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  1. 60 Dolla,rs is a bit high price for addon, but I´m gonna buy it at day1! Been playing ClOD bliz and for me it's the best BOB game ever. Gameplay reminds old il2 games. I don't fly online often. Been waiting for this.
  2. So, where can we actually see these pictures? Perhaps here...
  3. I hope TFS will be released before MSFS 2020... So far it looks so cool.
  4. Even i had a small hope of map with some parts of Finland and Leningrad area, i still love Normandy scenarios. Map looks huge. And also Hurricane is soo nice. It is my favorite WW2 plane with ME 109. I personally always liked Eastern front more. There were some nice USSR planes and also Finnish Airforce did have some cool planes. IL2 1946 style small maps would be great too some day. Plus early war planes too for eastern front
  5. I can attack with Stuka even under 500 meters.This is a game after all. It would be great, if we could have infantry, civilians, birds and dust and smoke, which really make the war. Plus the thing, that if a player is killed, whole game would crash, so you had to buy it again...if wounded, fresh install. 😜 Seriously @SYN_Vander, how is the Tank campaign going? Is it gonna be a new program or are you gonna add tanks to current Easy mission Generator? Easy Mission Generator is amazing. Since Tank Crew does not come with career mode, this will be great feature. If it is not too hard to make. I been trying to figure out how to play Tank Crew, ind it is difficult. Keep up the good work! Kapteeni
  6. I was surprised about graphics quality! I just bought Wings Over The Reich. I think that early 2K was golden age of flight sims. Most of them are still alive. I haven't touch CF3 since win 10 came. But this looks better than IL2 1946 with mods. How on earth they did it? OK. It is a bit outdated, but gameplay is good and it is fun to make missions with. AI is pretty good. But it is only 30 US Dollars or 27 Euro's. If you are old skool ofliner like me, this is a must buy. I'm tempted to buy Wings over Flanders Field too- Then my flight sim collection is CF2 & 3+heaps of mods and WOTR FS 2004, FSX, FSW, P3D IL2 1946 Vehicle Simulator(mainly for boats and ships) X_plane 11 IL2 BOX I don't like DCS for some odd reason....
  7. I bought WINGS OVER THE REICH just to see how it works. And i was surprised. It looks way better than IL2 1946. And AI is better than IlBox. It is based to old CF 3, which i never liked too much . But that Mediterranean mod was great. And some others too I really like WOR. Even it is a bit outdated what comes to graphics, it still looks good. Plus it is not as empty as BOX maps outside towns. Which is important to me.
  8. JG_deserteagle54 .IMHO that is like remake of Quick mission generator. It has all those things that you wrote. Or, i'm i missing something here...?
  9. Looks pretty cool! I have only i-5 7400+16 gig+nvidia gtx- 1060 6 gig and i'm ok with quite high settings
  10. As a Finnish, Hurricane is a great news. Finland did have few HC:s during war, but they were Hurricane 1. But HC 2 is a cool plane. My favourite @ IL2 1946.
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