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  1. S! Merry Christmas!!! Congratulations, you will leave some pilots very happy. Otto
  2. S! Steinhoff é um grande amigo de longa data e um excelente piloto. Já fizemos ótimos voos juntos. Abraços. Steinhoff is a great friend and an excellent pilot. We have already made great flights together. =BLW=OttoBertram
  3. New bug found! Dear Friends, Yesterday I flew a mission where I was killed. But the parse score two times. In other words I was Killed two times in the same sortie. Please fix it because this is very frustrating. And as result I lost two He111 I my inventory. Thank you!
  4. It happened to me too. I did what I was told by Coconut, but I used a Triger Time.
  5. Thank you Matt! I managed to make my mission work. But I downloaded your to improve my. Thank you all for your help. All information helped a lot. My big mistake was looking only for the Stukas and completely forgot that he had no targets in my tests. Stupid mistake. Mission file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4m4lebreb3mrgn4/Stuka_Dive_Bomb.rar?dl=0
  6. Great information. Thank you! I will change that. Thanks! I ALWAYS set up my tests: WP (1500) > AttackArea (1400 or less); Never WP (1500) < AttackArea (1600) I will try, thank you!
  7. In this mission I saw the Stukas dive at 80 degrees to Bombadear. Only once. But do not know how to open this mission. Thank you!
  8. Mission file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ss4ylf1rloc3kt4/Test_Stuka_bomb_dive.rar?dl=0 Thank you!
  9. I would like the AI STUKA behaved like the Stuka in this video,( https://youtu.be/p-slkZ9TVm0 ) between 0: 0 35s and: 56s, If it can be done by AI. Thank you mate.
  10. S! Guys Thanks, but it did not work. Take a look at what might be wrong. If possible, I would like to send the mission. But I'm not allowed to put files here in the forum.
  11. Hi! I would like to make a film in which six Stukas dive to destroy targets with the siren. It can do this with AIs? How would the Command Attack Area? I tried in various ways without success. They do not dive. =BLW=Otto
  12. Thanks for the answer. The mission Dive Bombing AI Stukas dive to attack. I can not do in my missions. I thought seeing as these missions work, I could understand better than ME. Thank you!
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