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  1. The DM modelling in computer game is hard for one simple reason. You have component hit boxes and HP pool on them, the more granular you go, the more accurate you get, but there comes a point where you have to do compromises. Hence, when you have an object that is big, even with lots of durability, it still can seem weaker because the way you model the other things. When HE ammo has X amount of secondary effects (shrapnel), a larger object, even with nominally better durability, can be weaker in absolute because it will absorb more damage by the virtue of its size. The P-47 might be sturdier on paper, but by the virtue of it size, it catches more damage in total, and seems to be weaker when actually being shot at. If you have 100 hp on wing spar, but it is so small, that you only catch small % of shrapnel, vs 200 hp wing spar that hoovers up more % of the shrapnel, the end result might feel like the sturdier spar is weaker. This is issue in many games that include granular hitboxes in its hull. Mechwarrior is poster-boy of those games, where huge HP pool parts that are bullet magnets can seem like weak tissue paper, and small hitbox parts with no hp to write home about might seem indestructible. I am 80% sure that the granularity of component hitboxes play a big role of how the DM of p-47 might feel a bit off, even if there is effort made on the devs part to make the individual components stronger than average.
  2. Oh trust me, i would never do to real aero engine what i do to engine in game....
  3. Hell mode of Diablo is where TAW players go for Rest and Relax
  4. What is this? Re enactment of Brexit negotiations? What is wrong with you, man, just leave and be done with it. TAW caters to different kind of people. If you are not one of them, that's too bad. Surely, you can join to one of your preferred servers and leave us poor people alone.
  5. Put mixture on lean, keep rpm low and give it some throttle gently until it warms up.
  6. That, or a map rotation based done with time sequencing. Like: 30 minutes before sunrise (depending on map) -> 9-11am -> 12-14pm -> 18-20 pm -> and 30 mins before sunset depending on time of year.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Japanese-Destroyer-Captain-Tameichi-Hara-ebook/dp/B00CW0T4HQ Good read if you like ships and pacific. oh and luck number 7, FW-190 A if possible ^^, thank you.
  8. Didn't the JG51 leave like two TAW's ago? This rate of leaving is giving a Brexit a run for its money...
  9. Most of those hits were pretty solid hits, tho if it was only 20mm hits then they do preform quite well. With the new pilot damage and endurance model, ive noticed that pilots from all sides are dying like flies... Was this like so in the war, too?
  10. Well, i think the least thing that is reasonable is to look at parts flying off at dives. As there is credible evidence that this seldom, if ever happened on the model we have now. I think it is a reasonable think to ask to be addressed, or at least, explained why it is modeled it this way.
  11. @=LG=Kathon, can you show us the pilot killed by aircraft from last TAW up to this point? I am curious, how the old TAW will compare to this TAW's pilot loss by air to air combat. AAA numbers are interesting, too ofc. Also, can the "other" be due to unconsciousness being now very common cause of death?
  12. Yeah, considering our current pilots are dropping like flies from wing HE hits.
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