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  1. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Its historical accuracy, you see, your forced slave labor replaced the explosive filler with San Francisco Pumpkin Soy Latte.
  2. CptSiddy

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    Then why our engines explode if we run 1 microsecond longer than stated by manul?
  3. CptSiddy

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    Someone, please tell me, what it is in your opinion that causes damage to engine if you run the WEP longer than state in manual?
  4. CptSiddy

    I guess 7 tons of aeroplane...

    >Plane hull the size of locomotive Yeah, thats p-47-D
  5. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Gunners are fine, they provide me with steady diet of tears and salt.
  6. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Just to rub home the gravity of the situation. We cannot do supply missions, that means getting P-40 and Pe-2 resupplied is solely reliant in your predominance in Il-2 and I-16 in situation where there is more axis with better +1 planes in the air.
  7. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Transport PE-2 is fuqered again. You have 0 normal Pe-2 and cant take transport one. I removed everything but the fuel, ammo too, and it still wont work.
  8. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    eu late
  9. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    u are free to join it, i can translate.
  10. CptSiddy

    Tactical Air War

    Rare image of K4 in 1944 (colorized) rare
  11. The limiting factor of how long can you use combat/WEP should be for the same reason as in RL, the temperature of inter cooler. The engine the P-47 had, had no problem to WEP and combat power on test stands with "infinite endurance" intercooler for long times with no adverse effects. Once the discharge air was too hot or you ran out of water, you had to reduce throttle to get back inside the safe range for the rated fuel (150oct when???). Therefore the WEP and other engine modes durations should be modeled by the inter cooler discharge temperature and not some arbitrary value that is based on secret arts of timers.
  12. Little bit of anti corrosive additive never hurt no one.
  13. Soviet experimental MV*50 system (1939, colorized)(*Much Vodka)
  14. Didint the scramble ready fighters have heaters attached to them to keep the oil runny?