now. (Yes that was sarcasm) EDIT: just to be accurate the tail gunner caused 68 damage reports in the death to the pilot. Again a Berezin that IRL fires 17 rounds per second hit the pilot 68 time in 1/100 of a second. Second EDIT: Gemanuel1 plane crashed at 22.08.2019 11:38:23. so your gunner was firing at dead air if it fired for 12 seconds Third EDIT: Damn I'm finding all sorts of stuff about the 12.7 Berezin. It's a bit faster than I had originally thought but still far below what happens in this game. And as for wielding around that much weight accurately wow not only were they super snipers they were champion athletes in weight training events. Mass 21.5 kilograms (47.4 lb) Cartridge 12.7×108mm Action Gas Rate of fire 800–1050 RPM Muzzle velocity 814 m/s (2,670 ft/s) Feed system Belt-fed Sights Iron sights Accuracy with this type of recoil???? From the time the German pilot Gemanuel1 attacked and was hit with the first round he was dead 01:55 (less than two) seconds later. German pilot Gemanuel1 caused 4.33% damage to the PE2 before he was killed and sent packing with a death in the stats page. This is just another reason for all manned positions in aircraft, should be just that, Manned and not AI controlled. If I was killed by another player because they were a damn good shot with that 12.7mm Berezin tail gun then I couldn't say anything. But when the AI controls the accuracy of the weapon then it's no longer a fair game. Let us German pilots fly PE2s also. Next time around TAW please turn off the AI completely. I'll even take a vulture or two buzzing an airfield because they have no AI to fly through. If I wanted to just fight computers then I'd be off playing StarCraft2.
  2. BBQ yes I know they had radar. Yes the Axis also had radar. Which by the way the German radar was a hell of a lot more accurate than the British or any Allies had. The Germans had, by far and away, the best AAA gun in the Flak 36 88MM gun and they could set the flak to airburst at a determined altitude. They never one shot a single aircraft then it's wingman at 5,000 meters. This game makes it appear that AAA and any manned gun position, in an aircraft, was suicide to attack because they were more accurate than a fixed position sniper on the ground. Meanwhile it appears to me that only the Allies can do such things as fly over AAA saddle up behind a plane with defensive armament and hang out with little to no effect. I've seen a PE2 flying in and around 6 AAA pits around an Air field at less than 500 feet and not so much as come away leaking fuel. In the mean time the same aircraft has someone attack them and the attackers is set afire by the "manned position" AI on the same aircraft. I'm saying turn off the AI and make that manned position manned and be done with it. The Airfield AI needs to be reworked because there is no way with 1942 technology in radar would the Russian artillery be able to accurately fire rounds through a dense cloud cover and destroy 2 aircraft with 4 shots.
  3. After looking at the tactical map 3 days ago and seeing the Russians only had 3 Air fields left I figured the map was almost over. I look just now and the Axis are left with a single Air field. I guess the Russians have all started flying PE2s and figured out they are are for the most part safe from anything the Axis can throw at it including AAA. Just another reason to stop supporting servers that refuse to make manned positions player only for AI. And yes you can do that.
  4. Goos Job rebuilding the AI around depots. I was flying timing route to target in an HE111 in the clouds and as I approached the target STILL OBSCURED by clouds it shot me down and it shot down my HE111 wingman . FIX the flippin AI or turn the crap off on the FOG LADEN CLOUDY DAYS. Either that or get rid of the GODDOAM CLOUDS so thick you can ride a bycicle on them. Yes I'm angry and this is unfiltered.
  5. As I said know your target before pulling the trigger. I went to bed my wingman made the short video. You'll see I didn't fire at all.
  6. Not hard enough surviving in a 110E2 having an I16 drop in behind me and my wingman (Wingman killed him), but having a BF109F2 shoot me down was just damn insulting 335th_GRSavras. Learn your GOD DAMNED target identity or don't f**&ing shoot. And for the BF110E2 flown by 335th_GRbas_754 What were you doing following me over the target on my bomb run? You may wonder what killed you but I run a 4 second delay for the detonations and about the time the bombs were going off you died. Sorry but don't tailgate 110s going in for a bomb run. I got some nice gun cam of your head-on and unlike your text that I shot at you in the head 2 head I can prove I did not shoot at all.
  7. OK for S and G I'll answer your rules 1) I did. I can account for all 4 bombers while attacking the lead 2) I did. I came in from 120 degree right side front. fired and exited 60 degrees away to the rear. 3) I didn't during the attack run. IAs I said I over shot the dive and pulled up rolled over and back into them from the front at a 120 degree attack on the pilot and gunner position. 4) I wasn't on the six of the bomber at any time. If I was I wouldn't slow down as I know speed is life against a human adversary. (note: HUMAN ADVERSARY) 5) In this instance I didn't, My wingman unfortunately did just this. All I want is a fair fight against an enemy bomber. Multicrew the crap out of them with capable people and I'll shut my mouth. Keep killing me with AI and I'm going to bitch about it. In other sims we JG51Molders have multi crewed bombers and called them death stars. In those sims you had no AI gunners so to fly a bomber without a crew was suicide. In here flying any multi crew aircraft and using AI to defend ups your chances of killing someone attacking you by 500%. I've got a few videos of me using a 110G2 and RTB the aircraft with numerous ground kills and 2 or more enemy aircraft kills in the same mission. I'm sure they (the fools who I killed with the TG) would be the first to agree that something this stupid has to be fixed. And the best part is it can be fixed. The sad part is no one building the servers wants to take the time to fix it. Respectfully >S<
  8. First, I was at 5K waiting between the AF they were bombing and their home AF. They (4 PE2s) were on the deck flying around in the AF flak. I waited for them to exit the flak and fly directly under me. I did however misjudge my dive and ended up having to roll back around into them. As I made a 120 degree attack from the head I was shot down by the tail-gunner of the lead plane as I passed them headed away at around a 60 degree run. My wingman didn't fare as well as he dropped in behind the tail end charlie and was killed before he could get into guns range. 4 PE2s flying in Flak and not so much as a coolant leak but Vasili sits in the back for anyone who comes by. I'm asking for realistic skills from tail gunners. Look I'm not saying you can't defend yourself. I'm saying you need a human gunner back there to protect yourself. Fly it realistically and defend it realistically. Those are the "simple terms" I'd make a short movie but then you'd make an excuse for that too. And do you really think if I am this far above the cloud cover waiting for prey I'd be a deck monkey with clear skies?
  9. Once again asking to neuter the PE2 gunners. They make impossible shots and get kills while the plane is outrunning the "TOP LINE" fighter for the Axis. third map and I'm already set to start ramming to get rid of PE2s. But hell why worry when you can just fly 3 5 minute transport flights to get it back
  10. And like I said credit where credit is due. Might want to check your insults first. SCG snd STG had some good times here. We all got a 24 hour vacation for losing our aircraft. But we were planning on going to Combat Box, after the flight, as there were 37 players on that server and there were 262s available. But I digress here's how we got it handed to us by STG and SCG. GG there.
  11. Nah I will give credit where credit is due. It was a good bounce by SCG. There was more than just 3 attackers in there, in total there were 5 of you. Again good bounce we didn't see it until I was under fire from TheCubanSpy. At that time we were low and slow attacking a truck convoy. I had my 109G2 shot out from under me by SCG_Jeeves in a Spit5 doing the major damage then P39 CubanSpy got the kill, GG didn't see it coming, I bailed and was captured. BlackC5 was damaged by friendly fire from FreshGiant then SCG_Sinerox in a Yak1b/127 finished the job FreshGiant crashed while in pursuit of SCG_Sinerox, Good maneuver kill SINE Moostafa had kill credit on 2 A20s, took damage from SCG_Sinerox, took damage from SCG_Rudis in a spit5, Shot up SCG_Wulfe, and was finally down from Sinerox Snapshot had kill credit on 1 A20 took damage from an A20, took friendly fire from Moostafa, and was shot down eventually by SCG_Wulfe in a Yak7B We caught the A20s by mistake when FreshGiant called them out at our 8 low. The fighters Good engagement, Good bounce, we never saw it coming, until it was pretty much said and done.
  12. Yes very good thing you were on A20s or I would have rammed. I did enjoy my 24 hour break, thanks in courtesy to a pilot calling himself TheCubanSpy who shot me down with a P39 and of course my wingman who I flew through his bomb blast and killed myself. My 24 hour break was not part and parcel to any action from yourself, STG, or SCG just so everyone else knows. I went and played on the Combat Box Server where I again got my butt handed to me a couple of times by some very good Spit9 pilots who fly them the way they should. I also went and played some Star Citizen. And just to round it off played in a StarCraft tournament. Now I'm about ready to head out the door to go see my 84 year old Father to say thanks for being horny enough to knock up my Mother some 57 years ago, because of course, my Brother and Sister won't be able to do it. I'll be back later tonight to fly Combat Box during JG51Molders official squad night. Is there anything else you'd like to know? But to suggest I was wrong for being quoted out of context is a joke. I won't elaborate but yes I will ram any PE2 I come across in TAW until TAW either makes the position completely player manned or changes the AI settings to rookie. Quote that! So they picture was captured at the end of the server before the reset. My mistake. Did you happen to take one about 20 minutes prior to this to show the 12v12? Fixing a fact I was wrong. It was 10 V 8 The Allies lost STG_HvB, STG_Jeeves, STG_Kondor, and ECV_56JotaCe So I was a little off and here is the correction. It takes a long time to get a screen shot for me because I'm not sure how to get one efficiently. between your screen and mine Axis lost Rafx01 and gained =BES=Wolf-1 . RAFX01 is not a registered user of the TAW server so he couldn't effect it either. Just sayin' if we hadn't played in TAW you would have been plaing by yourself for the most part.
  13. Maybe you should have shown all of the players on the server. 12v12 was very even and not even close to creating an over-limit. I'll tell you the same thing I tell my Niece when she throws a fit too. "STOP BEING A DRAMA QUEEN". For your information this also wasn't a squad night operation. We just happen to have a Friday night Flights to blow off steam from the week of work. If You want to get some JG51 squad operations then Combat Box On Sunday night from 8:00PM EST U.S. until we end. We just happen to have caught the STG boys with their pants down tonight when they were flying A20s. Sorry about that but after they died their fighter escorts SCG (funny how they are flying both sides according to your pic) finally showed up and got some lovin' back. We were wondering where the extra 109 in our formation came from..........
  14. We have pulled our support monetarily. We will no longer contribute. Didn't say we were leaving it completely. Just said as you quoted me JG51 Will not fly squad night operations on the TAW server. Doesn't look to me like I said we were taking our ball. Looks to me like I said We will take our money elsewhere. And KONDOR at 700KM/H the angle is good. The AI is atrocious and can be turned down or off in the Server. I've done it in our test server. Make the T^G man operated instead of AI is one way. Turning them from expert to rookie is another way. Probably be handled like the P47 Allied pilots for the most part. The "I can Turn and Burn in it" crowd will make it fun for the Allies K/D. Those that use it correctly will get high A/K numbers and die to PE2 even at a 90 degree attack at 950Km/H Just my thought
  15. Just so the two of you know it's not a whine but a promise. Check the closure rate. So I shall ram all PE2s from now on until the AI is downgraded to believable.
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