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  1. I'm excited about those trucks! they will be great addition to tank crew or just to drive around airfields. or cities. Plus any improvements to Bodenplatte map are most welcome
  2. i did have massive troubles, when reinstalling. I had to use Netlimiter, otherwise installation did stuck in a loop. Finally i got it working. I took a flight over Normandy and Arras plus Southern France. God i wish Great Battles would have houses and terrain Like that... Some areas in Normandy would be usable even if it is a modern sim. Maybe someday..
  3. Looks great. My only hope is that there will be more villages and farms than Bodenblatte.
  4. Omg! My Second Combat Flight sim after Rowans Flying circus!
  5. Hi! Ido that too. But. ATM. I can't choose other than hurricane and l-16 (thanks to Syn).I also want to use U-2 as a finnish biplane for example. Or..can i?
  6. Just wondering, if it is possible to use "enemy" planes on plane sets? FinnIsh airforces did have Russian captured planes and Bombers and it would be also cool to use some weird settings for just fun. Like in old uberdemons mission generator for il2 1946. Anyways. EMG is really cool for us, who can't use mission editor...also for tanks.. Keep up the good work! kapteeni
  7. New version is beuatifull! i really like that there is more options for randomizing! Fabulous job!!
  8. Yes¡ My first simulator was Rowans Flying Circus! From that i've been huge Ww1 airplane fan! About maps, contryside needs more villages and houses. If it is possible.
  9. Thank you tor having Hurricane and I-16 to axis plane set. Finns did have few Hurricanes during Continuation war. and since we do not have Brewsters yeat, we can fly early war scenarios with Hurricanes and captured I-16's Kapteeni
  10. I Mean, i would like to fly Hurricane and those others as a axis pilot. I can't see them as a flyable aircraft for german/Italian missions. Or I'm i m issing sometething here...?
  11. About planesets Is it possible to add Hurricane and I-16 as a axis fighter: I'm asking, because Velikie Lukie map looks a lot like Karelia, where Finns and Russians did have 2 wars during WW2. Finlad did have have few Hurricanes and also some captured I-16 fighters. And PE-2's for bombing missions! Finns did have about 10 those too! I know that Finland is not big deal for many, but it is for me! And i know planes can be altered with mission editor, but it would be cool to use those planes with EMG too. Like withIL 2 1946 Uber demons mission generator, which did make some weir
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