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  1. They got fed up losing 1 v 4's to me so they went VVS this TAW
  2. You forgot to add the "with no pants" clause.
  3. This TAW free existence is seriously missed opportunity for good participation numbers here....
  4. So you are saying that 2 top of the line airplanes wasted 6 minutes on a one lonely plane? I see that as a victory for Allies. You are not a hero of this server, you are just a single man, and even if your opponents were 190 D's or 109K's, the result would be same. Only difference is that you would die faster.
  5. Give Allies Pe-2, everyone will be happy again.
  6. You were not vulched, you got shot down because you got lost in your transport A-20 because someone killed the radio bacon.
  7. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=25076&name=Cpt_Siddy mad skillz Squads that insist on cool, cinematic takeoffs, are just begging to get massacred on the runway.... Next time i think ill try to use R4M rockets while listening to R4M Ranch...
  8. People complaining about vulcing in a expansion module that was named after one of the biggest vulcing gig in whole WW2
  9. Axis has finally come down from space.
  10. I am really looking forward to new DM. I hope there will be bigger resolution for parts and better partial damage of an engine that can lead to blown out cylinder and still flying.
  11. I fly in VR, i miss most of the warnings because they are displayed in a way that makes them easy to miss if you dont look at your front : /
  12. The warning comes when the enemy is inside 10km radius of the of the friendly field, depot or outpost.
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