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  1. Please, a FW190 A3 or something that helps getting that if any possible, that one slipped my collection
  2. tech issues are not something that affect my self esteem... they do annoy me tho ^^
  3. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=76460&name=CptSiddy can i please get this ban off, my VR froze. I know it is not server fault but it cost nothing to ask
  4. My jaw dropped when G-2 was overtaking P-47 at 11km. That was last TAW so there is some time from that, and maybe it is different in this version.
  5. Or you just do less mid air collisions next time :^)
  6. Let me improve that list a bit... If you are climbing up to them you will die If you are not climbing to them, you will still die. If you are on their 6 and keep on it after the gunners lock onto you are dead But also head on is deadly as the gunner will get you once you pass If you come in from a low angle of attack If you come from high angle of attack, as the bomber is usually at 0.001m altitude above snake poo If you get close and aren't coming in at 600+ kph If you get close an are going over 600+ kph, because AI predictive gunning is just that awesome If you try to squeeze those last couple of seconds of cannons you will die If you don't squeeze that last couple of second, because you failed to kill the gunners and they got you on your egress If your in a rush you will die! but waiting and setting up a perfect pass wont guarantee your living either.... This tactic actually works to kill 110, because they have no visibility there, and gunner wont shoot there. This is what gets me out of my bed in the morning....
  7. Will there ever be any added mechanic to address the common evasive tactic in MP, stick jerking? While these moves may be plausible as far the physics are concerned, surely there must have been some reason why we don't see records of real pilots going HAM on their stick when someone is on six.
  8. Guy's! Stop breaking the sound barriers! They are no longer covered by insurance!
  9. HAHA oh wow, someone had too much vodka somewhere in this event chain, i am sure of it... So this means you can leave your boost just running on the FN now? I got to test it...
  10. I don't think those inlets are designed to cope with super sonic flow... but in a dive, maybe. The problem is, as many before me stated, that the cross section area of 262 do not follow the clean area curve so to not cause problems with the shock wave. When average speed of air molecules is mach 1 (and mach number has its own variables in play), the resulting interactions are far cry from your garden variety sub sonic aerodynamics.
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