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  1. Check the SteamVR settings. Check the Start/Shutdown tab in Settings where you can change the idle time til shutdown.
  2. Bravo my good man! Bravo! Can't say enough how much I appreciate your work! SALUTE!
  3. I use GVL "3X5" with VR.... if you invest in a GVL unit you, as I , will be most satisfied. Quality built, smooth operation and very easy to use. The only challenging thing for me was memorization of all the buttons and there are plenty. I am sure you know you can "design" your own. Vitali is great to work with and very on top of his skills.
  4. After using the mod for 2+ hours of game play, I have to admit a much better experinece over the stock VIVE Fresnel lens. The GearVR lens, I noticed when installing, looked like Frenzel. turning the lens at an angle to light you can see the rings. Much unlike the ViVE lens where I could on occasion see the rings in game. SDE is still there but not as noticalble....it's easier to "ignore"....just sayin'. I have not been plagued with distortion or scale issues...
  5. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2885990 at about 4 o'clock you will see "order this printed" click on it an then follow the instructions. I haven't noticed any big difference other than clarity and larger sweet spot.... if i do notice a dimensional stretch difference, I think it is refered to as 'barrel distortion', I will try the software mod to eliminate it... BTW upon inspecting the GearVR lens prior to intstallation i noticed concentric rings at certain angles.
  6. I have the VIVE and just completed the lens mod with the GearVR lenses. If you have a VIVE or VIVE pro I would recommend the modding. Bigger sweet spot is an understatement! Clarity is much much better. FOV about the same. Some report a 'barrel effect' but I haven't noticed. If it becomes an issue there is a sw mod for that... It took me all of 20 min to complete. Cost was $19 and change. GearVR 2016 at Amazon ($26 { i used old AMX reward pts to get to $9 } )and others... 3d printing of lens holders $12 including shipping thru Thingiverse.com
  7. Salute to GVL! My "3x5" is great....now to memorize all the button assignments! Excellent to work with!
  8. I believe they will be selling the complete headset that will work with your existing VIVE system....just the unplug the old and replace with the new.
  9. HTC VIVE RAISES THE BAR FOR PREMIUM VR WITH NEW VIVE PRO UPGRADE AND VIVE WIRELESS ADAPTOR New Hardware Raises the Bar for High-End VR Market, While All-New VIVEPORT VR and VIVE Video Dramatically Improves the way you Browse, Discover and Acquire VR Content Las Vegas, NV – January 8, 2018 - HTC VIVE™, the leader in room-scale Virtual Reality (VR), today announced new hardware upgrades that deliver premium VR experiences to consumers and enterprises with the introduction of VIVE Pro and VIVE Wireless Adaptor. In addition, the company debuted new improvements in how VR users discover, experie
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