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  1. Whats the difference? I do hammerheads all day erry day and live to tell
  2. I stopped caring ages ago, its been few hundred pages since i last even cared to write more than a two paragraphs about this stuff. What does get my goat is Axis now starting to kill steal me... Thats wrong and have to stop!
  3. If you claim that you have flown big piston engines crafts, then you should know that looking for these symptoms is like one of the big part of pilots or on board engineer job to keep the engine healthy. Pre detonation and other malfunctions do usually have one or more noticeable symptoms, and you learn to look for them, no matter are you driving a Lada or Skyraider. Id love to dig in to details... in its own thread. However, I like how you want to bring MP in to this, in some servers where life don't cost you anything, you see some.... odd behavior from pilots. In servers where life indeed do cost you something, you rarely see this. And yes, even in real life war situations, there were the moments called "use it or lose it". There were numerous situations in wartime where pilots did floor their engines to get away... the ones who got away prolly got promptly chewed up by their chief engineers (who had to work overtime now). Abused engines in need of overhaul were nothing new after energetic dogfight had taken place. "Better detonation and cooling modeling have been mentioned by devs as an intention and I look forward to when they have time and resources to implement" Literally only thing you need to say to make me happy(er).
  4. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=82865&name=ITAF_Eagleeyes kill stealer
  5. Didn't the L model have same inter cooler position as J model? Namely, in its beard?
  6. If you have no real limitations to use manual (disability or lack of control equipment), i suggest you use manual engine operation. The A-20 has some issues in the techno-chat department, It shows the engine overheating when they are not, so there is one thing you want to look at the temperature gauges and not techno-chat. Flying the plane on manual according to the rated limits is best way to do it. However, if all else fail, binding RPM to throttle is not totally wrong way to do it, because you will generate more than enough thrust even when operating the engines in sub optimal regime. Leaving mixture to auto rich, operating the thortle/RMP lever so that you don't over rev the engines and using the second stage supercharger little bit later than usual should make it manageable to fly even in full load.
  7. You got a die hard fan base here that you can leverage. Many fans in here are educated professionals in fields that have good overlap in subject at hand. And communications from you on why engines behave like they do, is more than welcome. We are all fans of very niche field in here, namely ww2 aviation and all that goes in to it. And please, don't mistake my wishes for carb temp meter in cockpit to mean something one day for ill will towards IL-2 or people working on it. But like you said, i know very little about your take on P-38, tho i wish it lives up to its fame.
  8. Don't worry, it will have Allison engine, and if there is one thing we know, is that it sucks in this sim. (Just look at P-40 and p-39 we currently have). The operation of this plane will be, probably, word for word of the conservative peace time/early war manuals. Ignoring all the stress and torture testing done during wartime, that has amply documentations, on Allison power plants. I really do wish the current timer base mechanics would actually model the real reason why engines had time limit recommendations.. like carb temp and oil tems and water temps... And the damage to engine was not a catastrophic failure if you went one millisecond over the time, like in a game, but a profuse oil leaks from damaged seals, cylinder misfires and general loss of power and oil pressure, like in real life. Not the full engine seize, that you get, if you gun your allison a pubic hair over its limits set by some manual. Engines rarely fail in real life like they fail in this game, unless you shoot out the oil pan right under them, or mangle up the gear box or shoot out magnetos. Abrupt engine halt needs usually total loss of lubrication or total failure of power transmission. Even a total loss of a cylinder or two did not, in all cases, stop the engine, if the damage did not unbalance the crankshaft too much. Unbalancing something that spins fast usually led to spectacular failures if the RMP was not reduced and fast. Well, fear for the worst, hope for the best. I do want to be positively surprised.
  9. Did you know, that there is only one country between Finnish and North Korean land border?
  10. That's like average red afternoon experience on TAW. Stop sobbing in your ice cream bucket, you sound like a teen aged girl. Right now, in this mission there is supply ships, 25 blues and 14 reds at the timezone where red lose numbers and blues get their Hilary supporters on.
  11. This is the most un american statement i have ever heard! If US wanted to make flaps that defy gravity, they make them. Because US law supersede other laws. But on more serious note, there might be some sort shortcoming when it comes modelling flaps on powerful aircrafts like 110 G-2, P-47 and such. When the air speed drops at certain level, the drag from flaps drop to near 0 and gets full benefit from the strong engines without drag losses. P-40 does not suffer from over effective flaps, nor does P-39.
  12. Do you want the hard truth? CAN YOU HANDLE THE HARD TRUTH?
  13. I think OpticFlow worked for DNC 2016 Presidential Polling company before this....
  14. What are you talking about! It was very common place to 110 G-2 to follow La-5FN in to vertical climb with full flaps and scoring hits, i read many memoirs that show how this antigravity tech was used and then lost to history! Korkajännitys is very historical series!
  15. No, that was "Oleg-Bars"....
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