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  1. Changed USB ports and it started working normally. Now i need to find a way to change the pilot's head position. need to try this 3dmigoto mod, i'm kind of tired of changing it in the psfiles
  2. Hi, does anyone play IL2 without any lighthouses? I'm trying to configure it, it tracks ok but the camera keeps on resetting to the position I'm looking at the moment, what makes the game unplayable. Can someone help? Thanks!
  3. For me the I16 is still not responding. You change the manifold pressure and hear almost no sound response from the engine (oculus rift). It's a liiiitle better thou.
  4. No, I tried facebook. Will try copying to their email. Thanks Will update here if things change for me. The funny thing is that they saw the message and decided not to answer :S
  5. The sad part is that they don't answer to questions... Was trying to upgrade also but to no avail... No answer from them, even writing in russian...
  6. Career mode - Amazing! When I successfully complete a mission I get the text on the screen in French, even if I have everything in English; The water on the windshield is just awesome and the new clouds are gorgeous! 150KM is the new deal, can set everything down on settings but the 150km and the clouds! FN is a killing machine! Is that how the germans in their F4 felt all this time? The other planes are also interesting! P39 has a LOOOT of firepower! Got a dump on FPS on VR, needed to dial back the settings a little to get better, bu
  7. wait some more half an hour to an hour and you should be able to go in again, with a whole lot of new stuff to play with!
  8. server is being updated. All is down for one hour more or so
  9. it's like that for any software project... Oh, how many nice nights i've passed making go-lives...
  10. I'm going of from work at 16:30! so at 17:00 I hope you guys have everything rolling or...! Just kidding, keep up the good work, we are here waiting as long as it needs to be!
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonina_Lebedeva
  12. Well, they say in the FAQ that they might go through even if they don't sell all the 100. They say that right now is unlikely that they will cancel the project. So I'm not really concerned with that. Harder will be the wait! Will surely let you know how it feels!
  13. jetseat is discontinued. this is their new product: https://forcefeel.tech they send to the US
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