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  1. Thank you tor having Hurricane and I-16 to axis plane set. Finns did have few Hurricanes during Continuation war. and since we do not have Brewsters yeat, we can fly early war scenarios with Hurricanes and captured I-16's Kapteeni
  2. I Mean, i would like to fly Hurricane and those others as a axis pilot. I can't see them as a flyable aircraft for german/Italian missions. Or I'm i m issing sometething here...?
  3. About planesets Is it possible to add Hurricane and I-16 as a axis fighter: I'm asking, because Velikie Lukie map looks a lot like Karelia, where Finns and Russians did have 2 wars during WW2. Finlad did have have few Hurricanes and also some captured I-16 fighters. And PE-2's for bombing missions! Finns did have about 10 those too! I know that Finland is not big deal for many, but it is for me! And i know planes can be altered with mission editor, but it would be cool to use those planes with EMG too. Like withIL 2 1946 Uber demons mission generator, which did make some weird missions with random settings... Some info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._22_Squadron_(Finland) https://www.ilmailumuseot.fi/tuotteet.html?id=20170/245044
  4. I love CLOD and Desert Wings because they remains old IL-2 in many ways. And it is also fun to jump between planes when playing missions.
  5. I just found this! Amazing!...Now i only need to learn how to actually drive and use commands for tanks!
  6. OOps! My bad. There is missions for autumn map! Sorry....
  7. This a nice addition and needed one too! How ever, i would like to see something for winter/autumn maps too. Maybe phoney war scenario or something after BoB. I haven't seen any missions/campaigns for those maps. Cheers and thank you again for your hard work!
  8. This is amazing! I have played few Desert missions and everything works fine. Good job!
  9. Downloaded, updated, played and game works fine. I haven't tried any campaigns, because i'm on laptop which is just crap... Vega 8 graphics.. I can't wait to install this to my Desktop. African Theater of War is always been my favourite.
  10. Downloading... This remains good old old IL2 1946 when all the addons came. I think that is was the best time. OT:But this year is also groundbreaking because of MS Flight Simulator. It opens whole new possibilities!
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