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  1. it’s strange for me to hear when u tell me that a bug its a normal and it is not broken. if I can’t see the plane in the background of the cloud or hide in the cloud from an enemy attack because the screw shines through the clouds from any distance, this is a bug, these are not working clouds. Apparently, the local audience likes to fly without seeing the enemy point blank because of invisibility. they are ready to continue to fly like this for many years. well, time will tell who is right
  2. stop delete my messages from chat please. is this a diary of developers about clouds? So my message may be here. I’m not too lazy to write again. In a car simulator, the main thing is the car and the road. In an aircraft simulator, this is a plane and weather, the sky. How can you already sell 4 games in a row with broken clouds? Jason, you personally promised me in 2017 at the announcement of the Kuban (TS-3) that you would raise this issue in priority. And now I see that my uncomfortable messages are deleted? okay... Do not delete my uncomfortable posts please. Be honest. Tell me right when the clouds will work correctly in the flight simulator? P.S Once again. The message relates to the topic of discussion of the diary and therefore may be here
  3. sounds of overload are not like panting, but some kind of cough. take an example of sounds from dcs, and not just breathing ... it reminded me ...
  4. Are you out of your mind? Ju88 is slow only on takeoff. after take-off, it accelerates quite quickly and keeps speeds almost the same as a pe2
  5. yeah....))) https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=78885&name=1./JG42flesch do u saw some where 35 GK from red plane on one flight?
  6. I won’t fly after this war on TAW, with such a balance there is nothing to do here on red side In addition, the server crashes periodically, allowing the blue side to rush forward even after a huge effort to win
  7. yeah cry more. You have more bomb load, better fighter planes, and you still dare to complain?
  8. the server crashed and the blue took the city and field. roll back mission 527
  9. Yeah. This bug has been reported since 2015. And in the news from developers number 120, they promised to fix it And at the beginning of 2018, they even said that they had fixed it, but no. Completely invisible aircraft until it opens fire
  10. admins of TAW, can u give back my plane and life please, because I died due to serious game bugs I looked in the mirror and on the sides, my 6 was clean. My allies confirmed the same thing, and a pe2 nearby.
  11. Brief description: broken clouds Detailed description, conditions: It is always detected. I’ve been asking for 3 years to fix the clouds on the Russian forum. Maybe Jason reads this forum and remembers that he promised me to fix them. It's a shame. weather effects do not work in the flight simulator where is one of the main things. 1) Aircraft not visible in the background of clouds 2) you can see the aircraft propeller from any height in the cloud. This is used by many pilots and looks like cheats. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Videos:
  12. Yeah. i agree this. MiG was there. Admins u can take one Yak1 and give us MiG.
  13. What!? im destroy all enemy tank column on mission 386.... during the last flight, only 3 live targets remained in the convoy, which is essentially a destroyed convoyon my last good balance TAW. blue have all... big bombs, Broken take-off ban when exceeding the coefficient of players on the server , High-speed high-altitude fighters... and the most important cheat "Airfield Gelendzhik was captured by paratroopers" And what we get? only one La5 which can’t fly normally above 3 kilometers
  14. i fly 1 time , take down one me109, return to the base and then cant respawn , then i try to rejoin to the server and got ban 🙁 wth?
  15. I am having some problems from using this mod. For some reason, only enemy AIs are generated on our territory. They shot me down 5 minutes after takeoff.
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