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  1. As a Finnish, Hurricane is a great news. Finland did have few HC:s during war, but they were Hurricane 1. But HC 2 is a cool plane. My favourite @ IL2 1946.
  2. I know… But there is heaps of blocks and individual houses.. I ques nobody want's to make generator/mod. It should be possible. Hell, i would even pay if there was a 3:rd party DLC for that... Like in FSX. It has a nice Instant scenery editor tool, which i use a lot. Instant scenery allows terrain modification and it also populates villages and cities with buildings. But FSX is a different story.. Here is a mod which uses LUA and generates ships artillery.
  3. Indeed… I'm about launch editor right now. I can add objects and other stuff, but that's about it ATM. It seems that you can do a lot, but it would be great anyways to have some kind of a mod that could add objects to desired areas automatically.
  4. Hi Beebop! Firstly. Thank you for you kind words about my maps for Il2 1946. I know that randomly generated pop ups can generate objects to wrong places. But mod tools for old IL2 did have also tools to remove unwanted objects from roads and water. Anyways. I've been looking Mission editor, and there is a possibility to add groups of objects and so. As somebody wrote before, editor is very powerful. But also it has a steap le<rning curve. But it looks promissing. Kapteeni
  5. I'll try that. Thank You! But first i need to figure out basics of Mission Editor.
  6. I also have russian markings for Boston (A20).
  7. OR.. Maybe someone who have skills could make a template with villages and tutorial for beginners like me. I dunno how many have used any of mission templates for Il2 1946, but that is on my mind. It does not need to have airplanes. Just kinda quick start guide how to... Best would be if we could have easy populating tool, iike SYN:Vanders easy mission tool..but only for buildings and static objects.
  8. I've been browsing several tutorials about missionmaking, but can't find what i'm lookin for. There is heaps of tutorials about how to add new airpalnes, tanks and vehicles + artillery. And how to trigger events and onlinethings. But what comes to adding houses/villages and factories plus harbor templates very few or nothing... I did post a query @mods forum about farms and villages as a mod. They told me that it can be done "fairly easy" with mission editor. For me it looks very difficult. Compared to Il2 1946 and CLOD. I would like to make a template with good amount of buildings at combat zone, say Bastogne and Hauffalitze for example. Is there any tutorials for that kind of thing? Anyways, i start making missions, because it is propably fun. I used to make some campaigns with DCG for IL2 1946. I also did several maps, mostly with Acracier. Biggest was Our Karelia map. I wish i could do that wirh BOX too... Kapteeni
  9. I know that map is not ready. I was just wondering that is it even possible to add more houses and stuff. I have no skills at the moment how to us mission editor or mod anything. But IMHO we need something to fill eerie emptiness of maps. I ques i finally must try n to learn mission editing. I understand that it is a powerful tool, but at the same time it has a steep learning curve. I was just wondering, that maybe someone could make a mod that randomly generates buildings here and there. Maybe in certain areas like coasts and near roads. Some kind pop up tool that uses dds. textures as a reference. Other than that, maps are looking gorgeous and big towns are beautiful. Kapteeni
  10. ...to make a mod, which add more buildings and even small villages to maps? New maps are beautiful what comes to landscape and roads and so on. But it is pretty dull to fly over empty landscape. Specially on Arras and Rhineland. In real they were heavily populated with farms and small villages, If not with modding, maybe in Full Mission Editor. Kapteeni
  11. Looks great. Good for WW1 C and early WW2 scenarios
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