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  1. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=25433&name=1./JG42Nephris Why i did not get kill for this?
  2. Aaand Map 2 goes for reds! Thank you for everyone involved! Great job nuking the fields all day erry day!
  3. Made out of 100% natural hemp, even when burning, you are still high.
  4. You are welcome to join us on TS. What a wonderful wife
  5. Maybe thats his wife? Or someone else? His nick on forums is still same.
  6. A question to devs, how will be Hurricanes canvas covered surfaces interact with HE fuses? This is a whole different beast in terms of how it deal with HE over pressure or fragmentation and, at times, might be passed trough harmlessly by HE. I am not saying that canvas was superior in dealing with HE damage, i am just saying that it had different failure modes. And the HE's usually detonated on the internals instead of the skin. This is very interesting topic that i have been mulling on for a time and now i am just burning with curiosity...
  7. Rather, it would be great to have a game that can handle night times and have a map rolls from 30 mins before dusk --> morning to noon --> noon to late noon --> late noon to 30 min after sunset. 2 fully daylight maps, and 2 maps with ending or beginning being dark. (heck, i would not be against a night mission now and then but good luck getting anyone agree with that ) Yes, our light sensors in eyes are far far better than our colors sensors. This is why dark is... dark. It is easier to have a cell biology that react to any light than to try to catch that one stray blue photon. Simulating this in game means you need to reduce the color bit depth instead of just darkening the color.
  8. I fly in VR with OLED screen and its totally different experience than of LCD. This game handles the luminosity in traditional way, IE, its darken colors, so OLED gives you a distinct advantage over LCD at nigh time, as LCD's use light obstructing elements, while OLED's use emitting elements. This has been long standing problem in many competitive autistic mil sim games and issue that has few solutions, This problem has been solved in games, like ARMA3 where the dark values simply don't send any color data but go in to black and white mode, no ramping up of gamma will help with that. Here is ARMA 3 image with gamma ramped up to 9000
  9. You know that feeling, when you are flying after sunset in VR, escorting 8 Peshkas to clear out resupply depo at the end of the mission timer in double layer clouds? I do.
  10. There is no way a Heavy machine gun caliber HE can do such a catastrophic damage. In real life it was phased out because it was largely ineffective against structure and only questionably good against surfaces. 1g of any HE is not enough to cause large enough local over pressure to have a plastic deformation of materials, you are way inside of elastic band of most aircraft skin materials at the near vicinity of impact site. The density of 1g of most HE is also small, so it takes allot of space, space that can be used for a dense AP core and incendiary compound. The kinetic energy stored in the AP core is far more likely to deliver more structure damage than any piddly HE filler you can cram in to 12mm +- diameter. The video of a spit sawing a wing of 110 with HE belt looks like there is again, something odd with damage model. Come visit Finland, we got higher gun/capita density than Texas (Yes we hunt and most of our men go trough mandatory military so when you talk about Europe, what part do you mean? I can equally poo poo on your democrat... *ahem,* states... and their weird aversion to black, evil looking assault clip guns ) My point still stands, most of people here have not, under any circumstances, fired a 50 cal at anything resembling a soft, structural target, be it car, fridge or a plane. And i am not sure the local 20mm mineshot damage is overblown, just the fragmentation effect is a bit... weird. The HE MG's are... all over the place wrong, tho.
  11. Also, average jet was build far far faaaar more sturdier than your 109. Planes got bigger, faster and less maneuverable. It was not untill gen3+ jets that we started to see Fly-by-wire, over 1:1 thrust:weight, dynamically unstable hyper maneuverable jets. Rotary cannons were big, heavy but offered rate of fire that put them head and shoulders above anything multiple gun setups offered and the growing size and power of jets made them best guns for job. Again, we can discuss reasons why 50 cals were phased out, but lets please not argue of how 50 cals are unable to totally shred the light alloy tail of one of the smallest and lightest of fighter of WW2.
  12. Look, you are derailing the convo. The issue in here is that is it realistic that you need to pump 200+ 50 cals in to 109's behind to get desirable results? I have seen first hand what 50 cals non AP does to trucks and cars. that include engine block, skin, internal and reinforcing steel structures. I have also seen real Finnish G-6 (the thing is TINY, Cessna tier tiny) and know what they are made of, what their tail section is like and i can imagine how it would look like after 50 rounds of .50 cals fired from dead 6, let alone 200+ rounds tested in here. I can safely call BS on the current AP 50 cal performance against that air frame. At this moment, engaging 109 from dead 6 is exercise in futility, but shooting them at deflection angle gets results. This is indicative of damage model that shields all the important parts from 50cal AP and ignores most of structural damage caused from that shielding.
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