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  1. Well here we go. Now if you continue to read this maybe you'll understand a few points that are being stated but not understood. As CO of JG51Molders I have, with the agreement of the leadership, decided to pull our support of the TAW server. With doing this we will no longer have our squad required to play in the TAW server during the squad night follies. That being said, here is the points being made and being missed by the defenders of the faith. 1) Life counter. A lot of people have real life time frames they need to PLAY the game inside of. If one day a person has the ability to play 2 maps (4 hours) and dies 3 times because he or she happened to be going to the wrong area with high enemy numbers in 10 minute flight time, their day on the server is over. Some say "Too bad you died you lose" and "you need to be a better pilot to survive". Some of you may know about Cliffs of Dover and the ATAG boys. This "It's our game and we do what we want" mentality is what has forced the mass migration of players from Cliffs to BoX. Personally I liked Cliffs and we had our own server there, but because of the ATAG/TeamFusion mentality they black balled anyone with a new idea for a server run scenario. They would ban you from everything ATAG to stop you from even playing with them. They would short term ban anyone who tried different servers and reported back that it was fun. Back to the life counter. You cannot punish someone for being dreadfully inadequate in a flight sim if they don't fly every single day for multiple hours a day. But this life counter does exactly that. This goes to many of the following points. 2) I see the PE2 spam problem being reported by the Axis players and being poo pooed away by the VVS players. Very well there may have been a large building of PE2s during this time of the war and it may be factually correct to place that large of an amount of aircraft where they are placed. But I think the problem being reported as an incorrect problem. The problem with so many PE2 aircraft brought to the front is that the AI gunners in a PE2 can kill an attacking aircraft before the attackers is within range to fire themselves. The AI tail gunners also, against moving targets yet, have the accuracy of Vasily Zaitsev shooting a standing soldier at 50M. If gunners were so accurate in real life then why even build fighter planes knowing they were fodder for the gun. Firing 2 12.7mm Mgs at you is bad enough but when they have that accuracy it become ludicrous to put your life counter on the line to attack a PE2 that is flying in the weeds. The average amount of ammunition fired from a moving bomber/fighter bomber tail-gunner during this time was 3500 rounds for an actual shoot down. Here it's less than 100 rounds to kill an enemy fighter attacking a PE2. You're only going to take multiple hits lose an engine then crash before making it home. You lose a life and then you lose another doing what should be an interesting attack and kill. Now you're out of your life counter. 3) AI AAA is deadly to a fault. I don't know how many of you have been shot down by enemy AAA in the game and bailed out above 3K altitude but do it sometime. Watch what happens. You have a policy that says "don't shoot people in chutes it's not right thing to do". Even the AI will shoot at you in your chute and kill you if you're the closest enemy to it. So the AI will kill you for doing the right thing and bailing out. This from something that can and will attack you from BVR (Beyond visual range) through clouds, over hills, and in valleys. I didn't realize that AAA during WWii was radar controlled to the point of tracking an enemy it cannot see. Then why on this virtual earth does it not fire at friendly aircraft also flying above the clouds near them? Lose three lives over radar controlled 40MM, 20mm, and MG flak and your out because you lost your life counter. 4) Experience of players in the game compared to the deaths. A point in case The maps started, at the writing of this post, 89 hours ago. The top 5 pilots have more than 20 hours each. That's roughly 7 hours a day and one has enough hours to be in the above 8 hours a day category. How well do you really think a player who plays 2 to 3 hours a week would fare against someone who doubles or triples that daily? It's a game, it's not real life, and to give someone the death penalty for not being able to compete with a "Professional flight simmer" (what you are called in the gaming world when you practice more than 4 hours a day) while they are a NooB (someone not a professional) is a stupid concept. The game had a great engine that did punish players for dying. It took away the aircraft you died in, gave you a five minute time out, and you had to work to get it back. You would also lose experience points and for those of us that liked the rank system and used it for motivation within the squad it was a great tool. Now the NooB can be assured when they die they not only get a 5 minute timeout, lose experience rank, and sit a 5 minute timeout but now they are conceptually sent to the closet for not being the top dog. they lost their life counter. 5) The weather. Yeah the weather being overcast and rainy and snowy all the time (even though it is factually correct) is a bit much. The ops ran on days such as those described in the thread are of course too much for the gamer who wants to go out find a target from altitude and play with it. One guy is under the cloud one guy is over and no one gets killed. Everyone knows the Axis are going to be above the clouds because that is where their air-frames are factually superior and the VVS is under the clouds as their air-frames perform better at slow speed fighting. Since all the targets are below the clouds you can see how quickly a map gets rolled. At this pace we'll be done with this campaign by Memorial Day. Since you won't come up and die and I won't go down and die then you win and the life counter just goes on banning other people who are not so good. 6) The defensive posturing that is being brought against those that would have their concerns heard is very much like the shout down mentality of mob rules. We have the ball, we control the mob, mob go kill anyone with a different point of view. That's the frustration with all of this nonsense and, for that, is why we JG51Molders have withdrawn our support. We don't want you to do anything you don't want to do. However we do want the community that, defends tooth and nail, every single question is being shouted down and pushed aside to understand this is how other sims have lost the respect of the player base. In Cliffs of Dover today ATAG barely even runs a single full server (they used to have 2 at near capacity). Many of the other server builders have moved on from Cliffs to DCS and BoX. This will most likely be my last flight sim as I am getting too old to continue building new machines, set aside time, and enjoy the life I've built for myself. Now if you've made it through this post I hope you have a better understanding of some of the core issues being brought about. I hope you'll hear the other side of the argument and understand they have concerns that really need to be addressed even if they didn't frame the original statement correctly. Don't jump on someones post because you didn't understand it and are assuming they are talking about one thing when it's really about another. Communicate or watch the concept go by the wayside. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  2. Pretty sure they're talking about me threatening them Beazil. I threatened them because I said I would take the JG51Molders contributions to another server because of the lack of ability to play on this server as an Axis Team. Didn't really think that reality was considered a threat but.....well yeah. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  3. And to exaggerate the point. here it is from the server that holds 84 slots Notice only 77 slots being used. But the server is full. Elapsed time 00h 18m SERVER IS FULL Allied side is full 35 : 42
  4. This particular problem IS A server problem. Little do you know, I do fly Allied rides to familiarize myself with them. I do have all the planes including the collector planes. Others in our squad have training with myself as aggressor flying Allied rides because they can't afford to purchase all the different air-frames. That being said, JG51Molders has a standing agreement that, during our squad nights and squad sorties we fly only German aircraft. We always have and we always will. This makes us an Axis squad on a server that makes us choose between Axis and Allied. We fly on the Knights of the Air server to train with our squad. To say someone that switches side every time should be prioritized over someone who has always flow one side is just as stupid as it sounds. Gee George let's beat little Timmy because he doesn't want to eat peas with his dinner, but we'll reward little Mikey for impregnating 6 girls in 3 months. That's how stupid that suggestion is. And yes I can be this closed minded when it comes to this subject. I'm too damn old to give a shit about being politically correct. PS when the server has 25 Allied and 35 Axis players it's not a full queue on either side. I'm being punished for your lack of flying Allied. Now shut your pie hole and fly. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  5. yes I guess you should. Bias balancing. LOL sorry with the logs I assumed you were blue.
  6. And so it begins already. I can't login and play on the server because there are too many Axis players. Even though the game is not full I cannot play. It appears it will be an easy choice to not support TAW in the upcoming contributor cycle. Maybe Combat Box will be the next. JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders there are more Axis players than Allied players. It was an excellent choice to make was it not.
  7. JG51Molders has many concerns with the "New Changes" and with everyone complaining about balance. Balance this and Balance that, let's balance the war. Let's make people who never fly Allied rides fly Allied rides to Balance the sides. Screw you and your balance. Side of war are never balanced and anyone who thinks so is a moron. The Balance of WWII came at the end of the Battle of Britain, when nobody was attacking. I think Adolf Galland would have loved Balancing the war and Gabby Gabreski and Richard Bong were forced to fly German. Now we have to balance the server by punishing the people who play. JG51Molders already has 8 registered members who fly together. Balance now dictates whether we fly TAW or Combat Box. With the new "Balance Algorithm" if there are 25 Axis player flying against 20 Allied players, we JG51Molders cannot fly because the "Algorithm" will only allow 3 of us to join. Since it's inception in 1992 BoseGeshwader26 and JG51Molders have always flow Axis aircraft. We are not going to "change side to balance the game" because the Allied players cannot field enough players that will consistently fly Allied. As for the penalty of having died. Well we already have a harsh penalty for dying in the aircraft. First penalty and the immediate penalty for being dumb, stupid, or just killed by a superior pilot is waiting a set amount of time before you can respawn an aircraft. Some aircraft can kill you just getting off the ground. Some aircraft can encounter an accelerated stall and flop to the ground and die from 2K altitude. For these stupid flight losses of concentration "HI HONEY I'M HOME"!! give the wife a kiss mistakes that save a marriage can kill a flight. A superior enemy pilot that you have a great encounter with but eventually lose because some random happens across your fight gets a tweaker shot at you and along with killing you damages a friendly aircraft that take 20 minutes of flight to get home (More on this later). I have to sit out a penalty phase of up to 10 minutes. And now with the new "Death Penalty Algorithm" not only do I lose my virtual life and have to wait up to 10 minutes I have to possibly not fly again for the duration of the map/24 hours of time. The penalty for returning to base a badly damaged aircraft. More bad juju my friends. Say I'm in a great dogfight with an enemy pilot. I kill him but he sustains 30.1% damage to my aircraft. First it's a miracle that I can manage the engine well enough to get it to a friendly airfield that is active. But now I'm going to be penalized for flying 20 minutes to save the aircraft that I'm in only to have it taken from me for 2 maps. I didn't leave it in a field somewhere where a grounds crew has to recover it. I flew it home. I didn't crash it when landing so it's still intact. The only thing you haven't done is taken rank from me for being dedicated to bringing it home. If rank doesn't matter then why even have it. If aircraft limits aren't worthy of it then why have them. If I destroy your airfield then why are you allowed to fly from it? The "Algorithm" already prevents me from taking off from an airfield that has an enemy within 15Km. If that happens and the enemy destroys my airfield then why can I spawn a perfectly good aircraft when they fly away? But I return a damaged aircraft and I'm penalized. JG51Molders will not under any circumstances fly Allied to BALANCE a map. period. You make your choice before the campaign. We have made ours. We do not agree with many of the changes that have been made on the server but we will fly this campaign. If we cannot fly as a group then you have balanced your game and with it lose us as contributors and members of the TAW community. We feel the better way of balancing the map is increasing the amount of slots from 84 to 168 player limits. Is it possible or is this something 1CSoft needs to address? We are here for this campaign. We'll take a vote for the next server to follow and donate to. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  8. I have a feeling such as FAUCON that this may be the death nail of organized large groups. There will be chute shooters especially over enemy territory. I do know when JG51Molders flies we fly as a squad. If one cannot fly a server we will not fly the server. I foresee JG51Molders moving it's support to another server without GPS, with objectives, and without restrictions if these things don't change.
  9. Thanks for the update KATHON. Looking forward to Sunday morning. Premiums for staying alive....I like it. Premiums for killing your enemy....I like it But I can see an exploit coming from strafing the AA at an active AF then hang out and kill someone while the engine is being started, Taxing to the runway, taking off, or some other defenseless position on or near their original field of operation with the three life rule. I mean what happens to "Balance" when one sides pilots have been killed off by this exploit? The other side in the Balance equation can't fly either? I'm just saying creating a balance algorithm with a life counter could get stupid ridiculous real fast. Returning an aircraft to the field with 30% damage and losing it for current and following map....Not liking it. (Why return the aircraft if I can crash land and fly 3 missions to get it back?) current map OK, an additional map leaves no incentive to return a damaged aircraft to the airfield. (trust me if I think of it someone else will exploit it). There is also additional queue for donators who have donated TAW server.....Not sure I like this as Myself and Moostafa are the contributors of funds from the squad, we receive funds from all our squad-mates to support servers and would hate to have them waiting while we were moved to the head of the line so to speak. Thanks again, I just wanted to show my concerns over what could possibly happen. >S< JG51_Ogg JG51Molders
  10. Thanks KATHON. Looking forward to the new campaign. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  11. PLURP, I'm asking out of ignorance here. Is this chart taken into account in IL2? In other words do they change with altitude as they should? >S<
  12. https://il2missionplanner.com/#moscow This if for the moscow map. Use the settings icon in lower right to change maps. click on the aircraft icon middle upper left. place first check where you are starting from, subsequent waypoints to any desired place and the final destination. When completed simply "finish " the flight whereyou input overall speed. You can change speeds for individual legs by clicking on the route info and simply change the airspeed. You can input a speed and if you have a stopwatch you can fly above the clouds to your destination within about 1.5Kilometers accurately. I set a climb speed of 325Km/H and a cruising speed of 425 Km/H Climb from airfield to 5K is usually around 20Km. Once you learn your airframe it's pretty easy to use. It's easy peasy quick and sleazy >S<
  13. Go ahead and put in the bad weather every damn day. I'll fly above it drop through the clouds over the target destroy the target and climb back above it and fly home. Navs are easy when you have a compass and a stop watch! Now let's get less chit chat and more movement to the next campaign. I'll be seeing you above the crappy weather. >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51Molders
  14. As asked previously. Any update on launch of next campaign? >S< JG51_Ogg CO JG51molders
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