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  1. I like running JU52 supply missions even if it is only 18-21 points a mission for a 25 minute flight. I would even do it for the Allies if the C47 were introduced as a player controlled airframe.
  2. You're arguing from a losing position.. Since you insist on this route I'll call you an idiot and be done with the conversation. First ME262 Jet engine flight was 18, July,1942 and the Tempest first flight was 46 days later on 02, September, 1942 There were 1430 ME 262 Jet fighters produced and there were 1702 Tempests built, A difference of 268 over 3 years or 89 per year or 11 per month or 3 per week. So yeah I'm kidding when I say they should be balanced with each other. But you're still a moron for not understanding why an Aircraft that had hundreds of missions in the ground attack role that the Tempest flew compared to the few missions the ME262 flew against the few bomber raids flown. The combat missions of these aircraft is nothing similar in real life. My position was stated clearly as a build date, numbers built, and combat sorties flown. The ME262 shot down, not strafed, more enemy aircraft than the Tempest. So have a nice day <S> \
  3. You asked so here is the info you requested. Tempest First flight 2 September 1942 Introduction January 1944 Status Retired Primary users Royal Air Force Indian Air Force Royal New Zealand Air Force Pakistan Air Force Number built 1,702[1] Me262 First flight 18 April 1941 with piston engine (Junkers Jumo 210) 18 July 1942 with jet engines[1] Introduction April 1944[2][3] Retired 1945, Germany 1951, Czechoslovakia[4] Primary users Luftwaffe Czechoslovak Air Force (S-92) Number built 1,430 REMEMBER I didn't say they were exactly the same I said they were similar in numbers built, Dates built and Flown, and combat sorties flown. So yes I can say I think the Tempest needs to be balanced with the ME262 and be pretty accurate in my accounting. Don't you agree? >S< BG26_Ogg
  4. I just wanted to say BRAVO!! to the folks at TAW. That was an entertaining set of maps to say the least. I think the Allies saw a 262 and said it's over now we surrender, as fast as that second map went by. That being said I would again like to point out the hypocrisy of allowing the Tempest into the server without the ME262 along side. They had build dates, flew combat sorties, and had very similar build numbers, throughout the war. The P51, P47, P38, and Spit 9 we know flew many missions earlier than the 262. There could have been a more strategic balance given to these airframes and plane sets. Who knows in time TAW may just add more maps and stretch out the use of aircraft to better represent reality over "balancing issues". Again TAW I loved the fact that you threw it together so quickly and really did make it competitive between sides. I almost made enough rank to actually fly a 262 (damn you BigGinger for being my only killer of the campaign). But I must say I had fun doing what I was doing for my side of the map. I had an aerial victory, I had ground kills, and it was again entertaining to fly. Let's hope you continue with this endeavor and even add some new wrinkles in when the Battle for Normandy is released. >S< BG26_Ogg Bose Geschwader "The Wicked" 26
  5. It's been a while since I've been around enough to cheese everyone off and be correct. I see some people complaining about "side bias" and "how do we balance the theater" You really can't if you want the ME262 in the game. This also goes for the Tempest. If you look at Historical numbers and manufacturing dates the Tempest and the 262 were almost identical in both numbers built and manufacturing dates throughout the war. That's a balance issue if the Tempest is allowed into the game well ahead of the 262. At the same time the 47D, 51D, 38J, Spit9 were all well ahead of the 109G14 and K4 in dates built and numbers built. It is what it is and I applaud TAW for even trying to get a good scenario out on such (map building times and tests) short notice. I'm sure eventually they will be able to spread out the models a little more and make it just as interesting. And for those complaining that the ME262 has the fuel regulators installed........I can fly without it as I've given into the practice of flying without it when possible. But some Noob 262 driver without it is going to burn the engines on takeoff or play throttle monkeys and flame out in a combat situation. With the regulators in the noob 262s at least have a chance to fly it long enough for the Allies to shoot it down. Looking forward to what TAW will do with the Normandy campaign map....Will they start as a BoB scenario by limiting the Allied rides (Hurricanes and Spitfires) and bombers or will they start it with the invasion of Normandy? Have a great day folk >S<
  6. I've had this talk with other servers and historically if they put in the Tempest then the ME262 must also be put into the game as they were both built in late 44-45 and both had similar build numbers. I'm not advocating for either side just saying if you take away the toys of one, in order to be just, you must take away toys from the other.
  7. I have decided not to be one of the "cool kids" that hopped over to the VVS for a "Cool rides" tour. Therefore I will not be flying during this campaign as either Allied or Axis. I'll wait until the next setting starts from scratch. I hope you folks understand that I'm just not a new toys person nor am I a bounce it where I feel comfortable person. I will however be in the next scenario that starts from Scratch. I like flying that little I16. >S< Ogg
  8. 1300 hours. thinking we don't have too long to wait now. Going to give a shot at VVS this time around. >S<
  9. Good luck with the next campaign. I flew 10 missions , killed 4 ground targets, killed 2 of the UBER pilots, 666GIAP_Tumu and =VP=Alex-ru_en only got shot down 1 time by a human player and it was in a HE111 by AI-AAA and a P40 combo. Congrats E69_Lefra935 3 KIA credits to AI AAA ditched once Then I bitched about how bad this server has become with the new rules of Side balance hold offs, lack of players actually playing any longer, AI being too UBER, and generally pissing every fan boi of TAW off. Now I see folks saying it took too long for the war to happen. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you just need to look at recent changes and decide if you want to change a few things back to the way they were or if you leave them where not as many want to play that way. Working with the Coconuts and using the manual from IL2 on building servers I have come to the conclusion that you can turn off the AI in aircraft, you can remove AI-AAA randomness from the game, while protecting cities and airfields from vulture attacks. I also know that you can turn up and down the accuracy of AI-AAA on a case by case build. You can build UBER AI at the airfield and good AI around towns, and even the AI that if it hit would make Mr. Magoo look like a marksman. Good luck on your next build and I'm sure I'll be back to try it and of course make you crazy here on the forums. >S<
  10. Take out all AI AAA except at airfields. Ring an Airfield with 150 Expert AI AAA and leave only one life per campaign like ERIC said. Just kidding, but maybe one life per full map cycle, I could go for that type of catch 22. 8 maps, 8 chances to make a difference. No AI AAA in truck convoys. No AI AAA in tank convoys, No AI AAA at train stations, no AI AAA in factory towns, no AI tail gunners in any aircraft, and no random spawned AI AAA on the map anywhere but around an Airfield. Shall we be bold and make it count? One life per map. Win or lose the map goes to the pilots who destroy the enemy facilities and protect their facilities, Destroy the enemy war machine and protect theirs, and win by attrition. I'd be in for that. Then I couldn't bitch about the AI AAA and when I do get killed it will be by someone who is either more lucky with the shot or a better virtual pilot all around.
  11. Take your ball and run along little kid. If you had read it you'd know how I "lost" my aircraft. I was quite frank about it. I don't want to be pitied but I don't mind being the butt of a joke now and again. But when people dismiss me for an idiot when they have no time to read fully and understand or attempt to understand then I have no patients for you and your ilk. I simply am pointing out flaws in the system. Sorry Mr. Founder And as for the Can't draw conclusions from making mistakes. How is a new player supposed to learn if they have to go sit in the corner like a school boy if they were killed by some unforeseen force? They fix the mistake by not playing there any more. That seems simple enough. and it seems that's what I said.
  12. Man alive!! You all look at me as if I'm Lucifer Incarnate. I simply make a statement that it seems the server population is going to hell in a hand basket because of the Super tuned AI AAA and the death/lives counter and everyone comes unglued like a Democrat at a Trump rally. Back when we started flying on the TAW server there was no death/lives counter and if you were killed by AI then you flew again with a "lesser" airframe. Now when you get killed you are penalized 24 hours of "sit and think about what you did kiddo". OK so I flew at 3K altitude on my side of the front and was shot by an AI flak trap that is not on the map. OOPS MY BAD for thinking I was safe from dumb shit. I go to time out sorry dad I won't do it again. Can I have a good ride after 24 hours. HELL NO now go fly crap and don't die butthead. Fly a resupply mission and a couple of combat missions with a wingman and get not what I lost but another aircraft that I don't usually fly. Then it happens. I see a PE2 and drop in on it do some damage and see the engine burning pull off and climbing back to altitude BLAMMO!!! ANOTHER AI AAA kills me! 24 hour penalty JACKASS go sit in the corner!!! Stop getting killed by AI AAA. Sorry DAD it wasn't on the map in the area where I hit the PE2 I don't get it. Yeah but it got you....DUMBASS!! So next I say screw it I'll fly an HE111 above 5K and go bomb a factory behind the lines. They'll never expect that. I fly a covert route along the edges of the map where no one should see me coming. I get 10Km from target, I'm at 5.2K altitude and I'm looking through the bomb-sight getting lined up and what do I hear. FIRST, HE'S ENGAGING! Oh great here we go get this close and have an enemy fighter find me close to the target before I can drop bombs.I stay in the bomb-sight and continue to work the numbers while I'm hearing bullets hit my HE111. Then as I approach the drop point the bullets stop and I figured I was on fire (but I wasn't). Just as I hit the drop button I see a burst of FLAK fill my gunsight and I hear BAM-BAM-BAM-schreech and the HE111 lurches I leave the bomb-sight and look out the window. Engine 1 the prop is sheared off and there's a hole big enough to drive PICT's and SIDDY's ego through without them touching. I shut down the engine close the radiators and am amazed I can still hold 5.1K and 225Km/H while making my way back out. I go back to the bomb sight and close the Bombay doors. I get back into the pilots position just in time to hear....Yep you guessed it...FIRST!! HE's ENGAGING!! I see tracers pass over the right wing and engine two. Then I hear more hits on the wing and see the wing sparkle to life and a fire ensused. I dove to see if I could put out the fire and the left wing started to come apart. The HE111 became unstable and I hit the bail out command. All of my crew left the aircraft ROUND 3.5k in altitude and floated gently to the ground. I was looking at a creek and thinking I'm going to land in this creek and drown. I float across the river and settled in the forest beyond. 24HOUR PENALTY!!!! YOUR AIRCRAFT was shot down BY AI AAA and some random player who got a lucky shot (because he was so bad with the aim in a P40) that I had to bail out. GO SIT IN THE CORNER AND THINK UPON YOUR SINS LUCIFER!!!!! Move along two days because my DEATH/LIVES counter was at 0 for losing my HE111 to AI AAA and an idiot. Flying a JABO 109E7 I'm heading towards a bridge and what occurs.......;YES INDEED AI AAA fires on me and hits me hard. I drop my bomb and what happens....I actually killed a BT7 tank and I didn't know it was there. I just wanted my E7 to be light and try to run. But along with the drop and the jinks I got smoked by AAA AI some more causing 91% damage to the plane and 79.5% damage to the pilot. YOU DIED DUMBASS!! LEARN HOW TO FLY!!!...GO SIT IN THE CORNER!!!! Well now I'm done sitting in the corner. So I start pointing out the obvious things I can see. Low population numbers on the server. I point this out in my time zone because back when we first started flying in TAW it was hard to find slots for 6 pilots let alone 10 on a Sunday Night at 8:00PM EST U.S. TIME ZONE. And now from all you TAW fanbois all I get is it's night in the EU so no one plays. There was a time when finding more than 2 slots at a time was almost non existent. There were many JG51Molders squad night Sundays (8:00EST U.S.) when we would have to log on individually, take off and fly around, until the rest could get slots to play. Now I get It's night in the EU no one is playing. You're right about one thing... No one is playing on the TAW server when you specifically are not playing. Congratulations you've taken your ball and gone to play by yourself. You have over 2450 people registered and only 93 players with more than 40 hours on the server. How long has the server been running now? It's been over a month. 25 days that I can verify through my account. That's 600 hours of server time and only 25 of you super fan bois who defend to the death have more than 60 hours. I'll even round it up only .04% of the registered player base has more than 40 hours of 600 possible hours playing. If you were the CEO of a corporation you'd be fired by the investors for failure to grow revenues. Yeah I know you don't get paid. But you don't get the monetary support you used to get either. That's a fact. I am the Devil Lucifer now exorcise me like the mundane horde you are.
  13. Still not even close to the most used server.
  14. That's funny. My HE111 flights were a joke. The first one I crashed when I accidentally shut off the engines after takeoff by feathering the props instead of lowering the pitch angle. The second flight I was intercepted by a P40e at 5.2K, bombed a city, was hit by Flak, and was finally reacquired by the P40 who made the HE111 unflappably unstable from which I bailed out and floated down from 4K watching the comings and goings of other players. When I got to the ground I was removed from rotation as having been killed (24 hour penalty). Then 2 days later on my first flight of the day I was flying towards a truck convoy in a 109E7 and was shot by a Zis72 dropped my egg to try to recover and go back to the airfield. I was shot again this time killing my pilot. No enemy area markers in my own territory. Again (24 hour penalty) for no reason other than TAW thinks it's a good idea to alienate the populace of the game world. I don't say it spitefully, but then again maybe I do. There was a time the TAW game server was full, or nearly full, all the time, no matter whether it was EU prime time or not. It was full or at least populated by more than 75 players at any one time. Now TAW has a hard time being anything more than mediocre population because of the limitations they place on the players and the increase in AI accuracy. Doesn't seem to be a problem elsewhere. By the way, AI got me tonight in Combat Box, during a strafing run with a 110 on ground targets. But I had the ability to fly again after I was killed. Whoops not a big deal there. And because you fly the PE2 with additional armor and invincible cloak you think anyone is just yankin a biscuit because they get hosed by the AI. Let alone I've had PE2 and A20s come through flak drop bombs on an airfield return and strafe said Airfield and fly away with nary a scratch. But if I bail out and survive going to the ground, If AI kills my pilot with a head shot, If I get killed by a better pilot, If I get bounced by someone I didn't see coming, then I have to sit out for 24 hours. So you won, I now sit out and for 24 hours at a time I bitch whenever the mood strikes me about the absurdity of the rule the TAW has placed on the GAME PLAYERS to control the amount of players on the server. They got what they wanted. Less players playing with their toys. So instead of maps being won or lost they are now closed as a draw. Good Job TAW you did it. Nobody plays with your toys anymore, you've become the ATAG and TeamFusion of the GB servers.
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