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  1. Just wondering, as I recently invested in a DOF Reality full motion sim pit and it is awesome to pair up with Oculus and Assetto Corsa (racing sims) I would love to experience the same with BOX, however I don't see any available plug-ins, so I am wondering if the telemetry output is there.. Thanks in advance V
  2. Heeey!! I wonder if this will enhance the VR experience in any way..!?! P.S. Jason, You and your guys are doing an awesome job with this sim.. I can feel the love.. V
  3. Try out the 71st.. Best Spitfire pilots I've ever known.. S! V
  4. danggit I have the day off...! lol I have no servers at all.. V
  5. Just wondering, did it still affect your frame rates in any way, or is it as if HUD is completely disabled
  6. I second that. You will never go back, any more than you would return to the hat switch.. or flying with a mouse. V
  7. Hyperlobby style would be too cool..! Just like at this very moment, my favorite server, Wings of Liberty, is either completely full.. or now, out of spitfires.. :/ ... and completely full... lol Instead of me typing this to you, I would be hosting my own Spits vs 109's style server like back in the day.. V
  8. If she'd modeled anything like her sister, the 1001A in CLOD.... I'm going to immediately have my blissful elation as I leave the runway for the first time degrade to aggravated as hell that I forgot to open the radiator and just blew the engine.. lol V
  9. soooo sexy..!! ... but then again, I am a pontoon guy.....
  10. OMG.. I can NOT wait to fly the Corsair & Hellcat again...!! (Not to mention the "Wildcat".. a tubby little plane that even the most ardent of aviators would have to admit.. "She's even a little fun to fly.. :)" V
  11. Whaaat...!?? Can't help it, it's getting close. I can just feel it.. LOL V
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