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  1. Yeah, I've updated the SDS-file before using it on the new PC. I was using "ipconfig -all" to read out my IP-adress for the new system. So this should be O.K. I also checked my router settings (Fritz!Box) which was working well for my old system.
  2. I do have some problem here. Since a few weeks I own a new PC with MS WIN10 installed. When trying to run Dserver.exe on the new system I always get error message saying "ERROR Couldn't Load Mission................". The error indicates problems with port 28000 & 28100. I'm running WIN10 HOME & Kaspersky Internet Security 2019. To exclude Kaspersky as a showstopper I've uninstalled KIS2019, which doesn't help at all. I've also doublechecked my Router (Fritz!Box) that all necessary ports are enabled. My older system (WIN7 & KIS2018) is running DServer without any problem. So I'm quiet sure that the my Fritz!Box is well configured. So my focus is now on WIN10 firewall settings. When running KIS2019 the system information indicates that the internal firewall is disabled, but since disabling & un-installing KIS doesn't resolve the problem I'm wondering. Do I need to enable ports for DServer in WIN10 firewall even when running KIS? Has anybody DServer running under WIN10 and could let me know if he has enabled ports for DServer under Windows-Firewall settings? Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank You in Advance Axel
  3. I also deleted the update folder and was able to install the update. But after 1st start of IL-2 "Kaspersky-Internet Security 2019" was wiping out launcher.exe, IL-2.exe and several DLLs. This has never happened before.
  4. I had the same impression dealing with destroyers and cargo-ships.
  5. Is it possible to add Bf 110-E2 or Bf 110-G2 to the LW planeset? Can't find any of those.
  6. Thank you for your assistance. My iPad is from third generation (early 2012) and the latest supported iOS version is 9.3.5. Looks like a very exotic bug. Please don't waste your precious time. I'll try to find another solution for myself.
  7. So the dev environment is working fine on my IPAD with Chrome and Firefox. Safari works as well. :)
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. I've just checked with my IPHONE (6s) and Chrome and there it works fine. The have different iOS versions istalled. IPHONE: 10.3.3 IPAD: 9.3.5 (latest SW) Safari is also working fine with your tool on the IPHONE but not on the IPAD. I've cleared now the different browser-caches several times, but without success. I've tried Firefox as well, same issue. Looks like a specific IPAD problem. Strange, it has worked for month.
  9. I was using this great tool on my IPAD under IOS. I am using Chrome as a browser. This has been working until these days. Now when opening the IL2missionplanner with Chrome under IOS my screen stays white. The same happens with Firefox under IOS. Has anybody seen this as well? Any idea how to get it working again under IOS?
  10. Thanks's a lot. This was valuable information. :)
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