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  1. Support for "SimShaker for Aviators" (for using with the Gametrix "Jet Seat"). This beats all other force-feedback type systems hands-down.
  2. Hello Mysticpuma, I'm happy to say that, following your clear instructions, I have CloD back up and running smoothly. The single patch downloaded and installed at the push of a single button, and the simulation was ready to run. I can now look forward to your team's further great patches and, perhaps, VR in the not-too-distant future. Thanks, again, for the support. Derek B.
  3. Hello Mysticpuma, sorry for the late reply - I've been away from the forum for the last few days. Many thanks for the above advice, hopefully I will be able to apply it shortly. I had downloaded a Steam VR programme when re-installing Steam and CloD, and seemed to have picked up some sort of conflict with the functioning of my O.R. CV1 (which currently is only used for DCS). I was only able to get the headset working again by uninstalling Steam, thereby, of course, losing CloD again. I shall try again, shortly, and will use your advice for the single install patch. Will it be automatically installed once downloaded? Thanks again, Derek B.
  4. Thanks 69thSpiritus_Mortem and Sokol1, your help is greatly appreciated. I shall have a go at installing the patches tomorrow or on Sunday, and report back on the outcome.
  5. Hello 69thSpiritus_Mortem, Thanks for the quick reply! The system info is as follows: Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7-4790 CPU@3.60GHz, RAM 16.0 GB. I'm a bit lost as to what I downloaded from Steam, as both Steam and CloD had been entirely gone from my PC. I downloaded the Steam programme, logged-in with my original user name and password, and selected the "download" option next to the CloD icon (its the only thing I ever had on Steam). The download was 5.1GB. I have the auto-update option selected. (Sorry for my confusion, I predate computers by many decades!) Hello Sokol1, Thanks for your response. I did have the TF patches before my PC crashed, late in 2015. Perhaps I need to install their patches again before running the programme?
  6. I bought "Cliffs of Dover", soon after its release, on a disc (DVD-ROM) and made use of the excellent Team Fusion updates and improvements up until about 18 months ago when my computer crashed and a lot of programmes were lost, including CloD. I did not try to reload it, being occupied with Rise of Flight, BoM, BoS etc. and DCS. I had to initially register it on Steam. After Jason's announcement I logged onto Steam and re-downloaded the CloD programme of 5.1 GB. Everything seems okay but the programme refuses to run. A very quick error-message flashes, stating that an error occurred when updating the programme and requesting that I contact "support". I have followed the support options on Steam, but without success. The final option given is to contact the game's creator for assistance. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the game working again? (I have tried running the original DVD disc, but get an error message stating that "Steam Autorun Setup has stopped working".)
  7. Get a copy of " Ju52 in action" by Squadron/Signal Publications They are in Carrollton, Texas in the USA. (I suppose one could order from them "Online"). I find their reference material absolutely superb, and the Ju52 issue is no exception. They cover developmental history, variants, technical highlights, combat history, etc., as well as including a selection of colour-profiles and illustrations. The many dozens of high-quality black-and-white photo's include, for example, at least ten different "Tante Ju's" sporting the oil-protector cover between the mid-engine and cockpit. The differences between variants are also described and illustrated in detail. I have about thirty of their various reference publications on WWII aircraft, and they are all excellent.
  8. At least one of the top aces, Anton Hackl (ended the war with192 victories, of which 32 "viermots", making him the third-ranking bomber-killer) used the '190 when he expected to encounter bombers, and the Me109 when expecting enemy fighters. Major Hackl kept both a '109 and a '190 on standby as Gruppenkommandeur of III/JG11 (which had officially converted to the Fw190) - one of the "perks" of the position, one must suppose - according to Osprey's "Bf 109F/G/K Aces of the Western Front". (Aircraft of the Aces Series, No.29) All the more reason to have both in your virtual "hangar".
  9. Thanks, Black Six. I've just finished the campaign (Normal difficulty, all labels) and loved every minute of it. Total "flying time" of 5h 08m, 13 victories, two missions repeated (one "spin in" trying to out-turn a Rata, and once shot down). May there be many more campaigns on your "to do" list! Best Wishes for the New Year, D.B.
  10. Interestingly, the above "thumbnail" depicts an A-5 with anA-4 (balanced) rudder, while the BoM A-4 is fitted with an A-5 (unbalanced) rudder. A very minor glitch in an awesome simulation of this exceptional aircraft!
  11. If Winston was alive today, and was a flight-simmer, he'd probably say something like: "Never, in the field of virtual conflict, was so much (Excellent content) given to so many (virtual sim-pilots), by so few (the developers), for so little (cost)!" Seriously, though, thanks for a great DD - looking forward to next week! P.S. As a "grumpy old man", I think mouse-control is an excellent idea that can only benefit the future of our hobby.
  12. Viperrm64, thanks for another great skin! Looking forward to more of your fine work, R.
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