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  1. Ah, so we were talking about spotting in competently different contexts this whole time...
  2. I am guessing that majority of people, when speaking of view distance, are talking about enforced limitation by the server. As long as server don't send your client the information about plane or target, no plane or target can be drawn, no matter what camera mode you have. This very limitation is the reason i made this thread in the first place.
  3. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    Make limited supply of AAA assets, once they are gone, you only get half of them on the targets and fields /puts on asbestos suit
  4. Well, from start of this thread, my arguments were concerning the BoBP environment, where high altitude is more of an norm than the usual exception of crazy axis player that have climbed to 10km. We get planes that feel at home in 11km, generating full manifolds and even enough to get WEP on. At those altitudes, assuming the contrail ceiling at 6-7km, you get rather large aerospace envelope where visibility of the environment is vastly different than it is on sub 5km. Pair that with rather high end late-war speeds you can maintain and you start feeling the pain of low visibility. I am all for the visibility to be only applied to contrails, even if the dot is invisible. But i want to see the bloody thing, and not the abrupt cut off you see in today's environment. The amount of humidity and actual atmosphere that is below the 6km and above 6km is akin something like this...
  5. I did back of my mental envelope calculation... without actual envelope. As we are asking to see only how long it takes them to meet, you can get it by taking the closing speeds and forming simple as seen on TV equation of (Xs*194m)+(Xs*222m)=10000m, (the m get divided away, leaving only the s value) this gives ~24s, in what times the faster have traveled 5328 meters and slower 4656 meters. On altitude where you leave nice and fat contrails, IE, the altitude the 262, 190 D-9, P-51 and P-47 were meant to operate, this leave very very small window to observer the furball.
  6. Cpt_Siddy

    Elevators issue

    mig 3 turns better with its elevator shot [edited].
  7. Cpt_Siddy

    Is there a red out in this game?

    The constant visage of MP servers is pilots who pull negative G's like its nothing? This leads to ridiculous looking moves that looks like upside flying while pulling -4G's. Other classic is jerking stick back and forth. Is there seriously no hindrance from pulling insane negative G's? The blackout limit is stupendously high, but it is there. However, i have yet managed to ever pull enough negative G's to get red out.
  8. Cpt_Siddy

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Why yes, yes you did. The D-28 has a water injection and load of manifold pressure to back it up.
  9. Cpt_Siddy

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Yeah, you can have first row shot to hell, and the second row can bring you home. Also, time to get familiarized...
  10. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    Shit happens, mate. My best was when some program decided that it wanted all attention, in the middle of my dive, so i lost control of the game while sitting in VR and diving to my death screaming FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  11. This can be a server side issue, where server preforms the "visibility" check in a manner that allows the contact to go beyond the bubble before the check is preformed again. This means that you can have a limited window of visibility even after you leave the bubble, while the inbound will not show you until the value returns true for visibility. The server knows where all planes are, its just not showing the clients that info until it deems them to be worthy of such lofty information.
  12. Yeah, i figured from your specks, but i was talking hypothetically if someone WAS still playing on 670...
  13. 670 is more likely bottle necked by the GPU VRAM, 1-2 GB is not enough to run it at high texture settings. 4GB VRAM gets you all the visual goodies you want to, so grab a used RX480 from discount bin or something, cost about 120 bucks will be 3 times better than 670. 780 serves me just fine at the moment, and i really want to see what AMD brings out on 7nm before i upgrade my PC and VR again. This game is not demanding for today's low end hardware, not to mention a beast like 1080TI or something...
  14. Got same CPU but 780gtx. The 3770K is more than adequate for anything gaming throws at you even today... And even 980ti is cheap now. But i am waiting for AMD 7nm cards, because i had about enough with NVIDIA BS now.
  15. @Diggun Jokes on you, i still have Cliffs of Dover. Also, this engine being ancient don't mean it is bad. But like you said, "suitable for ww2 flying": well, i am predicting that THIS game engine will not be suitable for late war western front flying either... at least in MP.