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  1. @LuseKofte This is sad you are leaving. I hope you will spend some good time on whatever you decided to do instead. I would be glad to have a U2. I hope for a Li2 in the next premium plane. All the best.
  2. Hi, Me too I would like to participate for a U2 if possible! thank you in advance! @II/JG17_HerrMurf
  3. A reserve ju52 for me please! thank you TxTip!
  4. Ah!! very long, but in the final, we know we will get a MASTERPIECE of modelling. Made with attention of detail, Made with LOVE! Gosh!! this will be the most detailed and realistic ju52 created for a simulator!!! If only I can hug the dev team for that !
  5. I am in for a BOM key! , I am interested in BOM to fly the ju88 , the bf110 and the Pe2. I bought both premium aircraft, Thank you Jade Monkey!
  6. Hi Yoyo! thank you for this review! good job! this has to be done! I hope it will bring more players!
  7. Same case for He111 or Ju87 or ju88 Russians knows that... Each ride on those birds alone is suicide, so no difference with ju52 At least it is my favorite aircraft with the dc3 family! (and the po2) Thus a mg131 and some toilet paper (if we poo in ourselves!) are most welcome. At least, we will be clean when we die! maybe we will get it... one day! http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25200-juicy-info-about-our-beloved-junkers-52/
  8. Thanks Pirake, It does not matter your skills skinning are very basic, I find your skins awesome. The template change would probably (I hope) be modified to make the rear gunner optional (like the IL2) so we can make realistic civil ju52. But I believe even with that, old skin will be fully compatible. "I have many projects" >>> please do them when Tante Ju will arrive! Do not worry about your English, most of us have not English as mother tongue.
  9. Thank you Pikare! superb Swiss skins!! please upload more if you can, I am sure the Ju52 deserves more skins! Give justice to this gem!
  10. This is perfect! thank you so much both of you Pirake and Squetch! thanks to you guys we now have 3 dark paintjob! You made my day! If you have another ju52 skins, go ahead! I will support you guys!
  11. Thank you very much Pirake and Sketch You are both AWESOME! Pirake, please release your own version so There would be some variation (maybe with less white weathered), and give me your good first version! I know I am hungry That is because I am SO MUCH in love with this plane! Of course I know that other player will not be able to see them , but I do not care... as long as I am flying the ju52, I am happy!
  12. This one is great! thank you Pirake, I will keep it, I need a one like that but very very black.
  13. Nice Guys, keep posting skins! I support you! By the way, can anyone do a full black skin for me? (with simple german markings)
  14. I love how the dev team are making this sim better and better... I play a lot and enjoy it!
  15. They better do a law which prevent to do wars instead of creating those useless laws which make our hobby more complicated. By the way, I think the "regional lock ability" is a good idea.
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