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  1. Is this phenomena as bad if you use 50 cal AP ammo? If it is not too much to ask, try squirt it with p-39, and see if as bad.
  2. I am honestly surprised he did not do some crazy arse stunt and killed you. As you can tell by the ocasional negative G stick jerking, there is ace-in-making sitting in the cocpit. Ive seen plenty 109's doing exactly this and doing cobra and hitting your tail. But in all seriousness, this is just Netcode McLearn2Aim situation, man, its your fault for not hitting the wing tips. You know you had plenty of opportunities to aim for them.
  3. It is not a simple thing to code for. You can make a simple version of a radar that will work too well. The real challenge is to model in all the imperfections that the early radars had to contend with.That being said, something like Northrop P-61 Black Widow that did operate in Europe if i remember correctly would be cool addition to collector plane set.
  4. I bet a good dollar that most of people simming today, were exposed to model kits at very young age. Microsoft Flight sim is a good visibility, yes, but there is something magical with gluing your own model, and then playing with it. It kind of imprints you to aircraft's for life. So good long term strategy for Sim makers to get more kids hooked on sims for life is with glue and plastic
  5. There is strong correlation of being exposed to model aircraft kits as a kid and playing air combat sims. We need to shill for more plastic model kits for kids as a hobby. Its like a gate way drug to sims 😄
  6. HAHA, if you replace all American 50 cals with HE rounds, even the Breda HE rounds, they will be PHOTON CANNONS OF DOOT! The HE, to put it mildly, is very effective to reduce aerodynamic performance of the plane... one small hit from German MG's HE on p-51's tail usually is enough to make it not fly straight.
  7. Fixing the ammo belt issues on 202 and 109's is really really low hanging fruit, why it is not fixed in a hotfix?
  8. Yes, there is a reason "aim at wingtips" is a meme. Its only place that has only one important and big hitbox to destroy, and that is a spar. Aileron is not able to stop or absorb most of fatal damage, so detaching wing tips with 50. cals is a legit way to kill 109.
  9. Take a note on a ground strafing, how dispersed the fire is. Even if it is out of convergence, the dispersion is still more like shotgun and less like our two intersecting beams we got now. Our problems with our current iteration of 50 cals are not singular issue, but a compound of myriad things, all working in consort to make USAAF pilots game experience somewhat frustrating. Especially if you have much flight time on VVS or Axis planes and you compare your experiences with them. The hispanos are only saving grace west front allied have right now. PS: don't cross the streams :^)
  10. I think devs avoid this section, bad for blood pressure.
  11. Dooode, just aim at the wing tips and its k, also watch for netcode.
  12. Its just show that our current 109 is historically durable as even German 50 cals cant kill it.
  13. Bredas are bad because they have only AP in the belt. All HE ammo, no matter of how much HE they have, are very good at damaging aerodynamic performance of plane. There is some ammo belt issues at the moment, where most German planes that have big MG's, only have HE ammo in the belt, and 202 has only AP ammo in the belt. I am not sure what the soviet plane guns have belted in, but i assume that if it were all AP, they would also be meh...
  14. You did not read the thread where it was told that he flew for 5 more minutes until ditched. There is even the pilot log posted... This kind of negative g does not happen when you rip off the controls. It happens when you poop your pants and slam the stick forward with the force of thousand Görings. You need to rip off the tail properly to have similar forward jerk, and that plane did not lose any parts nor have any controls severed. Only the severe water loss forced him to ditch later in flight. So yeah, that negative G jerk is hall mark of most Aces flying on MP servers. Whenever they get jumped, they slam the stick instinctively to the dashboard.
  15. Yeah, seems that AP do work, and the wheel wells and the stuff in there is just absorbing all the HE fragments.
  16. Out of curiosity, can someone do this test with P-38 with its AP .50 cals?
  17. Ah, so there is, well, that more meat to guard against bullets. The point is, 30mm HE ammo are with contact fuse, so they will blow the wing off before they will blow the engine. And AP will be deflected or absorbed by all the stuff in the way. Shooting at wheel well just wont work because how all the hit boxes in the way like to eat AP bullets and HE fragments.
  18. There is no bombs in wheel well. The 10x 100 configuration has 2x2 on wings and 6x in fuselage bombay. The wheel well and wheal structure is just eating most of the bullets and HE fragments before it reaches an engine components from the MG's Cannons have more oomph so they blow trough most of the structure. /edit oh, there is one bomb behind wheel well, well what do you know. More meat to safeguard against nasty AP.
  19. I had my neck strained two times when i was starting VR flying, on the second visit, the doctor asked about it... Imagine explaining your VR hobby to someone, the look on her face...
  20. In other news: French licence build engines in T37 were weird... It takes special kind of French to put fuel injection in to the shaft. And now back to the main topic on thread...
  21. You can steer a multi engine, torque free aircraft by using engine power asymmetrically. Trying to have a singe engine prop drive plane fly without tail is another matter completely.
  22. This is one gripe that i also have, the comeback after G strain is very long in some cases. Ofc, total LOC recovery is very individual thing, hard to quantify. But, what about negative G's? Do you have any input on that and the current pull push meta we have going on?
  23. That plane continued flying for 5 minutes and then ditched because of water leak or something. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/890979/?tour=26 That thing does not happen when you cut off the controls, you need to blow off the whole tail to have your center of G move forward, 109 was longitudinally stable, and at that speed, cutting the controls would cause the plane to pitch up, not down. So people who invest upwards of a small family car in to gaming rig will be handicapped, and your 50 bucks joy FreeTrack players can just dab on them? suuuuuuure, im sold.
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