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  1. Milk Sugar Pack of eggs Eyeliner Fish web stockings Wig High heels
  2. Hit or miss, i guess they never hit, huh?
  3. If you have ever flown in real plane with crazy pilot, the VR kind of give you the sense of presence that flat screen will never be able to replicate. It brings you back to the moment. Part of the skilled fighter pilot is to know how to mitigate G's, like making turn using earths gravity to assist. I guess people need to learn the virtues of lag pursuit instead of pulling MAXIMUM ALPHA for that hail-mary deflection shot and then e-recovery in to vertical, like they are used to(literally every "good" 109 pilot did this pre patch).
  4. In old version, if you got slow, you would be endlessly seal clubbed by the high E opponent. Making opponent overshoot was a fools gambit because of how easy you can recover your energy with no cost to pilots stamina. Now, doing the vertical loop da woops in F4 over some poor yak will no longer work. The real defensive flying is finally viable. Yesterday i managed to pull defensive flying where i forced enemy to overshoot because i changed direction few times , with just right amount of force, so that getting lead made my pursuer to black out forcing the overshoot. Before the patch, that kind of flying would just earn you a "hole in your right wing", because no amount of G would hamper pilots ability to engage. Gone are the days where you can BnZ at crazy speed and pull straight up to recover most of your energy. And now you see far far less stick jerking back and forth. The dogfights are not boring, they are just different. And some people need to learn the new ways of playing, while some of us finally get rewarded for their adherence to realism.
  5. This change is very fortunate for me, because i don't need to change anything. Ive always been flying more or less like i am really inside the plane, thanks to VR. And since i know more or less my real G tolerances, i always, instinctively did the maneuvers that i would dare to do irl. I am enjoying the fact that now all my hard work of flying in a way that is easy on your pilot is finally rewarded. Now, lets talk about the blackouts...
  6. VR zoom not only let you ID planes from far away, you can count the nose hairs on the pilot.
  7. I've actually shot 5mm aluminum target plates with 7.62mm, allot. There is state from where your bullet will damage the skin but will not penetrate, sub 30deg angle at 300m is often enough to get the bullet sheer the metal and change trajectory outwards. There is also the random element of the bullet orientation (spin stabilized bullets don't have their point directly forward but wobble a bit about the axis of spin) when it contact the surface, so there is bout 50/50 chance it will either keyhole trough arse first or ricochet. The bullet that ricochets has still plenty of energy left, it just don't go trough the plate, and instead just change direction. And this is something I've also seen in game, my 50. cal tracer bounce off wings of 109 few times, tho i don't know what damage it caused, so no clue how it is modeled in game. Here some images of similar effects on car hood from handguns. Its not apples to apples, but the general gist is the same. There is reason why small calibers MG's were phased out during the war on fighters. And then there is this oddity Shooting rigid stuff at springy material can produce close calls.
  8. Look at the size of that thing.
  9. Play like you play 42 era VVS plane against 109's. IE, don't initiate combat if you don't have advantage in energy and or place to run for. You don't really have your uber advantages that you used to enjoy against VVS planes. At best, you are tied, at worst, outclassed and badly. It has also better vertical sustained climb, i have hammerheaded so many 109's now it is not funny. P-38 will just pull away from 109 in vertical. Ofc all other hammerhead rules and limitations apply, but if P-38 has some distance on you and same energy, it can just go vertical and you will never get it under 300m before you will stall. If you cant land hits at that point, you will be eternally seal clubbed from this point on. Diving is also ill advised, as p-38 will out roll anything at dive speeds and it can exit the dive in compressability, you cant. P-38 is plane that i use to kill 262 from dives exactly because it is only allied plane that regain a semblance of maneuverability at 0.8 mach. P-38 is like 110 G2, but better, it can out turn you, it can out sustain the turn and it can keep the nose up. If you ever faced XJammer in 110, you know what i am talking about. Your only advantage is that you have better roll at medium and low speeds, so change direction as often as you can. You are also faster at the deck, but if you dont have initial distance, you will just get hosed down by 50 cals.
  10. Does he point to specific graphical problem, where we might perhaps help him? Or is just his opinion on subjective matter of how the cockpits are made?
  11. I cant read french, what does he say? Is he surrendering ?
  12. Oh, did it make you sea sick? Why did you get rid of it? Lower the rendered resolution to sub monitor, so the smallest pixel displayed get rendered on multiple pixels on your screen... oldest competitive trick in book in competitive games that rely on spotting the pixel...
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