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  1. Hit I-key. The targeting circle appears with lower-left instrument panel. I suppose object markers may be off.
  2. Or, press Num period (Snap add). This key snaps to instrument panel view point.
  3. Likely as Redglyph. Brief description: After the mission complete of campaign, campaign don't progress. Detailed description, conditions: Sometimes, when complete and finish the campaign mission, point becomes zero and rank becomes lowest. After exit and restart BoS, number of sorties, mission success and victries are reset to right value (include the score of the last mission)​, but exp point don't increase and campaign don't progress. Yesterday that occur in an I-16 mission and today occur in 2 missions of Bf109E-7. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): ​Windows 10, Kaspelsky internet security
  4. Open difficulty setting and enable "Instrument panel". This is disabled in expert mode.
  5. For LaGG-3, Yak-1 (and Pe-2 I suppose) , M-105 engine mixture is about below. Blue exhaust color at 2700RPM: altitude summer winter (stalingrad map 12:00) 0m 75-85 95-100 1000m 75-85 95-100 2000m 75-85 95-100 3000m 75-85 95-100 4000m 70-80 80-85 5000m 55-65 60-70 6000m 45-55 45-55 *at 2200RPM and higher than 3000m, -20 is blue exhaust mixture. I think mixture should be -10~+20% of above value. My simple mixture setting is below. altitude summer winter 0-3000m 80-100 90-100 4000m 70-90 80-100 5000m 60-80 65-85 6000m 50-70 50-70 *at 2200RPM and higher than 3000m, set -20.
  6. You should set rudder sensitivity and then try twist rudder again. I set sensitivity 80% for all 3 axis. Single engine planes with tail wheel lock: Bf109s, Yak, IL-2 are easy and good for take off and landing training. LaGG/La, MiG, P-40 are more difficult.
  7. About level, see the information of Update 2.002. 1. Player ranks added to campaigns. You'll have a separate rank for each side in each campaign you have. Mission difficulty depends on this rank. Your rank is shown in the profile. In addition, (if my memory is right) when your pilot level reaches lv.5 or lv.10, mission difficulty increases as if your rank is 1 or 2 higher.
  8. In the real world, Fw190 stabilizer angle is +4~-1 degree. In the external view of this game, the stabilizer moves between +4~-1 degree ("0" mark should be 0 degree). But stab angle indicator in the cockpit indicates between +2~-3. I supposed that the indicator is not right. Angle +1.5 is 0% (indicator is -0.5).
  9. 1. necessary Fire all gun, rocket, bomb, RPM control (axis or key), wheel brake, zoom in/out 2. should be assigned Mixture control (axis or key), supercharger, boost, rocket release mode, bomb release mode, flap up/down, gear up/down, pitch trim and stabilizer (you may assign same key), oil radiator, water radiator/inlet cowl (you may assign same key because no plane has both), outlet cowl 3. if you can roll trim, yaw trim, dive brake, manual prop pitch, feathering, tail wheel lock, canopy open/close, bomb fuse, bomb bay door
  10. MiG-3 is the extreme example of yaw unstability. Set sensitivity and practice in your plane to use rudder in conbination with aileron. ​
  11. Ride on MiG-3 and try left and right tight turn without rudder. The bole jump to side and plane stalls easily. Practice horizontal zig-zag turn to keep the bole center.
  12. The wheel brake of LaGG-3 (and other RU planes except for I-16) works as below: if rudder is centered, braking left & right wheel: if left/right rudder input, braking left/right wheel. So, you should use wheel brake with rudder centered, and when the plane starts turning, stop braking and use oposite rudder. practice!
  13. Many of LaGG-3 user had same question. Serch "lagg ground loop" in this forum. 1. Keep straight by rudder. If plane starts turning, input oposite rudder quickly. 2. Use wheel brake with rudder centered. If you use brake and rudder at same time, plane turns oposite side too much. 3. If rudder effect becomes too weak to keep straight at low speed, open throttle to 10-20% to enhance rudder effect. By the way, If IL-2 loops too, something wrong - If so, check "tail wheel lock" key binding.
  14. It is "Example custom campaign" DL from DD142. 5 missions are quite simple (only fly into marked area, with some ignorable static targets on ground), and include all files required to scripted campaign.
  15. Now, I can't move head right/left/... by key (mapped to joystic hat) in old_trackir=1 config. Changing old_trackir=0, then I can move head but can't use freetrack. Please help.
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