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  1. Been a backer since April. I've stop myself at $80 with a 325a ship. The FPS part of the game will be the easier part cuz crytek 3 supports it out of the box. They just need to make the game assets for it. Man I wish WWII had this level of development and gameplay originality. Who wouldn't want to climb out of the cockpit then go chill at the pilots lounge!
  2. For those of you that remember what a space-sim is (Wing Commander, freelancer, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter) you need to check this out! It wouldn't be full on roll rates(full space sim) but it's not going to be a arcade game either. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ $15,000,000 just off of croud funding! It's still early days for this game, like BoS, but you take what you can get in the PC sim world. www.youtube.com/embed/JrQ0qMRZ_1Q?list=PLVct2QDhDrB0QRjv9oN02f8mGsml8tcK9
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