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  1. thanks for the tips geronimo. would be glad if you shared your nonlinearity settings too.
  2. Thank you semor will try your settings out. They seem rather interesting and quite close to the ones that i have settled for.
  3. Update on topic . i just tried the game on a friends house with an extended joystick. all i can say its a tottally different experience. all planes flyed and felt super natural and realistic. i could be super accurate and responsive at the same time. it also worths to mention that, that was with 0 sensitivity and nf setting. i guess the problem lies with table joysticks they just cant get the feel right. now trying to find a setting to make my t16000 behave alike and that because i feel that with short sticks nonlinearity,nf and maybe even a little deadzone will improve the experience.
  4. well I was lucky and found a spring very much alike but stiffer. nevertheless its been 2 months now and the plastic tabs still hold fine. no risk of breaking if you dont go too far.
  5. Here you go. spring on top is the one i bought its stiffer than it looks.I used both new and standard for extra sturdy pedals. you will find out that harder spring also helps minimize sticky/jumpy movement and helps precision. Now on the hunt for realistick noisefilter for t16000 and maybe curve.
  6. I bought a stiffer spring and replaced the stock one. you open the plastic lid on the bottom with one screw take out the spring and replace it with stiffer one with pliers. there is a special store with every kind of spring in my country dont know if you will find in yours.
  7. I have also increased tension on my tfrp pedals by using a stiffer spring. Will try 60 curve. any recommendation for t16000?
  8. Hi, Im struggling to find a correct sensitivty setup for tfrp rudder pedals and t16000 joystick. Plane handling seems unnatural. I tried noise filter also. Im wondering what do u use. mostly wondering what folks on servers that seem to down me every time use maybe i can minimize ground looping too with the correct curve somehow?
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