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  1. Hi all, I finally got fed up with R1 and R2 not working so i finished getting all the parts needed and made up my own cable and its all working perfectly now! Anyway thank you to everyone here for your help. I'll see you in the sky! o7
  2. Yep the FFB in this game is a bit odd, and the pitch is a bit weak until you get the aircraft up to speed (like 250mph+). Also you may need to tweak the FFB in your Logitech software so its not as heavy on the roll. My settings are: Overall Effects Strength: 105% Spring Effects Strength: 85% Damper Effects Strength: 85% Untick Enable Centering Spring.
  3. You're right, the company I believe was called Immersion and it expired in 2019 but as far as i know no one has any FFB joystick plans :(.
  4. Cool thank you again! I will order some of those. Oops i just realised i said 4 pin housing in my last post but i meant to say 3 pin 😕 and i have the same 3 pin you mentioned. Anyway functional is good! Its not like anyone is going to see it and at least now you know what you're doing for the next one. However it would be far easier if Logitech and/or Microsoft pulled their fingers out and made a new FFB Stick or HOTAS!
  5. Yes please, send links! I assume your Hb-sxOF (JST PHDR-08-VS) are the ones in the video labelled HB-2x04 (MDU-8F)? As for the crimps i did buy both types from RS supplies (SEH-001T-P0.6 and SPH-002T-P0.5S) and i got the 4 pin and 12 pin housing as well, just need the 8 pin. Thank you for you help by the way!
  6. Hi @migmadmarine, I'm very sorry for my late reply! I don't seem to be getting notifications to my email address. Anyway I never did find the HB-2x04 (MDU-8F) housing in the UK. So what i did in the end was make a new cable from an IDE cable and replace the 12 pin housing. However i cheated and just soldered the rest of the cables together, which has fixed my hat issue however I'm still having issues with the R1 and R2 wheel being jumpy when i move the throttle. Which means at some point I'm going to need to take it apart again and do a proper job but reuse the HB-2x04 housing.
  7. It did a large update and i tried to launch it, but it decided it needed another 2.4GB patch. However Steam seems unable to complete the patch and keeps repeating it over and over! I have plenty of HDD space and i have also tried validating game files but no joy. Is anyone else having the same issue? Or knows how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you @ojeda i discovered that video last night not long after i posted my question. I have managed to find all the housings in the UK except the HB-2x04 (MDU-8F), in fact googling the marking only brings up Russian sites that wont allow me to buy from them 😠, and putting it into ebay only comes up with a Hornby train! So i'll be contacting RS supplies today in the hope they have something like it. Edit: They don't! And they directed me to contact Molex, which i have done. But its looking like i'm going to have to use the current ones, however if Molax g
  9. Well i do have my Saitek throttle quadrant that i can use, but that thing is a pain in the bum in its own right! Anyway what i think i'm going to do is swallow my anxiety and take everyone's advice and make my own cable. So i have ordered some heat shrink as @DD_Crash suggested, and i already have the IDE cables for it. I just need to find and order new plugs for the ends (just in case i break the old ones), which is easier said than done as i cant pop to my local Maplins anymore! Does anyone know what those plugs are called for each end of the cable? I know i have
  10. Thank you, Its going to take a while before i will be ready to give it a try but i have saved the links for when i do. So for now i think i'll keep looking for someone who has a replacement or is willing to make one for me that i can buy. I feel it would be better for me to try and get a quality replacement from someone who knows what they are doing, rather than me take days on what will probably be a terrible repair that ill only end up having to keep going back to fix.
  11. Dam! Yeah i have seen a lot of extremely talented people modding their gear and I wish I could do the same! But for now i think i'll just try and fix this cable And I have buckets of ribbon cable in my attic, so no problem there! Just not sure this is something i'm capable of doing. So may I ask, should I just cut the cable in the G940 and just splice in ide cable? or should i try and remove all the cable from there plugs and replace the entire length from top to bottom? Thank you all again for your replies and time, and i'm sorry it takes me a while to rep
  12. Wow thank you everyone for your replies! Well I saw on the DCS (hope its ok to mention that game here) forums that a person was going to order replacement cables from china but could only do so in bulk, also seen another person have to do the same but with extension cables instead. So i was kind of hoping to catch the attention of others that have had to do the same, and maybe buy some of those extra cables, or find out where i could get them from. I can use a soldering iron, but I'd say I'm a bit of an amateur and those wires look tiny, and lots of them! Plus i am
  13. Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can help, I'm having the common issue with my g940 throttle where the cable between the PCB and the throttle head is broken. I have tried removing the screw but that seemed to make things worse, i have also tried gluing the cable down and some other basic fixes, But it looks as though the only option is to replace it. So i was wondering if anyone out there has a replacement that I could buy, or knows where I might get one? Thank you in advance.
  14. Please ignore I just brought BoN and cant see a way to delete this post.
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