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  1. Nah, man, you just got hit in load bearing elements :^)
  2. Oh man, judging by the peoples opinions of how bad the VVS and Red army was, its a miracle that USSR survived at all. After all, war was was between an agrarian, second world nation, and ultra modern (by that time standards) western industrial juggernaut.
  3. Show me one WW2 era military where this did not hold true under operational field conditions. Sarge: Squad, storm that MG position! Private Pete: But im le tired... Sarge: well, take a nap, then STORM THAT POSITION!
  4. I would like you to experience the joys of shooting down JU-88 when he is in shallow dive from 5km, while AI gunners do AI gunner stuff... I know many axis pilot enjoy the AI rear gunners of Pe-2 at least as much if not more.
  5. You literally fly nothing but JU-88 milk runs to depot. Ill fly 0 death career as supply general next taw just to laugh at you. The second you touch fighter, https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=92652&name==/Hospiz/=MetalHead you get your arse handed to you in a neat gift wrap. VVS fly under manned, even this TAW there was 20-30% less VVS participation and it got worse as it went on. Not to mention the Russian holidays debacle. VVS has no luxury to ignore tanks and go for depots, as our pilots are needed everywhere. I want to fly fighters only, but to do most good, i fly what the team needs me to fly.
  6. Don't get me started on your bombing runs...
  7. To troll? Get someone to follow you at distance where you are just outside effective range. Make sure he follows you in to dive, and learn the speed/altitude relationship where you lose elevator effectiveness. Then engage dive flaps and recover. If you do this right, any plane without dive flaps wont be able to recover and smash to ground. Practice this in quick missions, don't dive too steep or enemy wont follow (or you wont be able to recover in time either), and too shallow or he will recover too and be on your 6... The point here is to make enemy kill himself and feel ashamed of it Trick is to pick up enough speed high up, so when you hit the thicker air, you are instantly in compressability and can start to recover, so +-45 degree dive is optimal.
  8. If you are flying online and want to troll people, learn how to use dive flaps to recover just-in-time. Gets some kill hungry 190 on your tail and dive. Then watch him splatter all over the idyllic German countryside while typing smug (but respectful) things in chat :^)
  9. All i see in here is serious case of medal envy.
  10. Replica medals in replica sim is fine and sign of dedication. [edited]
  11. Maybe it is a function of where the wheel wells are? They are quite in front of the wing, and have a large radiator behind them, perhaps the caused turbulence have some additional effects from that?
  12. The real innovation would be a clench-o-metter. The harder you clench, the more G's you can sustain :^)
  13. Time to set up thermometer in hell, just in case....
  14. I think VVS might be a slightly too hard for SCG, it requires that you operate radiators, mixture and RPM.
  15. Axis has no reason to use JU-87 It does nothing that 110 or JU-88 dont do, better.
  16. The only time i see someone flying JU-87, is when they suicide bomb on some empty AF, never to log in back again. No one is using JU-87 if they can help it...
  17. What, you dont like the magical G-string +1 of stamina all P-51 pilots will be wearing
  18. When the BoP TAW comes out, axis will finally get the taste of what it feels like to be constantly under manned
  19. Kuban map has very badly placed AF density. AF's get more denser towards blue side and sparse towards red side which makes no sense. This makes for very poor experience for the red team as they have to travel very long distances to support any sort of attacks on the enemy fields.
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