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  1. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    I feel more than comfortable taking on G-14 in La-FUN. La out rolls it all day erry day and they preform about the same in all other planes of control. And have relative parity in hp/kg. Same with A-8. It is so heavy that Lagg-3 can club it if it gets caught in a climb.
  2. Cpt_Siddy

    Germany Lifts Ban on Swastikas in Video Games

    Le windmill of friendship, peace and happiness. That some failed Austrian artist ruined for us forever.
  3. Ill make you fly peshkas as my favorite cat next TAW for 30 days. For science purposes ofc.
  4. Cpt_Siddy

    My plane is shoot down , i need

    Ah, the bass pigeon, the mythical beast of audio world. Must have for any serious audiophile, i heard there was even murders over possession of viable breeding pair.
  5. Cpt_Siddy

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    I just had an image in mind of Enterprise jumping out of warp speed to fight space nazies from alternate timeline from some Star Trek episode and could not help but laugh my arse off when i first read this....
  6. Cpt_Siddy

    Tactical Air War

    It is moved one week back every time someone asks this.
  7. Cpt_Siddy

    Bodenplatte early access

    IF we get B-17, we will just see them being gunshipped at 500m and axis salty tears filling multiplayer forum section. Like in Warthunder :^)
  8. Cpt_Siddy

    Soviet fighter tactics?

    You fly around and "Cheeki" every direction, when of spot the enemy, you put on the Eurobeat, and "Breeki" like it is 90's again.
  9. Cpt_Siddy

    Mustang MkIV for BoBP

    Boo , Hissss!
  10. 262 has a turn radius of a small county, it is interceptor. D-9 is the most potent tool in axis arsenal to deal with other fighters.
  11. It will be different experience to pilot nearly 10 metric tons fighter, that is so big that you can fit yak in its cockpit and 109 on its wing
  12. Cpt_Siddy

    Ok guys..sell me BOK

    I believe there was considerable concern among p-39 pilots fearing that shaft snapping and ...shafting them from behind.
  13. Cpt_Siddy

    Ok guys..sell me BOK

    mmm sweet lemonade....
  14. Cpt_Siddy

    Ok guys..sell me BOK