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  1. I think VVS might be a slightly too hard for SCG, it requires that you operate radiators, mixture and RPM.
  2. Axis has no reason to use JU-87 It does nothing that 110 or JU-88 dont do, better.
  3. The only time i see someone flying JU-87, is when they suicide bomb on some empty AF, never to log in back again. No one is using JU-87 if they can help it...
  4. What, you dont like the magical G-string +1 of stamina all P-51 pilots will be wearing
  5. When the BoP TAW comes out, axis will finally get the taste of what it feels like to be constantly under manned
  6. Kuban map has very badly placed AF density. AF's get more denser towards blue side and sparse towards red side which makes no sense. This makes for very poor experience for the red team as they have to travel very long distances to support any sort of attacks on the enemy fields.
  7. Can we rework the blue depot on the kuban map? You can guard both depots at the same time and intercept bombers from a single point with this new visibility system. Something to think about
  8. It is divine punishment for overstacking blue side.
  9. Next time just put the warehouse to the moon... or Berlin, its closer that way.
  10. We are, by proposing things to remedy it
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