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  1. You have to do that in VR sim, too, if you want to take a good, prolonged look back. The similarities of the movements i have done and what he does is scary This acrobatic activity forms actually 1/3 of what air combat is all about. Fail at this and other things wont matter as you cant keep track of anything.
  2. That video is pretty much how i look like in real life when flying sim, minus the plane or altitude and plus one weird helmet display You work quickly quite a sweat if you do that in a proper furball. And you know what the weirdest part is, when you do high g stuff, you natural "rest" your head against the canopy (that is not there) as if expecting the G forces.Like in the clip shown. One of those weird predictive brain system getting tricked in to thinking there will be G's, tho inner ear tells no such thing. And it don't cause you any discomfort. But the easier part is what sets apart the TrackIR and other, even VR, stuff. Keys are troublesome and having 1:1 is real workout in a fight. Plust, the scanning of the sky is far easier when you get 360 degree coverage with ~50 degree actual movement range (depending on your sensitivity settings), You can effortlessly scan the sky with TrackIR by small *left right left right* head movements, that would take Arnold Schwarzenegger of the neck workouts to in real. However, if anything need to be done about this, or can be, i don't know. It just my opinion about trackir users as a VR user
  3. I agree wholly, IL-2 need Warthunder like mouse aim system, so poor people without HOTAS can also play this wonderful sim.
  4. Soooooo, if we stretch your logic a bit, this kind of shenanigans is just fine... Because "muh digital airmchair pilots" and stuff. I mean, i understand i am making hyperbole argument but... the logic still stands. So what is your cut off point to "realism" and where will we all gladly admit just being an armchair peasant pilots? The way you look at the screen, or the fact that some FM's and engine managements are all over the place? What is more important in realism? I can argue that my glorious american WEP should outlast the 109 WEP by hours because my plane was made in american high quality factory by strong independent woman labor and not in bombed out shack by slave labor. Many documents and anecdotes corroborate this reality! Now i know i am a bit confrontational now. But in game where we strive for "realism", whatever that means, should it not be so, that the unrealistic actions be more restricted? We did impose limits to stabilizer responsiveness to stop the linking the pitch axis abuse. Why not give some sort of head roll penalty for non VR user, where rolling head to un natural postures just causes them to snap their silly little necks I don't know, i am just brainstorming here. There is nothing fundamental wrong in what you stated here, its just the way you apply your fundamentals that irks me: when something suits you, its ok. When it dont? You dig up a pile of "secrit documents" saying it should be like X. I was being sarcastic and hyperbolic. I have hurt my neck, twice, before i got used to the new range of motions that i subjected my neck to. However, in me doing so, i stumbled on some hilarious justifications for "its a game" that would not fly in any other contexts by these same people. That was awesome game and i would still pay it if it was relevant game in current year! And some other thing that just popped in to my mind: Most of times where i got shot down was because someone sneaked up to me. I, as a VR user, need to do considerable acrobatics in my sim chair to check six all day long. I can almost instantly tell when someone is in TrackIR, because the way they have 360 command of their sky, and night impossibility of sneaking up from any direction just solidifies the fact that these TrackIR..... simmers, are not. (at least in the most fundamental meaning of the word) And when i used to do TrackIR, it suited me just fine, gave me tremendous advantage over traditional mouse look or padlock. It is only now apparent to me how much of a **** bag i was to simmers that took simming part seriously. I guess this is the price we simmers pay for our extra immersion: casuals get gamey advantages over us, that would not be there would we ever be put in real warbirds and have a go at each other . And in that warm thought i get most of my solace.
  5. CptSiddy


    Any modern dynamically unstable over 1:1 TW ratio jet can do that. But not a WW2 prop.
  6. CptSiddy

    MIG3 - High altitude performance

    i was at 3000 rpms wioth 22k revs on turbo maintaining 42" at 35k ft
  7. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Welcome to VVS TAW since like 3 TAWS in row. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. CptSiddy

    P-47D Level Speed

    I don't think it matters who flies it, the G-4 is from older IL-2 versions. It is documented fact that many older planes over preformed on high altitudes. Like how A-5 or La-5 were totally bonkers at 10km. The G-14 started to lose steam at 8km and totally fell flat on its face at 10km and above, the G-4 just got faster after 10km and was catching right to my tail pipe at 11km. This was on TAW, kuban summer +2C.
  9. CptSiddy

    What's your top speed on P-47 at about 5000 ft?

    We need to bring old IL-2 planes in line before boddenplatte is released. Today on TAW i was out climbed and caught up by a G-4 that followed me at 10km up to 11.5 and caught up to me in climb. All this while G-14's could not keep up after 8-9km. I suspect that there will be many more UFO's in the old IL-2 plane sets that will outperform the "high" altitude planes in BoP
  10. What VR users think: Track IR should be banned. Having 360 owl vision (tm) means that no one can sneak up on TrackIR 360 radar head movements. I hurt my neck. twice, in VR. Now my neck has more muscles than my wanking arm. TrackIR users have it easy.
  11. CptSiddy

    MIG3 - High altitude performance

    G-4 outperforms p-47 at 11km
  12. CptSiddy

    P-47D Level Speed

    Fun fact: G-4 can catch p-47 at 11km (kuban summer +2c)
  13. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

  14. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    my First TAW P-47 air kill http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=82042&name=CptSiddy May there be many more to follow
  15. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=DasMaximus XJammer ban evading